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Is it price? Posted 11:25 AM on 01/03/14 - 

The prospect has a good long standing relationship with my competitor. However, I too have built a good relationship with him (1 year). He purchased items from me 6 months ago and is slow to proceed with other items even though my pricing is good. He is responsible for multiple locations and is very busy. It seems like the path of least resistance is the way he works. When I call, the appointment is always 2 to 3 weeks out. It appears that pricing is the issue (commodity type products). I continue to follow up and build trust, which is how I have succeeded in sales since 1987. I am open to ideas, comments, and suggestions!

Viva la stool!

Is it Price? Posted 10:06 PM on 01/07/14 - Reply to this post

In a similar situation. I stay in touch via email, phone call, and/or text if appropriate. Sometimes just to ask how things are going, if he believes the market is coming back and other times to see if there is anything that he needs or new product information I can share. Next, I call on his competitors....religiously. Same approach. In my industry, it is very small and everyone knows/talks about everyone. In just under 18 months, in a new industry for me, my reputation is growing. I go the extra mile and provide valued information to my customers. I've picked up several of his competitors and just got his call for a meeting to see if there we can do some business. It takes, have patience and stay positive. Price just has to be competative. In my business, .04/sf sends them in the other direction. Learn your market and, in my case, get it closer to .015/sf difference = the benefit of the doubt.


Price vs Value Posted 12:13 PM on 12/15/13 - 

I was on a call with a colleague who is newer to the business and I found that he brought up "price" much more than the customer did. During the fact find, the salesman kept referring to how affordable this solution is (which it was more cost effective than what the customer currently had). However the customer did not buy into the solution since the conversation was geared towards price, rather than the value of the solution. It made me think that we are all guilty of reverting to price faster than our customer in order to win the deal. However what we forget is that the customer does not see the entire value of the solution. The price is really irreverent until the customer has been shown enough value that even if it was a premium solution, they will still buy into it because of what it offers them in return.


Wow! Posted 8:40 PM on 01/03/14 - Reply to this post

Wow! Michael this message really got me thinking and your absolutely right! The value sales itself that's what separates a good salesperson from a GREAT salesperson.


creating feel of importance Posted 1:25 PM on 11/21/13 - 

How to make customers act now? We sell energysavings in watersavings and lighting. we call to book our meetings with our clients and we attend to meeting and prospects seems to be intrested, When we call back to the prospect after a week 10 days we have to listen to all the things they have to do with their facilitys, new windows, new heating, plumming etc, things that only cost them money, not saving any. how can we make this energysaving more attractive to the prospect so they act on it faster? this is not just me having this problems all of the sellers in the them is experiencing the same thing. Sorry for bad gramma and my english, it´s not my first language....


help getting started Posted 7:31 PM on 11/17/13 - 

our company pushes door knocking and or cold calling on the phone. I've spent hours doing this and am not getting the results I need to meet quota. I am selling High Speed Internet and Business class phones. We have the fastest Internet around but are getting killed by being under cut on price. I will do anything, read anything, try anything. I have no money but really need to make this happen. I love sales but have only done it for 6 months. Please, give me guidance.


help getting started Posted 12:21 PM on 12/15/13 - Reply to this post

I have been in the same instance you are in John. The company I work for has premium products and our competitors always try to undercut us with price to win the deal. Although you have the best internet service, blasting your customer with facts of what you offer won't get you anywhere. Always put yourself in the customers shoes and think what makes there job easier. Do research of every company you go into and try to understand their "pain points". What keeps them back from success? Ask the questions like, "where would your company be if you were 10% more productive every day?". High gain questions will lead you to their "pain point" and allow you to EARN the opportunity to sell them a solution. Keep in mind no one wants someone to cold call their business and tell them about what they offer. No one cares. They want to see someone come in, understand and talk about their business, exploit pain points (consultative approach) and help the organization succeed. I adjusted my prospecting to this and my results would double week by week as I got better at doing this. Now I spend 30% of the time that I use to spend on prospecting with much better prospects and opportunity. Then when you have helped enough businesses, earn referrals, THEN you are set. Now you can build case studies and testimonials on businesses you have helped succeeded. At this point in time, your prospecting efforts will be far less with greater results. Read the "Sales Bible" on some high gain questions you can ask your prospects. Good luck!


help getting started Posted 8:48 PM on 01/03/14 - Reply to this post

Hello John. I was actually in your same boat months ago. I put in countless hours of work, i practice my craft over and over again, I believed in myself 100%, but the results wasn''t reflecting and i became frustrated. Rule Number #1 never give up on your Goal John. I came to the conclusion that I loved sales and that i was a good salesman but i asked myself..."what if i'm in the wrong kind of sales!!!! Then I came across this and my results exceed my efforts now. Everything is completely backwards now. Instead of working myself hard and long and getting LITTLE results I now Just work and get MAJOR results and fast.

Brian Hunnewell

Counter-Intuitive Questions Posted 10:50 AM on 11/17/13 - 

Can using the "Feel, Felt, Found" response alienate a sales prospect? What alternatives are there to using the "Feel, Felt, Found" response? When is it a good idea to not sell to a prospect who wants to buy, and how do you handle this without alienating the prospect, so they don't trash your name to other potential prospects?

Brian Hunnewell

Work Less, Think More... Posted 10:29 AM on 11/17/13 - 

I HAVE SEVERAL QUESTIONS: * What does "Moving off The Solution" and "Asking the Hard Questions In a Soft Way" mean to you in a sales call? * Do you think "Diagnostic Sales Consulting" is more effective that "Solutions Focused"? * In todays sales market do you feel you need to be more efficient or more emotionally connected to your client's needs? Feel Free to answer any or all of these questions. I love feedback from fellow sales professionals who are experiencing the changing world of interpersonal sales.


getting off the ground Posted 3:06 AM on 10/31/13 - 

Am new to sales starting today; where should i start..??

Sally Wells Cook

sales beginner Posted 3:30 PM on 11/27/13 - Reply to this post

Marx, I have trained literally hundreds of sales beginners, the best place to start is to learn everything about your product, your industry and who your competition is. Shadow the high achievers in your company and make careful notes about what works for them. Not all their techniques will be right for you, but it will give you the sense of what you should note in your sales journal. The use of a sales journal is explained in my very short e-book on Amazon ($1.99). Check it out, best two bucks you'll spend on yourself.


getting off the ground Posted 8:53 PM on 01/03/14 - Reply to this post

First learn the ins and out of your product until you can share it with others confidently. Would you buy a product from somebody who is stuttering, sweating, and don't really know what they are talking about??? No, you wouldn't so lol don't be that guy Marx and just take time to learn your product. Be confident and you will go far. Stay blessed.

Jimmy Crimmins

Humor Sales Stories Posted 5:57 PM on 10/25/13 - 

One evening while working in my retail store a customer walked in who reminded me a lot of Hoss Cartwrite. I immediately gave him the Rock Star greeting in which he responded in a very growling manner, "I'am not buying anything today" and continued on his way. I pulled a tool out of my toolbox and responded back "that's what you think" he chuckled and walked over and introduced himself as Frank. I sold Frank 2 guitars that day. What happened? Remember this "Only You Can Prevent A Sale"


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