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Any hope? Posted 2:45 PM on 06/07/11 - 

Ok, I am brand new to Jeffrey Gitomer's system. I just bought the Sales Bible and I'm actively studying and learning sales skills, however...... I have a prospect and I admit that I have botched the entire process from beginning to end. He was a referral from another client of mine and I failed at everything so far. I failed to establish solid rapport, I asked only a few questions and assumed his needs. Actually, I'm not far off but I've not uncovered any Hot Buttons. I gave him a presentation of my solution and it fits exactly what he says he wants however he is now telling me (via email) that the product is too complex for him and he wants to pass. He's an engineer for crying out loud! He loves complexity so I know this is a stall. I just don't know how to approach this and get back in there the right way. Is there any hope? He won't return phone calls right away but he actually does call me back. I believe 100% in my product and that it truly is the best thing for him even if I wasn't receiving a commission on it. Any suggestions? Is it a lost cause? I started all this before I started reading the Sales Bible and I take full responsibility for my poor tact and effort.


Salveagable Posted 5:02 PM on 06/23/11 - Reply to this post

Do you offer any sort of technical support after the sale? This would overcome his fear of the product being too complex and may reveal his real reason for stalling. Without knowing more about the situation, what I would do is say, "Mr. Customer, I understand your concern that the product may be too complex. However, I still feel that this may be the best fit for you and your company. But, just to be sure, I'd like to know a little bit more about you, your company, and your needs. Do you mind if we set up a quick meeting so I can ask you some general questions concerning your business and your needs." I would then start over with broad questions about the prospect (How did he/she get into the current business they are in?; How long have they been in their current position?; Get to know them as a person, like you just met them at a bar (this builds both rapport and trust. Let the conversation flow whichever direction they take it). Then ask questions about the business. "Peel the onion" by moving from broad questions to more narrow questions relating to product as you go along. I think if you can get him to agree to sit down for another meeting, it is salvageable. You may be asking some of the same quesitons you asked before, but just state that you want to make sure that you are on the same page. The underlying issue may be trust. If you just ask a few generic questions to try to build rapport and move right into a sales pitch, it doesn't develop trust. They will be thinking, "how does he know what I need when he barely knows me or my business?" When I go into a sales call, I ask the prospect if they mind if I ask them some questions and take notes. Try to learn everything you can about the prospect themselves and their business without making it feel like an interrogation. Then the prospect feels that you are generally interested in helping them find the best solution (which you should be).


Video Testimonials Posted 11:04 PM on 06/03/11 - 

I'm on a mission to gather video testimonials from my clients. Today I recorded the first two. How would you use your customers' video testimonials?

Lee Flynn

Leadership Posted 4:25 PM on 06/02/11 - 

A good leader knows when to shut up and listen. Gitomer can't do either.


New to Car Sales Posted 7:59 AM on 05/30/11 - 

I am new to car sales - I started in the biz 2 months ago because I grew tired of getting laid off (twice in 5 yrs) from 2 different corrugated box manufacturing companies. So a friend of mine got me an interview at the dealership because he believed I would be successful. Months prior, I had begun reading "The Sales Bible" because I wanted to go into sales for the last company I was with before they laid me off. I kept reading the book while in between jobs and after I was hired at the dealership, I sold 8 cars in my first month and earned more money in that time period than I earned in one month at either of the box plants. Thus, a monster is born. I am hungry for information, tips, techniques, etc that would help me to become more successful at selling cars. I love what I do now. I believe in the product (Toyota) and I am determined to get out of debt once and for all. Thank you Jeffery for writting such an amazing book!!! Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, The "Monster" :)


reply Posted 11:55 PM on 06/01/11 - Reply to this post

Just a few quick suggestions...go and buy every book gitomer has ever written! Then go buy all of dale carnegie, napolean hill, zig ziglar, tom hopkins and brian tracy's books! Read every day for about 30 min to 1 hour. You will begin to love sales with the more you learn. keep a great attitude and good luck...Follow my fb insurance agency page


and also ... Posted 1:14 AM on 12/16/11 - Reply to this post

Yeah Sam, besides Gitomer and all the other greats suggested, go to youtube and start watching Jim Rohn clips. Read and listen to all his stuff too ... you won't eat or sleep for days you'll be so crazed with the good stuff!


Sales Management Posted 11:05 AM on 05/28/11 - 

I am seeking ideas on the best way to get a group of people from different departments to work toward common goals for the betterment of the entire company. This endeavor could be seen as sales reps competing against other reps in the same company or learning to work together as a group for the sake of ALL in the same company. There are many egos involved, including my own, which I am trying to keep in perspective. There is a strong need for positive action and a positive environment.

Dan Covic

proposal follo wup Posted 1:26 PM on 05/17/11 - 

After approximately 3 years - never too late! - I've caught on to the "selling value" concept. Unfortunately, we insurance agent guys routinely end up selling insurance as a commodity. Today, I attended Jeffrey's webinar, "selling to tough customers", where he mentioned that by stressing value, follow ups to proposals provided to prospects should avoid comments like, "just following up", and instead should provide something of value. Any recommendations on what to send prospects as a follow up? Thanks

Jason P.

Follow-Up Posted 5:07 PM on 06/23/11 - Reply to this post

I send my clients and prospects helpful tips, referals, trade magazine articles that they may be interested in, and any other useful information I can pull from the web. I also use Ace of Sales to do a monthly newsletter. You wouldn't believe how many times I get calls right after I send out my newsletter (many of them for orders).


Keep a client from changing firms Posted 5:31 PM on 05/16/11 - 

We just learned that a long-time client is going out to bid. I need to call the client and find out why. How do I approach the situaiton and what questions should I ask to uncover her reasons for leaving?


Keep a client from changing firms Posted 7:13 PM on 05/17/11 - Reply to this post

Just Ask...They will be more than willing to tell you. By calling them right away, being honest that will show them your genuily interested in their business. MAKE SURE TO LISTEN & ADDRESS THEIR NEEDS- Not yours


Reply to keeping a client Posted 6:06 PM on 05/19/11 - Reply to this post

Thanks! I was direct and our client gave me the reason. They love us but a new CEO entered the picture and wants to put the account out for bid. I suggested the partner of the firm make a personal visit to meet the CEO

Red Boswell

Where do you buy the business coins (cards)? Posted 3:54 PM on 05/12/11 - 

The title says it all: Where do you buy the business coins (cards)?


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