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New to Sales Posted 12:08 PM on 05/22/12 - Reply to this post

Jim, if you are proposing the best solution for your customers, it seems you would want to be sure they A. were aware of future problems B. think of it as a savings and "preventative maintenance". BUT.... If you are selling services for your closing percentage score, that is not building value for your customer and if I were your customer, would feel cheated and never call your company again. Does your company recognize repeat customers? I have to build trust before i can build value with my customers. It appears you have a game plan, good luck to you!

A Roth

Facebook Posted 3:12 PM on 04/16/12 - 

We just had a discussion about facebook and how we can use it as a tool to provide our customers with information on our products. My boss is not technically saavy and doesn't even know what facebook is, we suggested updating/overhauling our website to eliminate this delema but he said that is completely off the table. Is there anything you're doing with facebook that seems to be working or any ideas we can present to him to make him understand facebook better? I use it all the time personally and can see how it would be useful for a business but he still doesn't seem to be convinced.


He's going to get left in the dust Posted 5:29 AM on 05/16/12 - Reply to this post

Show your boss what your competitors are doing on Facebook. See if he understands the concept of 2 billion users.


facebook Posted 12:19 PM on 01/15/13 - Reply to this post

We had a company come in that actually provides the facebook, twitter, 4square etc content for our page(s). I'd ask your owner: If you could reach your target customer, wouldn't you? If you could pick your demographic, wouldn't you? Specific to age, gender, income...etc. Our facebook "LIKES" have almost tripled since we started with our social media plan.


higher comm Posted 11:32 AM on 04/02/12 - 

Here I have a tricky question , I have recently found out that the company I work for , has a huuuge profit margin , and they only give me as a sales agent almost close to nothing . How can I get my boss to increase my commision ? The fear I have is that he will obviously say : "you want more money sell more". It happened in the past , therefore I am looking to find out if anyone succeded in this matter


higher comm Posted 5:04 PM on 05/10/12 - Reply to this post

Marius, tread very lightly. Generally these conversations don't go well. I would advise you to look for other better compensated opportunities, secure one in your back pocket, then approach your boss. Tell him/her you were contacted and offered a role with a much better base and commission plan, and that you want to stay where you are but they need to become more competitive. If they say they can't, be ready to leave. It's a risky proposition but the only true way to get the recognition you deserve.


How to Deal with Cheap People Posted 1:57 PM on 03/31/12 - 

Hello Everyone. I have been in direct/mlm sales in B2C for my 3rd year and haven't sold anything. Potential customers are always saying that the products are gorgeous but they cant afford it, or that the price is to high, even though we just came out with a "value line" so others could afford something. Then I see they have spent a fortune on cheap products of no value. No one seems interested in the business or the product Please help.


How to deal with Cheap People Posted 1:51 PM on 04/17/12 - Reply to this post

If you have been in for three years and haven't sold anything... the problem is not your product line. You need to review, revamp, and redirect your energy. Cheap people? You need to check the reality meter.


SALES Posted 11:01 PM on 06/13/12 - Reply to this post

If you haven't sell anything, in 3 yrs...why in the world do you keep insisting? Why don't you look for other good vendible product?


need traffic to sales website Posted 3:28 PM on 03/30/12 - 

I am currently interning at a sales company who are hoping to launch two new websties. One is similiar to careerbuilder and the other is a site concerning sales tips. I was wondering what would be the best ways to help launch these types of sites on a tight budget.


Cold calls Posted 1:22 PM on 03/30/12 - 

On the phone, how do you get a prospects attention when you are selling a commoditized product?


Phone reluctance Posted 7:18 PM on 03/21/12 - 

I have a problem. Phone reluctance. I find that, to me, having to pick up the phone and talk to somebody is the hardest thing to do. In my chosen field (farm machinery) there is a lot of face time, talking to people, which I don't have any issues with. But when I need to follow up or pass on information, I would rather drive for 2 hours than call them. This is getting serious and is having a major impact on my sales results. Then I get all down, which isn't helped by having a young wizz kid in the next office (but good on him), and end up being a grumpy jerk at home whick isn't fair. HELP PLEASE! Any tips on overcoming this completely irrational, overpowering fear would be most appreciated.


RE: Phone reluctance Posted 9:25 AM on 04/03/12 - Reply to this post

I had this same problem. You just have to do it enough times that you don't feel that strong emotional reaction when you have to pick up the phone. Nobody can become the best without doing things that make them uncomfortable. The good news is that each time you do it, it will get easier... and you will get better. Try calling and talking to a friend before calling a customer to put you in a good or talkative mood. Also, don't give yourself time to think about it. Just pick up the phone and call. These are the things that separate highly successful people from the rest of the world.


Phone reluctance Posted 2:35 PM on 05/15/12 - Reply to this post

Lindsay, one word Practice, if you need to call your on voice mail, pitch it to a close friend or spouse until your comfortable with how you present your equipment.I think you will find it helps. Good Luck Tony


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