Wrestling with Success by Nikita Koloff and Jeffrey Gitomer

From his unique perspective, wrestling champion Nikita Koloff shows readers how to prepare themselves for any challenge in sports, in business, or in their personal lives and succeed spectacularly.

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Nikita Koloff grew up in the welfare projects of Minneapolis, the poor child of a single parent. He dreamed of becoming a professional football player, but a twist of fate brought him to wrestling when he badly broke his leg playing the game he loved. While rehabilitating at Jesse Ventura's gym, he earned his shot at wrestling glory-as a star with the National Wrestling Alliance. The rest is history. Koloff became one of the country's most famous wrestlers, eventually retiring in 1992 as the World Heavyweight Champion.

After his wrestling career ended, Koloff took the lessons he learned in the ring and applied them to the other aspects of his life-achieving new successes as a youth minister, a professional speaker, and a successful entrepreneur. Wrestling with Success distills the life lessons Koloff learned while overcoming challenge after challenge to find the success he dreamed of as a child. These lessons serve as inspiration and motivation for anyone who wants to reach their goals, and shows the importance of hard work, faith, mental toughness, and a willingness to take risks. He shows readers how to prepare themselves for any challenge-in sports, in business, or in their personal lives-and succeed spectacularly.

"Whether you are looking to achieve in business, education, athletics, politics, or anything in life you have to have a championship mentality. Nikita knows this well and guides you every step of the way to achieving your goals." -- Governor Jesse Ventura

"If anyone knows about developing a championship mentality, it is Nikita Koloff. From a hardscrabble beginning to main events around the world and capturing four world championships along the way, Nikita's will and determination is evident on every page. If you are looking for a title of your own, do not miss this book." -- William Murdock CEO, The Eblen Charities

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