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Joselito Ferreira

vendendo para vendedores Posted 8:54 AM on 11/25/11 - 

olá! a minha história e muito engraçada, me formei em marketing no ano de 2011, durante meu curso resolvi vender malhas na faculdade o que eu não tinha percebido e que meus clientes potenciais eram todos do mesmo corso de marketing e vendedores experientes, como foi minha primeira experiencia em vendas obtive muita dificuldade em negociar preços, confesso que levei prejuízo em pelo menos em duas peças, no momento me achei um péssimo vendedor mas depois fiquei sabendo que as blusas de frio que eu havia vendido saia 10% mais barato no centro da cidade, mesmo assim me achei despreparado e comecei a pesquisar livros de vendas e negociações que para minha felicidade descobrir A Bíblia de Vendas e tenho certeza que nas minhas próximas vendas meu lucro será bem maior.

Richard Szulewski from SkiCore Inc

Sales Posted 7:41 AM on 11/25/11 - 

When you have the chance to close the biggest sale of your life, do you take it or freeze? I was on a flight from Chicago to Palm Springs where I was bumpde to first class. By luck a famous movie personality sat next to me. I was excited...not because I was asking for an autograph but because I saw on the news this person was working on a new technology. The person sighed when I asked about the results of their hearing and not their favorite movie then realized I was NOT asking for small talk. They asked me how I know about it and I said I run a consulting firm that helps companies expand into new markets and I loved what they were doing but saw flaws. This lead to a 2 hour brainstorming session and a contract to help them firm go public. Never be afraid to ask.


Classy not Trashy Posted 9:04 AM on 11/22/11 - 

I joined a custodial outsourcing firm 2 years ago, having zero experience in this field, I traveled around with the current sales rep learning and absorbing as much as I could about the industry. I quickly figured out from "Herb" that closing a sale was very hard because even if you "WOW'd" the initial contacts, ultimately the decision was left to the "school board" whom you've never met or establised any sort of relationship. This would be no quick sale. The process began as most sales do, calling and emailing in an attempt to set an appointment(with administrators) who didn't have the time or interest. After sitting at my desk playing "tag" with customers, getting empty promises for a future meeting dates, I decided I had to make follow up visits in person. Having had success in Sales for the majority of my 20+ year career, I am well aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I do not "shine" behind a computer screen or a cell phone. As a woman in a prodominately male industry, I decided to use the walk in approach, professionally dressed, engaging smile and friendly banter. Any woman who believes that showing a little too much skin or ridiculously flirting your way to a sale is taking a wrong course. A well dressed, attractive, fit and fun sales person (Male or Female) is one of the strongest assets you can have within the company. Charisma and beauty are a lethal combination as long as you have the knowledge and integrity to go along with it. Even if you get a customer that appreciates the "trashy" approach, that person typically will have female executive assistants, gate keepers and even bosses who won't take you seriously or help you attain your goal... THE SALE! In taking this professional approach, I was able to increase accounts 60%, opened 8 new school districts, and had over 3 million in new sales in my 1st year. My 3 principles are: Be charming and disarming, Classy not Trashy and Funny = Money!

In person

Get away from computer Posted 9:57 AM on 11/24/11 - Reply to this post

Even with all this technology! Nothing wrong with in person and get away from your computer. Companies need to rethink all this phone calls and computers...And go see people... Doug


Email Posted 6:10 PM on 11/21/11 - 

What is the template Mr G uses for his emails? I forgot to write it down at an event

Ingo :)

I found out myself Posted 3:49 AM on 12/12/11 - Reply to this post

Ace of Sales . Com thank you


moving a client from the competition Posted 2:11 PM on 11/21/11 - 

I have a potential major client who I have been courting for a year. We finally had a phone meeting (he lives in another state) and I learned that he is happy dealing with our many competitors. The reason he agreed to a phone meeting with me is because he and his wife met me and they said they really like dealing with me - they are so ingrained with their current suppliers (whom they have used for years) they feel that it is difficult changing. I have offered them free samples which they said they would be happy to try out. I know our product is superior but our back office often screws up my sales. How do I win this client over and not "blow" this in the end.


