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Tre A. Brickley

Persistence Posted 2:13 AM on 03/26/14 - 

I provide durable, comfortable, and usable cabinetry to builders and homeowners alike. One of my present builder customers is the product of faithful persistence. In October of 2013, i called this company to see if they were interested in my product (it took upwards of 15 calls just to get to the guy). After all that work, he told me no. Well, I called him every month after that and got the same answer, until finally HE CALLED ME and asked me to bid a few projects for him. I have since done many projects for him, and he is a great customer. Thanks, Jeff, for the lesson in persistence. And thanks, Jeffrey, for the motivation to be persistent in the first place. -Tre

Tom Slaski

Jill Konrath new book Posted 11:21 AM on 03/22/14 - 

When I was just starting out a few years back I remember that Jill Konrath's book really helped me get over my fears, especially in calls/meetings with new prospects. I just heard that she has a new book coming out called Agile Selling so I'm super excited for it. Anyone hear anything about it?


Sales leads Posted 10:56 PM on 03/09/14 - 

How can you get the names and contact info of expired listings in Manhattan ?

Gigi Small

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Posted 5:29 PM on 02/17/14 - 

I've worked in sales for an old and reputable company for many years, and a few years ago a new startup took over our industry. They had new technology and lots of funding to take out expensive ads and huge tradeshow booths, landed a big client or two, stole a few of their competitor's salespeople, and they were off. Our owner at the time was thinking about retirement and was very tight with the purse strings when it came to new developments and advertising. He passed away last year and his son is now leading our "catch-up", but it's painfully slow and I just keep seeing our industry being swallowed up by this (now) giant. I feel like we're trying to introduce a flip-phone so we can compete with the iPhone. I've heard our customer service and our people are still the best, but our customers see this new product going in all around them and it's hard not to "go with the flow". I'm no quitter, but I'm accustomed to working for the leader in our industry, and I feel I'm in limbo until I have something new and better to sell. I also feel that if I jump ship, it will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Travis P

Cold Calls and Branding Posted 1:48 PM on 02/12/14 - 

HI, I am new to sales and I work in Ag Business(selling seed, fertilizer, and crop protection products). I was wondering how to do sales calls with a prospective customer that I have never had contact with before. I am also wondering if it would be a good idea to advertise on facebook and use a Natural Resources office to distribute my name and information to prospective customers.

Jimmy Crimmins

Cold Calls Posted 1:20 PM on 04/01/14 - Reply to this post

Hey Travis, Calling people you have never talked to can be Fun! Don't be Predictable! Start off with something fresh! Hey John this is Travis calling from Chicago, don't hang up on me! They'll start to laugh


Selling to a Board Posted 10:39 AM on 01/28/14 - 

Any thoughts on which book would be the best source of info on how to sell to a board of directors? This would involve live presentation.

Sheri D

emails Posted 10:46 AM on 01/23/14 - 

How do I write a introduction email that someone will read?

Mike @

Value Posted 5:36 PM on 01/27/14 - Reply to this post

Hi Sheri D, ensure you put yourself in their shoes. I mean take some time to meet a couple different people in the same position as your trying to contact. Do they have any benefit of meeting new people? Are people constantly attempting to contact them? The more they are bothered the tougher it will be to make contact. Ensure your able to offer these people something of value and ensure your original.

Danealle M

Intro Emails Posted 10:58 PM on 01/30/14 - Reply to this post

1. Here's what NOT to do: use those canned emails sales presenters still focusing on the copying business tell you to send 100 of every day. 2. Research First: How will this introduction create value for your prospect? What’s the shortest number of words that you can use, to explain what that is? 3. Inject a bit of your personal style in the body, but use clean type font, signature, and contact information for recipient to reach you. 4. Get rid of logos; many use tablets or encrypted email systems that are frustrating at best. Believe me, I learned the hard way. 5. How did you find the prospect? If they posted a question in a forum, for example you can solve, state that in the subject line. Don't use Intro Request or it will go to the bottom of the pile. 6. Be ready to back up your "value add" with your reputation. Can you give an example? Perhaps industry, prospect, what you're selling or is it a request to meet?

Amy H

Logo question Posted 12:42 PM on 04/15/14 - Reply to this post

You mention no logo, do you mean not with online information, etc.?

Jani Párkányi

introduction emails Posted 11:15 PM on 04/17/14 - Reply to this post

I think what Danealle means here is that it gets cluttered if you use all sorts of distractions in an email. Make it plain, simple, UNIQUE,and make sure that it has some kind of benefit for the client included. I would have absolutely no time to go to a webpage etc... TELL ME HOW I CAN PROFIT NOW, then I'll MAYBE send you a short email saying: maybe or tell me more about ME. That's it, it's not cruel, cold or careless, I'm just focusing on doing the same with my clients :-)

Melisa Knudson

Giving value Posted 1:41 PM on 01/22/14 - 

I starting listening to the little red book of sales on my way to work. WOW has it helped me, and in turn I was able to help a co-worker with an opportunity. We are personal auto consultants, we help people buy CARS through an on-line process. She came to me with an opportunity on a price objection. The customer had 2 bids in hand and we were higher. I started brain storming with her using some of the tips I wrote down from the book. I said let's take the price out of the equation, forget the price. What is left, what value do we have to offer the customer that the other dealership can't. We talked for about 10 minutes, and wrote down our value. My co worker then put together a presentation that she shared with me, we worked out a couple of bits that sounded to me like she was trying to sell. After that was done she got on the phone, provide the value we offer, without saying one word about the price, and the deal was OURS!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!


Salesman compensation Posted 6:30 PM on 01/16/14 - 

My company is Zursun Idaho Heirloom Beans. We originate, process, package and distribute Heirloom Beans,Lentils and Grains, all dry products. We have a contracted outside salesperson who we pay 10% of the invoiced monthly sales of the customers/distributors she takes care of. This only amounts to about $2500 currently. She is requesting a minimum of $3500 until such time as her commissions will support that number. She used to represent other clients and products but no longer does. She says she needs a "living" wage until she can grown the sales. We feel she is pressuring us to make up the difference from the loss of her other clients. She does a good job for us and has helped create our brand and website and artwork. We pay her hourly rates for that work. She does almost all of her work over the phone. We do not pay for any expenses. Please share any thoughts or opinions of how we should handle this. Neither of us want to end our relationship but it's stressful with this current arrangement. Thank you very much. Jim Soran


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