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Here's the best way for you and your company to maximum Information and efficiency at minimum cost. Forget the travel expenses, meals, scheduling conflicts and all the rest. Now you can have a customized, personalized worldwide live event right in your offices, with the #1 global authority on sales and social media. Plus, your webinar will be archived for a full six months.

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Past Webinars Now Available on Gitomer VT
Prove It: Testimonials That Sell

PROVE IT: Testimonials That Sell

When you say something about yourself, it's bragging. When other people say it about you, it's proof. That is the essence of the testimonial.
Win Now Webinar

Win Now!

REALITY: Everyone wants to make more sales, but the present economy still creates many business challenges and sales challenges that are both frustrating and maddening. Gain a greater share of sales in a leaner, meaner marketplace...NOW!
Win Trust & Make Sales for Life

Win Trust & Make Sales for Life

For years I have employed this sales law: If they like you, and they believe you, and they have confidence in you, and they trust you - then they may buy from you.
Satisfied vs. Loyal: To Serve is to Rule

Satisfied vs. Loyal: To Serve is to Rule

How much is one customer worth? What's the dollar amount you would be willing to place on a repeat customer? A loyal customer? In today’s competitive marketplace, merely achieving customer satisfaction is not enough. Instead, you must aspire to create loyalty with each and every customer.
August 1st Webinar - If You Want To Sell, Show Don't Tell

If You Want To Sell, Show Don't Tell

There is a visual side of selling that you must learn and master in order to catapult your sales to the next level.
July 25th Webinar - Presentation Domination

Presentation Domination

Pitches and presentations are the fastest way to turn off a potential customer from wanting to buy, unless you learn how to convey true value.
June 27th Webinar - Buying Motives - More Powerful than Selling Skills

Buying Motives - More Powerful than Selling Skills

Buying motives are more powerful than selling skills. If you learn why people buy and your competition only knows how to sell, you won't just beat them, you'll bury them.
June 5th Webinar - Win On Value Or Lose On Price

Win On Value Or Lose On Price

Is it more powerful for you to ask for the sale? Or for the customer to want to buy? Your job is to stop closing sales and start providing value or you will always lose to price.
May 15th Webinar - No Fear Networking

No Fear Networking

Networking takes time. Quality time invested in networking will build your sales, your business, and your career. Done the right way, networking will lead you to make valuable connections that will earn you more than a contact, but a relationship with lasting profit.
April 18th Webinar - Referrals: The Ultimate Sales Tool

Referrals: The Ultimate Sales Tool

The key to closing more sales is getting your existing customers (the people who love you) to talk about how great you are to everyone they know. This word-of-mouth advertising leads to a referral; the most effective sales making tool.
March 21st Webinar - Break Down Barriers to Make the Sale

Break Down Barriers to Make the Sale

Breaking down barriers to make a sale is part of every salesperson's real-world. Every customer has objections. Your job is to be at ease with them, overcome them, and identify them as a buying signal.
February 29th Webinar - YES! Attitude

YES! Attitude

Based off of Jeffrey's best-selling book, Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude, we are excited to announce YES! Attitude - The Webinar. Every employee in every company needs a foundation of attitude in order to create a successful work environment, successful relationships with their customers, and ultimately a successful business and life.
February 8th Webinar - Closing the Sale

Closing the Sale

Contrary to decades of sales teaching, closing the sale is not a matter of psychological trickery or mental manipulation. What a relief, huh? Mastery of closing the sale does NOT require you to become someone you're not. However, it does demand that you learn critical techniques and timing skills that make closing the sale one of the most exciting and effective skills you'll possess.



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