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RE: Phone reluctance Posted 3:03 PM on 05/17/12 - Reply to this post

I have a similar problem, Lindsay. The best way I've found to overcome it is to literally "act the part." It's like the feeling of being on stage and knowing you know exactly what you need to say, and you are the actor that has to deliver. When I walk away from that prospective client, I can be as scared as I want, but while I have that "acting" frame of mind, I don't let the fear stop me from what I need to do. It sounds like you know these people, so you shouldn't fear the conversation. Good luck to you and I hope my feedback helps!

Jeff in the North

Selling older technology? Posted 2:08 PM on 03/16/12 - 

Hi everybody. I am in a bit of a pickle and I was wondering if someone out there had some insight they cared to share. I can't go into much detail about what I am selling, but it is a range of technical devices used mostly by OEMs. In most cases in order to develop a new customer I have to knock out the incumbent's product and convince my customer to do some engineering work to use what I offer. The tricky part lies in the fact that the technology I am selling is not current compared to what all of the competition has to offer and, in my division, our company has no interest in investing any R&D money. I am trying to find ways to develop new customers, but I am hitting brick walls. I tell myself that I am just "whining" and if I think hard and work at it I should be able to open some doors, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Should I just go pick up some cheese to keep my whine company? Thanks Jeff in the North

Jim in the North

selling older? Posted 9:35 AM on 03/19/12 - Reply to this post

Jeff-Do you believe in the product you are selling? Your potential buyers know, do you? Have you had this conversation with you sales manager? Does your company provide you with fact based evidence that shows there is still a market for this aging technology? I would not call you a whiner, I advise you to ask more questions. Best of luck out there.


Older gear Posted 6:10 PM on 03/21/12 - Reply to this post

If you believe in the products (and you must), then it can be sold. However, a customer will not buy unless there is a benefit for them. You need to find out what is different between your product and your competitors, and use the differences to sell. For example, the older tech may be more reliable, therefore the benefit would be the customer will have a higher quality item to retail. Features and benefits my friend! Good luck!


performance measurements Posted 4:13 PM on 03/09/12 - 

Does anyone have any tools or resources they use to help with the following? • We need to validate and evaluate the effectiveness of prospect visits and or sales trips. We need a tool to measure the performance of these visits/trips so we can justify the expenses. • We need to correlate pre-sales processes and expenses to specific prospects to track what works and what does not, so we can appropriately budget for customer lead development. • We need establish protocol for sales campaigns. Everything thing from number of prospect touches, types of correspondence, to campaign timelines and boundaries. Any suggestions or feedback is greatly !


a very gitomer repsonse, imo Posted 9:20 AM on 03/27/12 - Reply to this post

Sounds as if you want to hire a sales funnel instead of sales people. Instead of prospect visits why not networking events? Instead of customer lead development how about relationship building? "Established protocol" and "sales campaigns" is all manager speak for "we don't know what sells or why". I would recommend your decision makers read some Gitomer before they engage in the standard management type of behavior


won't return calls or emails Posted 4:19 PM on 02/22/12 - 

I recently changed companies and went to a competitor. When I left I had a what I thought was a great relationship with a customer. This customer could really use the product I'm selling now and would be a no brainier if they saw it. My problem is, my old boss called them and told them I left and talked crap about me. Now the my old customer wont call me back, return emails or anything. Any ideas on how to get through, any suggestions on an email I should leave of v/m to leave?


Reply Posted 10:40 AM on 02/25/12 - Reply to this post

Probably need to ask yourself why the customer trust your boss more then you?


Job Loss Posted 1:46 PM on 02/21/12 - 

I was recently laid off from my employer (I was one of the top sales reps) following a job related injury. My former situation was a very toxic environment where the sales people were hated and not supported. I even brought them some of your ideas which were immediately dismissed. I have had some difficulty picking myself up emotionally and moving in a new direction. How do I pick myself up and move forward when I'm so depressed and not motivated?

Max Berry

Sales Source Posted 1:00 PM on 02/23/12 - Reply to this post

Cgsuccess, With every death, there is a new life. I just started looking for top b2b sales reps for my company Sales Source Lead Generation. We are extremely supportive and know that if you do well we do well. Take a look at the job posting and apply if its a fit. It not that's fine I wish you the best of luck in your career.

Young sales guy

The Greatest Salesman In The World Posted 9:02 AM on 04/08/12 - Reply to this post

Read the book "The Greatest SalesmanIin The World" its a book that inspired me and changed my life, there are ten scrolls in the books each with a different lesson. my favorite and probably the most relevant to you is "The Scroll Marked 3: I Will Persist Until I succeed." go look it up trust me the book helped me learn to protect my mind and be mentally tough even in the worst pf adversities


positive thoughts Posted 7:09 PM on 05/22/12 - Reply to this post

Money talks so keep selling and you will be too busy to let them bother you. It happens but don't let anyone get you down. Sales is full of obstacles that we rise above, take the high road, and learn from. If you can't handle rejection get out while you can! Do something nice for the haters, charm them and don't expect anything in return. Think of the administrative team as black and white and sales as grey. it will always be about the customer so that's where your focus should begin and end.


Difficult Customers Posted 12:06 AM on 02/14/12 - 

How do you deal with a difficult customer who tells your boss " we just don't connect with our account manager, we want another?". To top it off your boss cuts your commission on the account & gives it to another AM. This is the first time it's ever happened to me, I'm so PO. I feel like my company doesn't support me, even thought I constantly hear " not every customer should be our customer".


reply Posted 5:52 PM on 03/21/12 - Reply to this post

I hear you! I think every sales person has this at some stage in their career. No one person can get on with everybody. At the end of the day, people deal with people, and if you can't connect with a customer, it will always be a problem to them and eventually they will take their business elsewhere. It is far better to allow someone else from your company to take it on and retain the business for the company, than allow this person to go to a competitor. Basically, smile through gritted teeth, and move on.


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