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Heidi Caccamise

Connecting with seminar presenter Posted 4:22 PM on 04/06/11 - 

I became a Mortgage Broker and set up my own company about 8 years ago. I went to a seminar with several speakers soon after. The seminar was all good but one speaker stood out to me. In addition I noticed that there were no female speakers. I wanted to thank the one speaker for his valuable information and also point out that I would have liked to hear a females success story and advice. I decided to email the speaker when I returned to my office and I did in fact thank him, however I put a twist on the lack of female speaker. I did not just point it out but I told him that not only would I like to be but that I would be, that female speaker along side of him in two years (gave myself time to get my feet wet as a new business owner and broker). I really wasn't expecting a reply but not only did I get a reply, I was invited to dinner with him and his wife. He liked my boldness and my confidence and actually tried to recruit me to work for him. While I was flattered, I had too much invested in starting my own company to not continue on that path. I still smile when I think of that experience and how stepping out of the box just a little led to a great connection. How many seminars/workshops have you been to that resulted in being invited to dinner by one of the main speakers?

Michal ACE

Buying atmoshpere by phone Posted 4:26 PM on 03/29/11 - 

I really love my job even though everyone hates it! I'm a telemarketer at a internet bank dept. and even though they call me an "internet financial advisor", all I do is sell with a usage of my microphone. However, latelly I keep up trying to get better results and I fell with love with what Stephanie Melish has to say about all the atmosphere of buying etc at Starbucks. I really try to make my customers comfortable and make a good relationship, but it's very hard as I have less then 30 sec. to establish my relation with a customer before I have to get down to business. Do you have any idea how to make a good relation, buying atmosphere and all the "ubiquitous buying" by a telemarketing call to my bank's customer? I'll appreciate all help (sorry for my english, I'm a Polish :D)


Maybe Posted 8:39 PM on 06/12/11 - Reply to this post

Michal, maybe try starting out the conversation by simply asking them, what has been their best experience or memory with the bank. A Maybe be prepared with current local events their branch may be having.


Presentation Posted 11:03 AM on 03/22/11 - 

Hi Just did my first public presentation to business network, and hooray, all went really well. I used some of Jeffreys tools from his books, took a deep breath and just went for it. Phew, relief all round, but you know what, I really enjoyed the buzz I got afterwards talking to people.

Richard Carlisle

National Literacy Posted 8:22 PM on 03/21/11 - 

Does anyone here have any suggestions or comments about the general American public's absolute refusal to, or inability to READ? These functional illiterates are NOT necessarily lazy or stupid. Many hold positions of influence and power but fail to respond to the simplest written communication because they refuse to read. I was going to site examples here but I am age 63 and have too many disappointments to list. I will just say that the cure I am seeing for this is web sites and sales oriented emails that are now coming with full audio narrations of their content. Is this the wave of the future where a few capable citizens manipulate the others with skillful verbal communications? Think politics and religion too.


Busy Posted 8:41 PM on 06/12/11 - Reply to this post

it all starts with education in America. Although audio narrations may be great for people who are constantly on the go.

Noah Wick

Deception and a Sales Relationship Posted 3:23 PM on 03/14/11 - 

Hey Everyone- I work in sales with jury consulting for trials. I'm doing research on sales and deception which will provide answers to a client relationship and buying practices. This is for anyone who has worked in sales ever. It takes 3 minutes to answer the survey questions and I will also send you the results of the research. Thanks for your help! Here's the link: Thanks! Noah Wick Prolumina Seattle, WA


Utility Sales Posted 1:07 PM on 02/28/11 - 

I am new to sales and I am trying to get my foot in the door. I sell electricity and it seems that people aren't interested in it. How do I get business' to be interested in saving money on their electric bill,get my foot in the door and not get completely frustrated? Please help.

Peter Guzzardo

Utility Sales Posted 10:35 PM on 03/06/11 - Reply to this post

People don't buy what you do they buy why you do it. For example, if you sold green electricity you could say: We reduce our dependence on foreign oil, preserve the environment, and help fight terrorism by bringing clean electricity generated by wind, water and the sun to businesses like yours everyday. We write about our customers in our weekly newsletter, help promote them on our video blog, and make them more profitable by helping them attract the exponentially growing, well educated, deep pocketed, green consumer market place.... Want to buy some?

Gabe Fernandez

Utility Sales Posted 10:26 AM on 04/22/11 - Reply to this post

That is a powerful pitch!

Gabe Fernandez

Utility Sales Posted 10:35 AM on 04/22/11 - Reply to this post

Nikia, you should not be selling electricity, you should be selling savings and their right to choose a provider to save money, and like Peter said help the environment, and reduce our dependency on foreign exported oil. I am a commercial energy consultant, I never have to sell any procurement, I just sell my company, myself, and our customer service, they are not just another account to us, they are people, we actually are giving them money back to their company, if we choose the proper ESCO (energy supply co.) for them. Hope this helps!


getting double glazing leads Posted 3:14 AM on 02/23/11 - 

Advice needed to get leads for double glazing


double glazing Posted 2:51 AM on 02/23/11 - 

Ive been cold calling now for 15 years and have always, stayed away from double glazing, how ever in this economic state, ive had no choice. Any advice would be gratefully recieved thanks Graeme


lemons to lemonade Posted 4:45 PM on 02/22/11 - 

I celbrated Valentine's Day this year by falling off a ladder and breaking my arm. On the 23rd, I have a networking meeting with local contractors. What confidence can you find in a one armed salesman? First, I had my company logo printed on my sling. Next, I made a special business card for the event. (Contact me, and I will send you a copy.) It contains an old Dilbert comic strip, of a poor selling salesman beaten by the boss. I captioned the picture, Please by from me before he breaks my other arm. I then arranged for my boss to show up with a small bat. You might never buy from me, but you sure as heck won't ever forget me. And isn't the first rule of networking to make a positive impression?


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