Weekly Column Testimonials

“Jeffrey’s column is a great resource for any business. His wide experience plus in-your-face perspective are unique. We read his column every week and there’s always something that we can all immediately put into practice.” - John L. Kominicki Publisher, Long Island Business News

“Readers respond to Jeffrey's column because almost every business person is in sales in one way or another. He touches a chord because sales is the emotional part of the business - the highs and the lows. Jeffrey captures what that feels like, so readers instantly feel that he understands them.” - Jim Breiner Publisher, Baltimore Business Journal

“Whenever I'm out circulating in our business community, someone invariably comes up to me to comment on how much they enjoy and value Jeffrey Gitomer's columns. Enhusiasm for Jeffrey's columns comes from people at all levels in our local business organizations -- from owners and mangers to sales people and technical and administrative personnel. It's obvious that a large number of our readers look forward to reading Jeffrey Gitomer's columns in every issue of the Business Journal.” - Bill Settlemyer Editor, Charleston Regional Business Journal

“Jeffrey Gitomer's column is one of the most well read features in our newspaper. I have been to people's offices before who literally clip every week's column and have them saved in a stack to refer to again and again. Recently, we ran a special edition of The Journal that didn't include any of our regular columns and I had several phone calls from people asking 'where's Gitomer's column? I look forward to reading that every week.' That type of response and reader loyalty underscores that value that Jeffrey Gitomer's column brings to the newspaper.” - Jack Bailey Former Editor, State Journal of West Virginia

“Jeffrey sells ads for us even though we don’t pay him to do it. We sold a 26x1/2 page ad adjacent to Jefferey's column – to a sales training company! They said they get 3 or 4 responses every time it runs, so they are one happy advertiser.” - Jim Elsener Publisher, The Business Ledger

“Jeffrey Gitomer's column has drawn a whole new breed of reader to the Business Journal. His weekly "down-home, hands-on" sales tips have directly resulted in attracting both sales people and sales managers to our growing paid circulation numbers. Jeffrey's column has also been responsible for more direct letters from readers than any other column, other than our weekly editorial opinion piece and our weekly "gossip" column. The response to our seminar that featured Jeffrey was excellent. I still receive calls from attendees wanting to know when Jeffrey will be back. I think that Jeffrey's hands-on approach to sales techniques is refreshing, entertaining and memorable.” - John Zwarensteyn Publisher, Grand Rapids Business Journal

“Many of our readers have become "Gitomer Groupies". They clip his articles every week and then pass 'em around like they're sales "vitamins." Jeffrey is a weekly staple for many of our readers. He's a dose of sales energy (and reality) that they can't find anywhere else. He truly helps people make more money--in a very common sense way.” - Ed Baker Publisher, Atlanta Business Chronicle


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