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insurance Posted 5:16 PM on 07/11/11 - 

Cold calls for insurance is a thing of the past? Should we all go with the newer marketing methods such as direct mail and internet, where a billiion people already gone? How to find an untapped source?


Selling in a Shopping Mall Posted 11:30 AM on 07/09/11 - 

If your selling a product or a service from a stall in a busy shopping mall, how do you get people to stop and talk to you?


Fear Posted 8:52 AM on 07/05/11 - 

I have been a key account manager selling consumer packaged goods to large retailer buyer for 15 years and frankly, find the role boring. But the comp. is attractive. How do you take that leap of faith from the known - which I am tired of - to the unknown? I.e. change industries. I am afraid the comp. will be less and if I don't make it, it will take me years to get back to where I am. Any similar stories? How to best research industries and determine comp. etc.?


Go for it (with professional advice) Posted 11:14 AM on 07/22/11 - Reply to this post

My advice is to speak to a professional recruiter. Check out , that website is more geared towards interview coaching. But Dale Johnson will definitely be able to help you with your inquiry and coach you on the transition. Good luck. I just made the same leap your speaking off and so far its working out great.


understand Posted 9:39 AM on 08/18/11 - Reply to this post

I understand exactly what you are saying, I am in a similar position ,the only difference is the time period, I am working for about 6 years now , I am bored as hell , however ,In my yearly leave I have tried to work as a sales person in a different field, and it is very annoying , after this time in my regular job I have a huge client portfolio, the relationship with my clients has come to pure friendship, the money is as it is (good). And in the part time job I took I had to start from 0, I work on straigth up comm. and obviously until I did something time flew over , and frankly I don't reccomend you to do that. Try to do something to re-build your motivation in keeping your existing job. (Do pardon if there are any mistakes, english is my 2nd language) All the best Marius

James W

Developing Career Posted 4:53 PM on 06/30/11 - 

Hello, I am new to the business development sales role. I come from having 10 years in product sales for technology. Frankly, it felt like the products sold themselves. While I have had a lot of success personally and financially in product sales, I find myself struggling a bit in selling services. It is for the same company that I have been with for 12 years now... I can't tell if my lack of enthusiasm for this type of sale is because I am bored with it/ the industry after so long, or if I this is not the role for me. Any tips, suggestions, or advice to offer me? Thanks for your time and attention.


Selling Ad space Posted 5:50 PM on 06/24/11 - 

Good afternoon everyone, I have read Jeffery's books and reviewed the forum over the past 5 years. It has helped me in my current job but now I'm looking for some potential advice on reading materials. Can anyone recommend a book for someone about to start selling ad space in magazines and websites? This is for a target niche and, the good news is, I AM that niche but I wanted to know if anyone has some guidance in terms of prospecting, calling and maintaining a client base. All help is appreciated

Anton Kaufer

Selling Ad Space Posted 12:03 PM on 06/29/11 - Reply to this post

Hey Matt -- I come from a background of internet and traditional media advertising. IMHO, there are no industry related books that can match what you can do on your own. What I mean by that is this...grab a stack of your favorite magazines, study the ads. Grab a stack of competitive magazines and study the ads. Then visit the corresponding web sites and study the ads. Do all this from a consumer's point of view and you'll learn a ton. At the same time, learn more about your advertisers' (and prospects) businesses and industries than they know. Become an expert. Become the marketing consultant businesses want. Combine this with what you've learned from Gitomer's writings, and you'll kick the crap out of your competition!

Tim Kasperovich

Selling Ad Space Posted 10:34 AM on 02/08/14 - Reply to this post

Hi Matt, I agree with Anton's comment. I sold ad space for 30 years in b-to-b magazines and watched it become the advent of integrated media. You MUST become an industry expert and be the one your clients rely on for advice. This goes for both the client and their agency (if they have one). You must not only become an expert in your field, but also an expert on your product offerings. You need to know website statistics, email send and open rates, the ins and outs of webinars, etc. You need to know how those statistics compare to industry averages. Clients/Agencies are very saavy and are looking for what avenue is going to provide the highest cost on return. Know why readers/users like your publicaton/website. What value to they get out of it. Do they read the competition? What do they like about them and how can you improve. Do you deliver in an area that is exclusive to your audience? What make you stand out? What areas are you uncovering or delving into that the competition is not? Are you doing something unique or just going along with the crowd? Space sales/integrated media can be a very lucrative career, but much has changed, so you better know your product, your market and your competition. Don't just tell clients your the best, you have to show them why your're the best. You must have effective questioning and listening skills. Are you uncovering "surface" pain or their actual pain. Read the book "You can't teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar" by David Sandler. I don't agree with all his methods, but the section on pain is great. Hope this helps!

J. Scott

Cold Calling Strategy Posted 12:01 PM on 06/23/11 - 

Cold Calling!?! These days, can you just tell them your company name, what you do and then ask for an appointment? Or is it better to engage them with a question particular to their industry, tell them you've helped other companies like theirs and would like an opportunity to so the same for them?

Kip Hartman

Cold Calling Strategy Posted 3:03 PM on 07/08/11 - Reply to this post

Hey, J - One of the things that has helped me in cold calling is to remember that the prospect cares a lot more about themselves then they care about me. In fact, I figure that the prospect doesn't care whether I live or die... unless I can say something that speaks directly to a problem they need to solve or a goal they wish to achieve. My strategy - take a quick look at the prospect's web site and see if you can figure out what their goals are, then position your offering as a way to help them achieve that goal. It might help you stand out from the other forty prospecting calls they probably receive each day! Best of luck :) Kip -


Cold calls Posted 10:35 PM on 11/08/11 - Reply to this post

I would not go into a company and say hi I am Jim Davis and I have been with AC company for 12 years.. Can we help you.... Go in and ask a question know one asks, but always keep them in mind and its all about them....I never go in with a little speech! Been making cold calls for 20 years


Sales Meeting Ideas Posted 10:46 AM on 06/10/11 - 

I am new to my compnay and we have a sales meeting planned for July. I am responsible for planning and executing the meeting. What are key strategies for having a great sales meeting? What are must do's for success and things to avoid? Thanks for your help!


Sales Posted 12:58 PM on 07/07/11 - Reply to this post

Hi First Get and Full Information on Current Sales and Past History and What s Company/ Sale Dept Vision and then accordingly prioritize and Meeting goes well


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