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If you are interested in reprinting one of Jeffrey's articles, please read the following. If they apply, please fill out the form, submit it, and permission will be granted via email. If they don't apply, please contact us at 704-333-1112.

I am reprinting the entire article exactly as it appears (excerpting or quoting is not permissible, except as a display quote within the body of the article) with Jeffrey's copyright, bio and contact information.

The reprint will be circulated to an audience larger than 20.

The reprint fee is $100.

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Terms and Conditions... The article must appear as it was written by Jeffrey Gitomer and must include Jeffrey's copyright, bio, and phone contact at the end of each article. BuyGitomer will maintain copyright to all materials submitted, and all rights to future publishing of materials submitted. You agree to publish the article only once and will not publish any "compilation" of articles. You will supply BuyGitomer with a complimentary copy of the article after is has been reprinted. You will not print or archive the article for longer than 30 days on a website.

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