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SEIC Positions Available Posted 12:47 PM on 02/03/12 - 

SEIC POSITIONS AVAILABLE. Consult 4 Kids, a web-based staff development system, is currently serving almost 40% of California's after-school programs. We are looking to bring our services to the remainder of California, the other 49 states, and after-school programs around the world. Our SEEKER needs include: Consultants of after-school, Sales Professionals, Subsidizers, Grant Writers, Marketing Specialist, Fund Developer and more! Good commissions and bonuses. FIRST: Learn more about us at and watch the SEEKER video: THEN, if you are still interested: Take the survey below the video you just watched (and someone will contact you within 24 hours) or Contact us via email at

Brew City Blues

Change in contacts for Key customer Posted 11:12 AM on 01/31/12 - 

Hello out there, I have been assigned one of our companies oldest-key clients. This is great, but here is the issue. During my first year with them, assignments were changed and new stakeholders have come into play. While I have a great rapport with the old stakeholders, they don’t have time, or want, to deal with vendors they have no responsibility for. I have spent the last 6 months trying to get in front of the new stakeholders. I can’t even get time on the phone with them ,let alone a face to face meeting. Due to mergers/acquisitions this customer has completed within the past few years, they have gone from a regional client to a national powerhouse in their industry. The local office decision makers have been nullified and the deciders reign in another part of the country. Any thoughts on how I can get in front of the new team? Ace of sales methods are not working… I have had success with them in the past but not this time. I need some fresh feedback. Cheers.


Cold to Cold Calling Posted 1:15 AM on 01/31/12 - 

I'm an experienced (12 years) sales person, comfortable and successful at dealing with C-level within a varied customer base. I find myself now in a position where I must make cold calls to increase my opportunity pipeline. My current employer doesn't have a track record or experience in hunting for new business, so there's noone to bounce ideas off. I'm in desperate need of some encouragement, because for some reason cold calling (which I did for 4 hours each and every day without interruption early in my career) is now intimidating me into non-action. I'd also appreciate help with cold call scripts that have worked in the IT Software space, targeted at management and senior management.


Sales Pickle Posted 12:56 PM on 01/25/12 - 

Good day, I have a situation that I am in and I do not know of the best way to approach this. I currently own and have read almost all of Jeffrey Gitomer's Books and still cannot get this resolved. Here is my situation. We are an IT consulting company who offers a variety of services to surrounding customers. We have lost all of our employees due to a medical condition, shipped overseas to serve, or needing to find a full time position to care for families. My business partner and I also had to go our separate routes with this to support our families due to these complications. We have been in business for over 7 years now, and have been battling a time and money consuming law suit with a previous customer that has been setting us back greatly. Bearer in mind we receive onesie twosie services here and there to just get us by. We would like to rebuild the foundation of the business to regain control and steer us in the right direction for success. We have looked at unpaid internships to help to drive sales and services and eventually turn into paid by obtaining new Leeds, but cannot get any help. Our customer base is to low and do not have any current standing contracts to help. We have also tried friends that have engineering backgrounds that are wonderful in customer service and sales that could be a benefit to us, but will not take the offer unless it is a paid position. We have thought of Cold Calling and setting up appointments and possibly sending someone in to discuss how we can help them, and why they want to buy from us as oppose to the competitor. But just how should we approach this? What steps should we take to regain the reigns of this business, and leave our current full time jobs to make this our dream come true? We have come to far to loose this battle, and I would love to add this to one of many success stories on here. Please let me know how we can open the door to success! Thank you kindly for your time and consideration.


