Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Certification Course

Are you an Ace of Hearts or a three of clubs? For the first time ever, Jeffrey Gitomer and Jeffrey Gitomer’s TrainOne has teamed up to offer comprehensive sales training and certification aimed at individual salespeople. Normally reserved for enterprise customers and Fortune 100 sales teams, Jeffrey Gitomer’s TrainOne offers the world’s best online, interactive sales training in a fun and engaging format. Now, at $199, we’re making the world’s best sales training available and accessible to salespeople everywhere.

Price: $199.00 USD  

Product Description

It’s a 12-part online sales mastery course that will teach you why people buy and how to increase your bottom line today. This is the FIRST and only sales certification course ever offered by Jeffrey Gitomer, the world’s foremost expert on selling.

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Certification Course gives you a chance to hone your sales chops through 11 powerful lessons and then prove your prowess with the included examination.

Highly interactive, Jeffrey Gitomer’s TrainOne employs a “transferable concept” approach to learning. Jeffrey will impart his easy-to-understand but difficult-to-master sales philosophies upon you, and give you the chance to practice your new skills within the course! Each lesson is approximately thirty minutes in length and includes pre and post assessments to gauge “Where am I now?” and “What have I learned?” You will have access to all of the class for 6 months and can review them at any time after you've completed them during that period.

  • Course Lessons

    • Sales Mission Statement
    • Authentic Salespeople
    • Buying Motives
    • Getting Your Calls Returned
    • Creative Letters and E-mails
    • Intelligent Engagement
    • Smart Questions
    • Price vs. Cost
    • Principles Before Policy
    • Next 100 Sales
    • YES! Attitude
  • 33 Question Ace of Sales Certification Exam

    • 33 Hard Hitting questions based on the principles you'll learn in this course
    • You will have three chances to pass the exam, and the system will point you to specific lessons for review if you fail on your first or second attempt.
    • What happens if you fail three times? It's back to school for you...and our team of expert sales coaches will work with you to recommend specific action steps you can take to improve your game.
  • When you pass the exam and become a Jeffrey Gitomer Certified Ace of Sales, you will:

    • Receive a personalized certificate of certification, hand-signed by Jeffrey for the first 1,000 graduates
    • Have the opportunity to use the Ace of Sales logo on your business cards (requires ordering through
    • Earn the right to use the accreditation "ACE" after your name--so, for example, you will become John Smith, ACE
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