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Howard L

drop out Posted 1:37 PM on 08/19/12 - 

Hi my name is Howard, I just recently entered the sells business as an insurance agent. My first opportunity was with a really great company, but because I wasn't making the type of money that I needed to make,and with the wife and children depending on me to provide for them, I decided to cut it loose. But I still have this burning desire to get back into it, I'm afraid that some may look upon me as a quiter; and this is not my me at all. Does anyone have any advice as to whether or not I should return back to this insurance company since the manager did say they would bring me back on board if I chose to continue a career in sales, or would it be better to move on to another company?


NEVER GIVE UP! Posted 9:31 PM on 02/24/13 - Reply to this post

Howard, the number one reason most salespeople do not succeed is because they threw in the towel early. It depends what you are willing to put into the job, but if you want to succeed badly enough, then you will. It is a matter of having the self confidence and the drive necessary to be the best.

john c

cold calls Posted 7:35 PM on 08/06/12 - 

I need help and i hope one of you skilled people might assist me. I am a small business owner and i feel im a personable guy. I am a tradesman, a plumber, and i opened a sewer and drain cleaning business and i have been growing my business slowly but surely but because of these economic times i find myself like alot of my fellow tradesman falling by the waistside. Yes I am long winded, but hear is my question. I want to start cold calling to promote business and i dont know would a script be best....or just winging it? And if i do write a script how would or should it be worded......this isnt exactly mega bucks what i Any help would be appreciated. thx John

Mardi Lo Faso

Cold Calling Posted 9:13 AM on 08/14/12 - Reply to this post

Hi John, I was in a similar place. I was making cold calls and getting nowhere. Prospects either said they were too busy for my call or I left a voicemail message and never got any returned calls. I just finished a great class on cold calling delivered by Michael Pedone from Salesbuzz that answered all of my questions and supplied me with great scripts. I read about him in one of Jeffrey's ezines. Here's his contact info: Michael Pedone CSS: Chief Sales Scientist (A 2011 Sales Training Company Watch List Award Winner!) (888) 264-0562 Ext. 1 Email:


Training Posted 7:14 PM on 07/21/12 - 

Does anyone know where I can find a great sales training manual for my sales team? I am looking forward to building a team and implementing solid sales techniques.


Training Posted 12:32 AM on 05/29/13 - Reply to this post

Sales Advantage. Great Book!


Hurdles Posted 1:34 PM on 07/17/12 - 

I have a mjor challenge: to de-bunk and challenge misinformation about a product that I sell. To be fair the company has "under-promoted" the line and more importantly not challenged the incorrect assertions about its quality. As you know, if the assertions go unchallenged, they become fact until disproven. My product is excellent but the customer base has heard this old tale for so long they now accept it as fact. What is your recommendation on how to begin the recharacterization of my product?


Struggling for a pitch Posted 12:38 PM on 07/13/12 - 

Greetings! During networking groups one of the common questions people ask you is "What do you do?". I seem to struggle in coming up with an explanation that is captivating yet to the point. Our company is an IT firm that services small businesses. There isn't much we don't do when it comes to technology. Everyone uses computers for business these days so there is no reason why people wouldn't want to speak with me. How can I grab their attention and not have them thinking, "oh, another IT guy".

Caelan Huntress

Here's a couple ideas: Posted 1:28 PM on 07/30/12 - Reply to this post

Phrase your services in terms of how it benefits the customer. "I help companies avoid the headaches hat can happen with managing the computers and servers that their business needs to run, so they can focus on running their business." Or, "I automate the technical tasks that can bog down the productivity of a business, freeing up time and money for other things."

Geoff Chaney

How to pitch anything in 15 seconds or less Posted 11:25 AM on 10/31/12 - Reply to this post

If you having trouble formulating your values and services consider making a message map This will help you clearly define the simple and clear elements in 30 seconds or less. Give it a shot, then practice using a recording device so you can listen to your progress and critique yourself. Good luck!


Prospecting for New Business Posted 12:45 AM on 07/13/12 - 

I'm a manufacturer's rep. selling tangible manufactured products to technical workplaces. My most difficult issue at the moment is finding new, qualified project opportunities for what we do. I would appreciate your opinion on the following suggestions received recently to stimulate sales..... 1. Make up 50+ literature packets with my business cards and make cold calls on target businesses to introduce myself and drop off literature, so they are aware of what we do. 2. Do 25 e-mail blasts in the morning, and 25 e-mail blasts in the evening each day. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.


New Business Posted 9:24 AM on 07/18/12 - Reply to this post

I have still found thru out the years prospecting is better in person. Emails seem to go in junk files sometimes and someone who gets plenty of emails they kind of don't stick out. In person don't expect to really make a sale but to gather information to be ready for the second visit will help. Doug


Sales during 4th of July week Posted 10:03 AM on 06/27/12 - 

Hello, I am a Sales Manager and am anticipating a challenging week next week with the 4th of July right in the middle of the week. Our team is held accountable for weekly targets. I know this week we will exceed our targets however, I am looking for ways to inspire the team not to give up selling next week. Many have the attitude already that it will be a wasted week. Although it will be a challenging week, I think that sales can still be made. I am looking for good stories to inspire the team next week. Any thoughts? Thank you.


door to door sales Posted 8:51 PM on 06/22/12 - 

A- very swell site.


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