Jeffrey Gitomer's 10.5 Commandments of Sales Success

No Bible is complete without Commandments and the Sales Bible is no exception. In the New Edition of Jeffrey's perennial best seller, he has created the 10.5 Commandments of Sales Success to help you understand and implement a sales strategy that fits your style. These are nothing less than the guiding principles of sales mastery.

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1. The sale is in your head.

2. Develop a four-part belief system that can't be penetrated.

3. Develop rapport and personal
engagement, or don’t start the selling (buying) conversation.

4. People buy for their reasons, not yours. Find out theirs first.

5. Ask the wrong questions –
get the wrong answers.

6. Your ability to observe must be as powerful as your ability to sell and your ability to listen.

7. Have the chutzpah to risk.

8. Know whose fault is it when the sale's not made.

9. Sell for the relationship, not the commission.

10. One testimonial is worth
one hundred sales pitches.

10.5 You don't get great at selling in a day.
You get great at selling day by day.
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