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learned to sell Posted 2:11 PM on 10/27/11 - 

In regards with "Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Caffeine #520 ~ Where Did You Learn To Sell?" I learned to sell in my dad! Yes I didn't mistype , I have learned to sell in my dad, therefore I am alive now , not any of the other million"prospects" , therefore I AM A WINNER! always have been , always will be !I have sold the best thing I could of ever have sold since that moment , and that is ME ! Thank you Gitomer for reminding me that ! God Bless


giving a quote Posted 10:50 PM on 09/21/11 - 

how do you handle prospects that take your quote and use it to price shop the competition? quotes can take two hours to complete and it is frustrating!

Sir Colbert

re: giving a quote Posted 2:18 AM on 09/30/11 - Reply to this post

I think this is just a "tip of the iceberg" concern. There is a larger concern under what you are seeing as the problem. Maybe it's not the quote that is the problem. Have you really found out why they are shopping for the product and why they came to you? Have you really listened to their needs? Look at it from their perspective, why would they not want to buy from you but still use your price quote? Become the other guy that they are actually buying from. What is he doing different? It's like the quote by Gitomer at the top of the screen "People don't like to be sold, but they love to buy!" Perhaps people feel you are trying to sell them something rather than feeling like they are buying something. Ask them whether it is the right product for them and their needs? Dig deeper for concerns. Show them that you can make anything reasonable happen and so you just want to make sure they are going to be happy. Verbally outline the buying process to make them comfortable, then visualize with them to when they physical have the product in possession. What purpose will it serve? What need will it fulfill? What value will it have for them to own it? Is it's functionality worth the price? Why? Why Not? Become someone that will battle for them on more than just price. Show them you want to give them more than what they pay for. Make customers see that this is a product you sell constantly and that their decision makes no difference to you, your only focus is whether they are going to be happy in the long run. Usually you will find that it is not all about lowest price. Maybe they want you to personally be on the end of the phone if they have a question or a problem with it down the road. Build a relationship, find out who they are, sell yourself as being the best product and what they purchase comes with you! I wish you the best, sales is a way of life, live it!

Chris Gardner

Feedback Posted 10:50 AM on 09/18/11 - 

I am seeking Succesful Sales Managers to help beta test a new Sales Incentive/Motivational app. I hope to launch in early Nov - so need some constructive feedback urgently. If intersted, please you comeplete a short Survey Monkey?

Luke Williams

Calls Vs. Visits Posted 11:38 AM on 09/16/11 - 

I need some ammo to take to my boss. I'm a new sales engineer, selling very expensive (capital expenditure) machine tools, and yet I'm not allowed to pursue clients other than to call or email them. My boss says visits are a waste of time unless I know they are going to buy NOW. While I can't deny any visit should be prequalified as someone who could at least use our product, I don't agree that we should wait till they are on the threshold before we make them aware of our product and have begun building a personal relationship - especially given the enormous prices of our products. Are there any "hard sales facts" that I can share with my boss to convince him otherwise?

Scott Monaghan

good luck Visiting your future customers Posted 10:57 PM on 10/12/11 - Reply to this post

Hi Luke, I have been in the cutting tool/metalworking industry for 20 years and you are right on. There is no way a customer/decision maker will buy a machine tool from someone that does not show the initiative to meet with them face to face. After you pre-qualify the customer make a great first impression in person and begin to separate yourself from the competition. Sorry I don't have any hard facts but I think this is obvious to any good sales professional. Good luck!


Can't email all the time Posted 10:12 PM on 11/08/11 - Reply to this post

Luke you can't sell if you just email all the time. Phone and in person are the best till they get to know you a bit...then emails. Its all about in person visits if all possible. Just never sell on your first meeting just gather information. Doug in Florida


Building my brand Posted 4:56 PM on 09/02/11 - 

So i'm working on an e-book right now but my big goal is to be a highly paid expert/speaker, etc. My question is it better to start with the book first and start building my brand or wait until I have all the speaking experience, webinars, teleseminars etc all at once.


Build My Brand Posted 9:13 AM on 11/14/11 - Reply to this post

Why not start by volunteering to talking in front of various local organizations about your subject matter? Many community organizations struggle to obtain presenters and sometimes they record their meetings so you can hone your techniques by watching the recordings. Ask your audience for feedback! Many people can be very helpful with ideas for improvement and their questions can expand your book's content. Practice webinars with friends and family across the country and build your brand as you write your book. Do you have a blog? Do you provide answers on LinkedIn or Quora? Are you sending out tweets with expert content? Are you staying abreast in the field with content or just waiting to be apart of the stream of old news?

sales recruiter

Experienced Sales Manager (Brownsville-Telecommute Posted 8:02 PM on 08/29/11 - 

I started out knocking on doors in real estate to generate leads. Then I invested lots into my high powered real estate lead generation software. I have developed a web software system that: - Puts any website on the top of search engines results - Generates millions of hits - Increases sales to the business - The website owner can update the site by email or text message from any phone - And much, much more. I need to team up with an expert salesperson or manager to create and execute the marketing plan. I am willing to share the company with the right professional. You can be anywhere; this is a remote position (telecommuting) Other languages a plus! Please fill the form here so that I can contact you for further follow up:


wonder Posted 9:30 AM on 08/18/11 - 

I have a wonder , I've just made my biggest sale so far , due to the market I work in and the country I live in and it might be small for other work fields or countries with higher economic growth. I was wondering which is the largest one time sale made by the people reading this forum.


attitude Posted 3:48 PM on 09/27/11 - Reply to this post

I worked like a champion, gave my best, followed up (even on Saturdays) as I said that I would and earned a contract that grossed $1,000,000/ month for one year. My boss fired me and took the contract himself. I am telling this account not because I am angry, it is about integrity. I showed mine throughout the process, my boss showed his at the end. I won, he lost.

Brian Bontomase

Social networking Posted 7:50 PM on 08/14/11 - 

I started a new Account Executive position with Transworld Systems recently. I would like to find out some helpful tips on using Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook to draw business owners to me. I would like to have a huge influence over my competition with social networking. I am also getting involved with my local Chamber of Commerce. For those of you who have experience with this, what has worked for you in the past? Any strategies?

Marc Miranda

Be an Expert Posted 6:39 PM on 09/28/11 - Reply to this post

volunteer your time on boards to netowkr. Also, give free speeches and seminars on your product that are beneficial to your prospective clients. Be a resource for information.


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