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HELP HELP HELP!!! Posted 2:50 PM on 05/01/11 - 

Hello All, I have recently starting using my home office to work from. I cold call schools, universities and colleges and sell personalized supplies. Pens, pencils, etc. I do great...only thing I am having problems with is calling back the schools I have sold to already! Do any of you have this problem? Thanks! -


Contact Management Posted 3:44 PM on 05/11/11 - Reply to this post

There are many versions of contact management software in the market, but I have discovered that MS Outlook is very effective. I use MS Outlook everyday to schedule a task or future call. Add a reminder to yourself if you have to. Don't wait, do it during the paperwork phase of the sale. hell, schedule all your customers into a guaranteed day to day call cycle. You'll be amazed at how many calls you can get in, in a short period of time. This can be done everyday.

Jason P

Ace of Sales Posted 5:10 PM on 06/23/11 - Reply to this post

Microsoft CRM is great but sometimes overly complicated. Gitomer's Ace of Sales has contact management and a calendar built into it. I use that. You can not only track your calls, but it automatically keeps track of your emails, tells you if they have been opened, and allows you to develop great newsletters, etc...

John R.

direct mail sales Posted 2:21 PM on 04/28/11 - 

Just started selling advertising for a local direct mail magazine, was wondering what do people find to be the best approach? Calling businesses over the phone? Or going into businesses and showing them a sample? The magazine is somewhat new to the area but is a much better product than whats currently available. Any suggestions, greatly appreciated.

Michael Rao

Awesome Natural Market Yet Resorted to Cold Calls Posted 10:54 PM on 04/14/11 - 

I have been working for a major mutual life insurance and financial services company for roughly 17 months. I have (or should I say my parents have) a killer natural market. My sales manager initially said other agents would kill to have my market. Anyways, in the time I've been an agent, my production has been meager. I sell life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance, mutual funds, and advise pre retirees and small business owners on retirement/estate/succession planning. My activity lately is bad. I rely on warm introductions to fill my calendar. Due to the fact that I'm having trouble getting in front of people, I have little opportunity to get introductions. I've now moved to cold calling very targeted lists with the intention of making an appointment. 8 times out of 10, I'm cut off within 5 seconds with the "not interested, click". I'm staying positive, but what am I missing? Thoughts? Advice? Thanks everyone.

Adam K

Answer Posted 3:44 PM on 04/19/11 - Reply to this post

Why don't you open with something like this, "Mr jones, if something tragic happens to you, who will pay the mortgage? Who will pay your children's college tuition? These are good openers when cold calling. Cold calling stinks by the way. It is no fun but you could have success doing it. Open with a though provoking question and be short and sweet!

Michael Rao

Thought Provoking Questions... Posted 12:28 AM on 04/21/11 - Reply to this post

Adam-I like the idea of thought provoking questions a lot. In fact, Any type of question that will get the prospect to speak is an idea I believe in. Thanks for your input, Adam! Any ideas out there to get the "I still view you as a kid growing up" mindset out of the heads of my parents friends who I've known natural market?

Michal ACE

Authenticity Posted 4:09 PM on 04/23/11 - Reply to this post

I worked like this in a MLM system within financial advisory. Dude, the "I still view you as a kid growing up" will hold as they only know you like this and their first impression ever of you was as a little kid. What I would recommend is to focus on unknown prospects, gain experience and gain AUTHENTICITY. They have to first hear of you as a great advisor before you may engage them on business level. J. Gitomer had a great lesson about that. Have your name in the internet, maybe try contacting someone your parents friends know so that they could hear something good about you. All in all, make them contact YOU. I personally avoid doing business with relatives or even friends. If something goes wrong, your relationship with them is going down.

Scott Austin

How to start Posted 1:05 AM on 04/10/11 - 

I have managed to get two clients and about four leads just by talking with people I meet at social events. It is time for me to really start selling but I am not sure where to start. Where do you go to talk to people about your product? Door to door, business to business. I am not sure where to start but I need and want to get out there, I just need a few pointers on how to get out there and where to go. By the way I am a fee only financial advisor.

Janel Adams, Xenos Hospitality Inc.

Response to Scott: How to Start Posted 12:24 AM on 04/14/11 - Reply to this post

Scott, I am very familiar with the type of work you do, as I have several professional friends in the same field. I've also worked in the financial industry myself as a mortgage loan officer and a branch manager of a credit union for years. Your best clients will be from relationships you build yourself. Become as visible in your community as possible by investing your time in local networking (Chamber of Commerce, Business Networking International/BNI, Rotary, etc.) and offering financial education through lunch and learns, speaking at a local meeting, church, etc. Position yourself as the expert in what you do and people will begin to trust you, refer you and do business with you. Happy clients are the best source of referrals. Be careful about spending too much money on printed materials. A strong business card and a simple "leave behind" piece or a personal letter mailed would be all you need. Loyal financial relationships are built through performance and client satisfaction. Good luck!


try to go with what they like Posted 9:39 AM on 05/21/11 - Reply to this post

Well, you could use PeoplePsycheSearch, it's on Facebook. It provides client buying patterns analysis, here is a free code for you, COC05217986.

lil' rusty

phone calling Posted 10:29 AM on 04/07/11 - 

I'm a new rep for a goings-on type magazine for the state I live in. I am making calls to current customers to introduce myself as their rep going forward, for the company. I Need some new,fresh lyrics when making these calls...any ideas would be aprreciated!

Janel Adams, Xenos Hospitality Inc

Response to Lil Rusty: Phone Calling Posted 12:29 AM on 04/14/11 - Reply to this post

You need to meet as many of them in person as possible, regardless of the distance. It will pay off in the long run, set yourself apart, and make a big impression on those you serve. People do business with people. Then when you call them, they can put a face to the voice they hear on the phone.

Jimmy Crimmins

phone calling Posted 1:35 PM on 04/01/14 - Reply to this post

Hey Rusty, Learn the Art of phone skills. You can do tons more business if you get this skill down. Think of it as just getting to know your new friend! I've closed over 200 real estates deals last year over the phone! It works


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