Jeffrey Gitomer's Little E-Book of Q&A: 53.5 of Your Questions and Jeffrey's Real-World Answers (Downloadable)

People send Jeffrey questions every day. The reason is simple: salespeople are looking for answers. Out of the thousands of questions that he's received and answered, the selections in this information-packed 40-page e-book are the ones that Jeffrey perceives to be the most generally applicable to all salespeople, regardless of their company or situation.

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Product Description

You’ll enjoy just reading them, but the greater hope is that you’ll figure out how the answers apply to your selling situation, your customers, and your company. The answers are blunt. The answers are straight-forward. And the answers are based on real-world experiences both in Jeffrey's personal business and his training business. It’s important that you learn new things. But it’s more important that those things fit into your personality and your style.
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