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Phones Posted 10:29 PM on 01/13/11 - 

Should I invest in an I Phone now or another Blackberry?

Ovidiu Lechintan

iPhone Posted 5:22 AM on 01/29/11 - Reply to this post


AK Cushman

Verizon wireless Android or iPhone Posted 1:25 AM on 02/16/11 - Reply to this post

Android or iPhone through Verizon, not AT&T. Verizon has the best data network and is not only less expensive, they have the best customer service out there. I have never had one problen in the past eight years I've used their service.


Phone Choice Posted 8:25 AM on 05/17/11 - Reply to this post

I have owned several "smart" phones over the years and have settled on the iPhone as my choice. Though I wish Apple had more apps that were Microsoft friendly, my iPhone syncs well with Office and I am able to open virtually any attachment sent. I am a long time AT&T customer and have had very good service...however I would take the advice given and check out Verizon too. Good luck!

Joe Mangano

Smart Phone Apps for Sales People. Posted 3:18 PM on 07/15/13 - Reply to this post

I would suggest the best phone for you would depend on the Apps you want to run on it. If you just want a 'phone', it does not make much difference. All carriers have (pretty much) all the models, so then just depends on your preferred carrier and their rate plan. On the other hand, if you are looking to use it as a smart phone, s for Apps, then make sure you know the ones you want to run. Many Apps have versions as many will work on both IOS (Apple devices) and Android. The App selection for Blackberry is smaller by comparison, but growing rapidly. Here are 5 phone apps for sales people that you might want to consider, and 3 of them are even free.


New B2B Business Posted 8:49 PM on 01/13/11 - 

Hello, We are a new limousine software provider that helps customers book online. We have a customer that has a handful of affiliates that can be potential customers. We have a limousine blog that has been providing industry tips for this market. We would like to attract these operators to our blog to build relationships. We would like to invite them to subscribe to our blog. We prefer not to sell them on our software, but want to provide value up front. He offered to send an email to his affiliates regarding our blog. We realize this is a golden opportunity and don't want to screw it up with a poorly constructed email. Please advise what we can write without looking like we are trying too hard or selling something. Thank-you.

WHATS UNIQUETHAT YOU SELL Posted 5:25 PM on 01/17/11 - Reply to this post

What distinguishes your service from others? WHY WOULD YOU BUY FROM YOU?


New B2B B Posted 12:27 AM on 01/19/11 - Reply to this post

Dear Mr. So and So, We at Limosine Software Co. wish to send you our warmest regards and appreciation for your patronage and kind offer of fowarding this link of our blog. We believe your associates will find it both engaging and informative as it centers on our mutual industry. Sincerely, Cori Since this is an email it's probably best to keep it short and sweet. This is just one Idea for you. It will arouse their curiousity to go and look. You could add a line such as "Subscription to (name of blog) is of course free and the discourse and opinions of industry professionals are very welcome.", to try and sow the seeds early in their mind to subscribe and take part. But I'm not sure. maybe someone else out there has an opinion on this.


loosing customer over lower price Posted 2:37 PM on 01/12/11 - 

We lost a great customer because our competitor is cutting price so low that we cannot compete - the previous customer keeps coming back to us for estimating but continues to give the business to our low-balling competitor -- how long should I keep spending the time/energy to provide quotes to the previous customer and what can I do to get their business back?

Free estimates&low ball mcompetition Posted 5:23 PM on 01/17/11 - Reply to this post

Respect yourself. Estimates cost. Stop beating yourself up and giving away free estimates that a competitor low bals.


The Extra Mile Posted 11:03 PM on 03/07/11 - Reply to this post

I am also in that same situation everyday. You may not be able to win them all back when it comes to price, but you may be able to make gains where there was only loss. Emphasize to that customer how you are also prepared to deliver better service to them then you competitors. All that's left is for you to go that extra mile.


Emphasize Service Posted 11:12 PM on 03/07/11 - Reply to this post

It's not going to be easy and the results may not be immediate. But the only thing I could do in my situation is emphasize the service I would provide them. I never ever put down the other store/competitor, because it only makes you look bad. Price is not always the biggest factor in a sale. Service is bigger. You know yourself so use yourself as a template on how to structure your approach with words that will reach their ears. Not providing your customers with quotes, even the ones who you feel will purchase somewhere else would be a big mistake. Try emphasizing service in the time you do quotes vs. only quotes and see how that goes.

John C

Getting a sales system for 2011 Posted 4:59 AM on 01/12/11 - 

Hi Everybody, Im relatively new to selling and have recently started full time quoting and being on the road. Ive being seeing afew people but feel i lack a structure or a system to follow in order to utilise my time and myself in the best way. I would love to hear some feedback from anyone who has been sure someone has?? Cheers


Getting a sales system for 2011 Posted 9:41 AM on 01/21/11 - Reply to this post

I would try to focus on "COI'S", Centers of Influence. If you call on a COI the call can result in multiple leads for you, multiple COI's should help you stay busy and PRODUCTIVE. Obviously the key is picking your COI calls wisely and be sure you are adding value for their clients. Good luck!!


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