Webinar Boot Camp 2012 {Re•define} Yourself

Webinar Boot Camp 2012

Watch the whole Webinar BootCamp On-Demand through March 31, 2013!


  • Jeffrey Gitomer, Sales {Re•defined}
  • Darren Hardy, Productivity {Re•defined}
  • Lisa Sasevich, Closing {Re•defined}
  • Mitch Joel, Social {Re•defined}
  • Jeffrey Gitomer, Q&A {Your Questions Answered}
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Presentations are 1 hour long.

Gitomer Webinar Q&A

Will these be recorded and available online? YES! After the live sessions, the webinars will be available (via email link) to ONLY customers who purchased and registered for the webinar. About a week after the webinar we will email a link to the webinar that is available to view for two weeks.

What software will I need to view the webinars? Each webinar will be conducted with GoToMeeting's webinar service. You'll need a Mac, iPad, or PC, speakers, and a good internet connection. For hardware and bandwidth requirements, visit Go to Webinar's FAQ page.

What if I have technical difficulties during the live webinar? Contact GoToMeeting directly by visiting their support page and then click "Contact Us" in the top right corner.

Can I share the registration link with my associates and friends? No. We require that you alone use the registration link to log on to the webinar. To arrange a site license for group webinars, please contact webinar@gitomer.com.


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