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New Start-up Posted 11:21 PM on 01/06/11 - 

We are a new software start-up, what response do we give customers that ask us how many clients we have. Also what do we say to those companies that are reluctant to sign up with us because they are scared of us being out of business in a year and therefore no-longer providing support. Thank-you.


New Start-up Posted 10:29 PM on 01/11/11 - Reply to this post

Cori, We only have one client right now, but it's AT&T and although as our 2d client you won't be as big, your account will be just as important to us as they are. Seriously Cori, We keep all our clients imformation private and we are looking to build a relationship of trust with you. Our company can give you the benefit of our integrity and focus(your not going to be just another client that gets lost in a crowd). I'm still trying to get WELLS FARGO to straighten out an accounting mess for months now. In my 18 yrs of writing software for microsoft I've seen many companies come and go. Eastern Airlines, Chrysler, Bear Sterns etc. We both know there is no guarantee anywhere from anyone that we'll be around 10 years from now. However, The bottom line is when you sign on with us we are going to ensure that your company is provided a far superior program than someone else might care to produce for you. Your support will be instant and complete. You will also be provided with full documentation of all programming support so that in the future preferably we or any other software company will be able to augment the program to suit your companies needs as your business grows. These are just some Ideas that might give you a jump of point to develope a proven presentation that works for you. Good Luck!


New Start-up Posted 5:14 PM on 01/13/11 - Reply to this post

Thank-you! This is solid advice, I would never have approached this question in this manner.


Where do I focus my prospecting time? Posted 2:17 PM on 01/05/11 - 

I have been in outside sales for 2 years and have been in my industry for 15 years. I have a new found focus and drive to succeed this year and I think one of my biggest problems in the last 2 years is spreading myself too thin. With too many different opportunities on my plate I am not dedicating enough time to each. I sell signs and neon. My customers are new businesses, business who are expanding and developers (new shopping centers, etc.). I have used many different prospecting avenues to acquire new clients over the past 2 years. These are the main prospecting tasks I have utilized: networking cold calling my ideal customer base research and scouting for new development business journals and similar publications company's existing customer database Please let me know what you think. What prospecting strategy should I focus on? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Where do I focus my prospecting time Posted 9:45 AM on 01/21/11 - Reply to this post

HAve you tried going back to your existing customes to ask for referrals? Networking and referral selling will always out perform cold calling. ARe there any industry specific trade shows you can attend or advertise at?

Lv Qiang

Help! Posted 8:36 PM on 12/28/10 - 

Hello,everyone,I am a sales of a adhesive company,but now i am going through a difficult phase.I worked here for more than half year!But i just got one stable client!unfortunately i met a love-related problem at the same time,so i can not focus on my business,shoot!She always appeared in my head,cut my thinking! I did cold calling everyday to sell products!Our products are too expensive to local one,but have good quality,good environmental-friendly.I got contact from internet,most of them just focus on cost!If who use good one,they also use good brand reputation one,but we are not!Where do you guys get contact of clients?How do you attack them? Sorry for my english,it is not my mother tongue,i am Chinese though:P Could i ask your guys,how can you solve this kind of things?

michelle mcrae

Lv QiangHelp! Posted 3:47 AM on 01/18/11 - Reply to this post

The easiest way to sell the product is to like, love, eat, breath the product you're short have a passion and be excited about the product you're's not easy to get excited about your day and your job if you're not excited about the product.and watch the mental self-talk when you're selling during the cold calling session. you are are what you think about all day long.... michelle


Value Message Posted 10:39 AM on 12/21/10 - 

Hello Jeff, Caffeine is the best e-mail I receive every month. Thank you. I have a question about building our company's value message. We struggle to identify our strengths and fail to admit our weaknesses. We have trouble defining why our company and proposition is the best choice for our customers. As I write this today I don't know for sure why a customer would want to do business with us. We fail to give good service consistently to our clients, evident in our customers leaving and feedback we receive from clients regularly. I would like to begin next year with a focus on defining our business strategy and what we would need to do to communicate a message to current and future clients that is clear, direct, believable and true. We make software for utility companies and I beleive we have great people and a fairly good grasp on our market, we just need help to focus our message. Any input would be much appreciated. God Bless.


DBAse Mgmt Software Program? Posted 2:37 PM on 12/07/10 - 

What is the recommended Data base Customer Management software,without hiring a geek to create internally? Act, Sales Force, Outlook B Mgmt? Have an aircraft sales business, Need a very good product. All ideas will be reviewed and appreciated. Thank you for your time and response.

John B.

Solution Posted 9:53 AM on 12/17/10 - Reply to this post



DBase Mgmt software program Posted 9:55 AM on 01/21/11 - Reply to this post

My company uses Salesforce & I love it. I am not a computer person nor do I like spending much time entering info. This system has the key area and makes it easy to inout factors designed to help close and keep closing repeat business. We used to use SalesLogix not even close to this. Salesforce is the best and easiest to use of the systems I've workede with


Winning the battle! Posted 2:05 PM on 12/01/10 - 

I know everyone experiences this in sales. I have been in sales since i was 14 and i am 26 now. I pride myself in having the best integrity and making sure my client understands the product and how it will benefit them. The problem i am having is the customer feels like i am trying to sell then and its hard to get my sincerity across. The leads i receive are warm leads and i do great but i need to reach that next level. My customers get lied to by competitors with poor ratings while i have great ratings and partnerships to back up my company. How can i get across the i am the best option and the only one being honest, and have my customers actual agree and come back to the table?


honesty, winning the battle Posted 7:51 AM on 12/14/10 - Reply to this post

tell them just what u wrote, how r they lied to... with proof of the competitors' ratings, proof of your ratings, and it wouldn't hurt to start asking those partnerships to start speaking on ur behalf. Be honest to their face, provide reliable sources of those partners with name and ctc number if u can (should ask them first). Sometimes, the targest is just plain lazy, does not want to make a change. Create a new reality 4 them, paint them a picture of what it would be like to use your service, and make the picture a plesant one. U may even want to go as far as asking them what is their current service picture, they may open up now with a lack in the current service provider. Open opportunity.

P. Nichols

Winning the Battle Posted 12:54 PM on 12/23/10 - Reply to this post

Hi Brian, I cold call to auto dealerships to sell ad campaigns. There are alot of bad and good competitors. I have found the best results for new business, and old business coming back to me is by letting my referrels do the talking. I ask the dealerships I have done business with to write me a letter of recommendation that is specific to the value I brought to their dealership with my campaign. I send emails that have referrel after referrel from several different dealers, written in their own words out to prospects, and old business. My phone starts ringing, and emails with requests start coming back to me.


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