Beating out the competition Posted 9:07 AM on 11/22/11 - Reply to this post

What you win them with you keep them with! You have the upper hand right now because people do business with people they like. If you know there are gaps in customer service, set an appropiate expectation and then work like a mad man to help your employer close the gaps. By showing the victory you and your products have achieved over your competitor by winning the business you can now lead the company down a "good to great" path seeking improvements in all areas. The "major" new client becomes the fuel you need to garner the attention necessary to make the needed changes. In the end if you have set the table with integrity the client will always like to do business with you. Dont forget all competitors have gaps as well. The question is what is important to the client and how do we provide that answer.


Sales dilema Posted 6:47 AM on 11/10/11 - 

I have a dilemma on my hands - in the next few years I will be inheriting the family owned business. My Father is the boss, I have been hired as new business manager based on years of selling, being self employed, working for a sales training company - and yet I have (almost) lost the ability to sell enthusiastically. I smirk as I write this - but I have become bogged down in office politics, relationships with suppliers, and lost the confidence to call our huge database. I spent 3 months, taking the existing paper filing and putting it on salesforce, a year to develop our new website, and a year to get my head around the technical products we sell. I want to excel in this field and build a thriving business, so that in time I can offer more jobs to local people, and have a business that will provide for me and my family. When I think about picking up the phone to make calls, I shiver, and I have lost the bottle to make appointments. I rely on leads from the site, referrals and direct marketing, but this all costs money, and as a small business with a load of customers already on the database - surely I can make better use of this. I have even noticed that my confidence has gone in other areas of my life as a result of not living up to my full potential as a salesman. I have enjoyed great successes as a salesman, but I get to a point where I drop the ball and don't take it to the next level. Prospecting and closing are the most challenging part for me. I hope that this post helps someone else.

Chris Benenhaley

Goodbye dilema Posted 12:17 PM on 11/19/11 - Reply to this post

Dear Anonymous, Your dilemma sounds kinda like a slump - something every sales person goes through at least once in their career. It also sounds like you're not really having fun anymore. I've been there and done that and let me tell you, it can be miserable. So, here a few pointers that I hope will help you out: First, try to delegate some of the tasks and responsibilities you're currently faced with (if you can) so you can focus more on what you enjoy...selling. Second, think back to some of your past success stories and remember just how good you felt. Allow that feeling to sink in and tell yourself that you can do it. For me, when I'm in a slump I know it only takes one good sale or success story and I've got my confidence back, and you build from that. Last but not least, are you working on personal development??? Ya know, Jeffrey has some pretty awesome books that could really help turn things around for you. In fact, I'm currently reading his "Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude" and I'm getting great things out of it. Hope this helps some brother.

Barry $k

Sales dilema Posted 7:27 AM on 01/31/12 - Reply to this post

The best prospect likely to buy from you is an existing customer. Capitalize on your efforts devoted to inputting your CRM into Salesforce. Perhaps a mass mailer directly from Salesforce say 15 per week. This number will allow you to follow up on the phone. A few of these resulting in additional orders and your confidence will be as high as ever, if not even higher. Consistency is the key. Keep doing the right things day in and day out. This will allow your "hot steaks" to last longer and will serve to help power through the cold streaks we all go through. I have found Salesforce to be a phenomenal aid to help me be consistent and constantly be in touch with my customers and prospects.


New to sales... Help Posted 3:47 PM on 11/01/11 - 

Hi, I'm new to sales and I just don't know where to begin. I'm in direct sales or MLM. My question is when approaching someone... What type of questions do I ask them and how do I introduce my business to them? I also do not have a warm market either. I'm a direct seller for a rubber stamping company. Making cards, paper crafts. Any help would be great. Thanks


Trying to help Becky Posted 10:02 PM on 11/08/11 - Reply to this post

Becky, just be yourself. Most people don't know what they want. Just ask questions and treat them like you would want to be treated...Ask questions and don't try to be perfect just keep doing...Sales is much like sports Doug


Make cool stuff for others Posted 12:59 AM on 12/16/11 - Reply to this post

Becky, if you love the cool rubber stamps, make up things for people that will improve their lives. (As Jeffrey says, "creating value.") Have people over for a casual party where they can make stuff. Have a "Handmade by Becky" stamp with your website and stamp that on cards you make for people. I would think your company has some training. Also, Jeffrey Gitomer always talks about being creative and differentiating yourself. If you love the product and study good sales training every day, you'll be great! Sit in coffeeshops and make stuff, so you can strike up conversations! Get the other person's e-mail (in general) and send a nice note with your website link.


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