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Danealle M

Intro Emails Posted 10:58 PM on 01/30/14

1. Here's what NOT to do: use those canned emails sales presenters still focusing on the copying business tell you to send 100 of every day. 2. Research First: How will this introduction create value for your prospect? What’s the shortest number of words that you can use, to explain what that is? 3. Inject a bit of your personal style in the body, but use clean type font, signature, and contact information for recipient to reach you. 4. Get rid of logos; many use tablets or encrypted email systems that are frustrating at best. Believe me, I learned the hard way. 5. How did you find the prospect? If they posted a question in a forum, for example you can solve, state that in the subject line. Don't use Intro Request or it will go to the bottom of the pile. 6. Be ready to back up your "value add" with your reputation. Can you give an example? Perhaps industry, prospect, what you're selling or is it a request to meet?


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