Closing Hurdles Posted 3:19 AM on 01/25/12 - 

I set appointments for people to watch an online overview of a home biz opp. My problem is not in closing, as the majority all want to join but instead of doing it right after the overview they give an excuse of call me back/or I'll call you back in X days when I get paid or my husband gets paid. Then it turns into wasted time on my part following up as they try to avoid my calls or messages on Facebook. After I've written them off and moved them into the "not currently interested" autoresponder drip mails I then hear back from most of them "still interested but just can't do it right now." How to deal with these types? I don't push them into agreeing to join, just answer their questions and then sit quietly while they think about it and then say "Yes I want to join." Once they say I want to join but call me back in X days is there another way I can handle them at that point in time to get them to join then rather than letting them slip away?

Doug Kemp

People that can't say no Posted 10:34 PM on 01/30/12 - Reply to this post

I hear you! My suggestion once you know they have all your contacts and you have given them the info! I give them 7 to 10 days and after that move on! 90 percent buy pretty quick if they take longer then 10 days they have your number. I always try to not give them all the info at once! So they have a reason to call you back...But go with 10 day rule! Its like dating she doesn't need 10 days to get back with you...


People That Can't Say No Posted 6:00 PM on 01/31/12 - Reply to this post

Thanks Doug and I appreciate your time to respond. When I'm on the phone with them, and they're watching the live online sales presentation, they are getting all the info as that's the purpose of the online overview and then to get them signed up immediately. I do several followup attempts via phone or Facebook message, if they put me off, and as you said I do move on. But I'm also using my auto responder system to build them into a list of drip email followups, sometimes people need to see or hear the offer several times before they feel ready to move forward.


Closing Hurdles Posted 9:39 PM on 02/15/12 - Reply to this post

You have to create urgency, to get them to respond now, such as price break or other incentive to get them to make a decision "NOW", as opposed to whenever they choose. People are motivated when they have something to gain, or something to lose!


Qualify and Keep Presenting Posted 9:47 PM on 02/26/12 - Reply to this post

You will always have the today and tomorrow customer and when you created demand, desire and need some people can't financially commit immediately. This may indicate the quality of the prospects of being a TODAY customer as opposed to tomorrow. Making sure that you are doing the presentation to a group of prospects that could be pre-qualified by a set of contributing factors, might qualify them as a today prospect and increase the closing ratio, getting those prospects closed faster. With that said though if eventually the majority of your prospects close at some point .....just keep making presentations......the balloons will eventually pop!


How to stop a Derailer? Posted 11:44 PM on 01/17/12 - 

I did a great group presentation today, only to have two attendees stand up at the "perfect" time and say "I tried this before and it was too complicated". Promptly, the three people that were completing the order form put them away. This kind of thing happens once in a while and I never know how to respond after I pick my jaw up off the ground....advice?


Perfect timing Posted 9:28 AM on 03/27/12 - Reply to this post

how about"well, let's go over the struggles you had and see if it was tied to the product or the vendor. I think you will find ours wonderful to navigate." and then immediately stop the presentation and answer their questions for a moment or two. Then get back on track. Make sure you thank them for pointing out every day issues with the other product, say "I love it when the audience does my sales work for me!" I also practice presentations with "momentum bombs" thrown in from my sales team as the audience just for these situations

Monetizing Calls Posted 11:57 AM on 01/10/12 - 

work for a web based lighting retailer. We have an excellent search rank, so much so that we often get calls mistaking us for the manufacturers of the lines we sell. Today these calls are mostly "throw aways". On the surface we are getting calls from people who would otherwise never call us. I am trying to see if anyone has advice on how we might monetize this opportunity. Any ideas would be helpful.

Everyday Joe

One Salesman's Idea Posted 3:43 PM on 01/11/12 - Reply to this post

I am not sure why you would not be able to help these "throw aways". None the less if for some reason you cant; There are some companies, not a lot, but some that pay for referrals. Its usually a small amount of the net profit off the order. If you cant meet the customer's need and the manufacturer can and you can refer them to the manufacturer for small profit that is something to look in to.

ERP Software Leads Alex

Marketing Strategy For Your Business Posted 1:10 AM on 01/09/12 - 

What are your best marketing strategies, that would really help increase sales.


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