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New Business Announcement Posted 7:27 AM on 01/03/12 - Reply to this post

It's time for a party, A.J. Combine your announcement with an invitation for your customers to visit your kick-off, (kick-ass) grand opening party. If you have a brick and mortar place of business, hold your party there. If it's an Internet, online business then rent a room at a hotel, library, Knights of Columbus, wherever...and have a great time sharing the way your company will help its customers. This is an opportunity for your customers to experience your product first-hand. Congratulations and good luck!


hidden truth,how to reveal Posted 3:56 PM on 12/10/11 - 

customers dont open with me, wat they say is just to delay the process, wat should i do to make them open, frank enof to tell truth? ne help?, ty


hidden truth, how to reveal Posted 9:33 AM on 01/03/12 - Reply to this post

First, I believe your problem is that you need to spell check (What x2, Need, etc.), talk appropriately and re-read what you type before you post or send anything to anyone. Very unprofessional. People who type emails in formats like a text message gain no respect, at least from me! I would assume your approach to customers is the same way. Yikes! People only open up to those they trust and have a relationship with. Gain their trust, get to know them and what their needs are, then ask for the truth. You wanted the "hidden truth" here it is, at least from my perspective.


sales award programs Posted 1:09 PM on 12/08/11 - 

What should one consider/include in developing a new awards recognition program for sales folks that would run Monthly? What has worked? We are a small company with 15 sellers.


Sales Award Programs Posted 10:33 AM on 12/27/11 - Reply to this post

Dan: You want to build a team that works together, not an environment of one "winner" and 14 "losers" every month. Award outstanding performance every day. Award both the sales person AND their support network. A few ideas that work... - Send a handwritten note to the salespersons HOME ADDRESS with a "congratulations on the sale" message or message recognizing the achievement. - A bouquet of flowers delivered to the salespersons spouse or significant other with a 'Thanks for Supporting (Name). We would not be nearly as successful without your help." -If reward is monetary or gift, make it something the salesperson's support network can share. - Recognition program for top performance such as a 100% Club. Have a logo for this level and place it on the salpersons business card. The clients know they are dealing with a top performer. - Pass any rewards programs and incentives from your suppliers on to the employees who help you win them. Don't keep the trips and goodies for yourself. - Work with your suppliers to see what they have that they can make available to your company to pass on the the team. - Read the "One Minute Manager" and implement it.


Sales award programs Posted 11:18 AM on 12/27/11 - Reply to this post

Considerations: Demographics, I.e. age, gender , location of recipients; Psycographics, I.e. what recipients like, like to do, hunt? Fish? Theater tickets? Also consider if you willrovide a physical award, I.e. wall plaque, or a gift of choice award; consider the timing of the awards as quarterly is pretty standard. Monthly is every 20-22 days and will you have sales results that soon? Ensure the recognition is personalized with the recipient name; ensure the recognition is public not private as this motivates others to achieve. Ensure the rules will allow more than one or two people to win otherwise it will be a non-motivator. Finally, consider your budget - what percentage of your revenue ate you willing to reinvest in your Salespeople to achieve the desired results?


Bank Teller Posted 7:55 PM on 12/06/11 - 

I am a teller at a bank. Therefore, the selling I have to do takes place in the one to two minutes I am with the customer. To make it even harder, I am in the drive-thru, which makes it harder to get the referral. The only way we can count the referral is if they either go around the bank and come in to talk with a Financial Sales Advisor or if they are willing to be called to set up an appointment. The branch I am in is fairly small, but I don't have much time at all to talk with the customers. I've been in this position for about half a year now. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get the referrals successfully without being insistent on them coming in the branch? Most people going to the drive-thru are doing this because they are in a hurry or because it is convenient to sit in the car.

Sanjeev Sharma

Bank Teller Posted 2:41 PM on 12/12/11 - Reply to this post

Put a coffee machine near the window and offer them a free coffee and while you are maiking them a coffee(very slowly), you got their attention.


Bank Teller Posted 3:13 AM on 12/18/11 - Reply to this post

We used to have coffee, but we don't anymore. I think people took advantage.


Sales Posted 10:41 AM on 12/02/11 - 

Does anyone have any great sales techniques they can share with me? I just started at a company selling heavy duty lighting. I have a great respect for true sales professionals. When I call for appointments, I'm not getting a great response. Any tips for that? What about door-to-door sales, does anyone recommend a technique?


Helping with cold calls Posted 10:17 PM on 12/10/11 - Reply to this post

You will not be able to get a whole lot of apointments by phone, when you are calling cold. However cold in person calling can start a whole new can of worms. No one will buy the first visit, but much better chance your second or third time if the first attempt is in person...Ask questions and gather info...Think like "Columbo" Doug in Florida


Boot Camp Fun Posted 12:27 AM on 12/16/11 - Reply to this post

Yes! Get on Jeffrey's Boot Camp Webinars this week. Get in on the fun we'll all have watching our replays. Read his books - they answer all your questions. Fall in love with heavy duty lighting, become an expert, and offer your prospects value. Tell them how your product will help them. Oh, and "differentiate or die" as JG says! Tell people your name in a way they will always remember. No original thoughts here - all from JG! You'll be great!


Discuss Posted 1:24 PM on 11/25/11 - 

Hello all! Other than selling for my own landscaping business many years ago which is now closed due to the economy, my only other experience selling is 3 months of credit card and gift card sales. I felt like it was a really tough sale because the margin was really not worth the inconvenience of the establishment to make the change. There is a local company that is "in bed" with pretty much every business that processes. I put in lots of work, talked to a lot of people, developed tons of relationships and friendships. Needless to say I was not successful and I had to go back to food & beverage. I really love talking to people and finding out about their businesses. I took a job recently with a janitorial company as an account manager. The building went through three companies in three months. I worked for two of the three but was let go for budgetary reasons. I really want to sell again but find it hard to find a company to offer me a position with such little experience. There are lots of company that want you to sell for them, but if you do not believe in the product, you will not be successful. I also don't have the ability to wait months for any income. So my question is, are there companies that offer new sales reps jobs and a small base that covers your basic expenses until you build up your client base? I saw how not to run a janitorial business and would love the opportunity to sell for a company that wants to do the job right and bring honest value to the customer. Craigslist and Indeed are filled with fly by night scam companies. Is there another way to find out about legitimate companies that you can work for for years?


Persistence pays off Posted 12:41 AM on 12/16/11 - Reply to this post

Hi Z. You sound really determined and hard-working. This won't be an instant solution, but Jeffrey always talks of joining a Chamber of Commerce. Main St Chamber is a free national Chamber, and if you are in a larger city, holds great events. It sounds like relationships are important to you, and you would do well networking at Chamber events. JGs books and webinars are fantastic, and he always tells of having a "cool" vs. crappy biz card. Maybe make one up that really reflects you, and exchange those with other entrepreneurs. If you see this soon, buy the Boot Camp webinars and listen to the replays - the week has been fantastic. Best of luck!


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