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Tina Rospond

Proof Posted 6:23 PM on 12/30/10 - Reply to this post

Brian, I think you have answered your own question to some respect here. You say that your customers feel like you are trying to sell them. Well perception is everything - well not everything - but a big piece of it. Could it be that you are trying so hard that you are selling them? If you have a superior product prove it and telling your prospects your competitors are lieing is not necessarily the best route however if you can take what the prospective believes to be true based on other people then show them the real truth and back it up with research. I also believe the post before regardind referrals is key! Best of luck.


The Body Says All Posted 11:22 PM on 03/07/11 - Reply to this post

Putting down competitors will only make you look bad. Am I honest? Ask yourself that question. Then look in the Mirror and ask again. When people don't trust you it's not only a gut feeling but it is also something that they can pick up with their eyes. Are you looking them in the eyes when you are talking? Do you touch your face? Is your head saying no when your mouth is saying yes? Tone of voice, hand position. Everything counts. Try taking a course on body language. Your body may be saying more then your mouth to the customer. The next time you talk to your friend, or other half try picking up the signals of a lie. How does that make you feel? If you believe what you are telling them so will your body, and so will your customer. You can say everything right, but does your body say otherwise. Anyway test it out. It's fun!!

Dana Lowery

New to CAr Sales Posted 6:43 PM on 11/29/10 - 

I am new to Automotive Sales and I can tell already that I need to be able to generate my own customers on and off the show room floor. I just bought the New Edition Sales Bible and i can tell i will be buying others. my big question is What can I do to get customers in?? I do not want to reliy on showroom traffic, I am better then That. I want to make things Happen.

Kyle Hopkins

New to Car Sales Posted 3:40 PM on 12/28/10 - Reply to this post

Social Media is the wave of the future. Get a face book page. Talk to your friends about it and get that Social media network running as soon as you can. It takes time for this to role but its all out there and the pages are free. Treat your customers well and let them comment on your page. Even ask them to comment. It will bread apon its' self if done properly. Check out what ford is doing on Face Book.

Steve Bissen

Service is sales friend Posted 12:47 PM on 01/19/11 - Reply to this post

Get to know the service writers. They see customer most often. Help in the drive during the morning rush. Let them know that you can give a customer a ride if the shuttle is busy. Don't ask for anything. They will start moving people your way - spiff them for the lead, and a bigger spiff when they buy.


LEADS!!! Posted 7:45 PM on 11/28/10 - 

hi there guys!! one very important quiestions... where to get your leads??some people say yellow pages, some people say this and that... so where you really you get your leads and what are the steps need that need to take... is there any video on this??


LEADS!!! Posted 2:47 PM on 11/30/10 - Reply to this post

Fadhli, I use a few methods including cold calling using the Yellow Pages and walking into businesses introducing myself and our company, but my most effective way to get leads and close them has been networking. We belong to 2 Chambers and I don't miss any of the luncheons and I try to go to as many ribbon cuttings and open houses as possible. I bring in my social media and ensure that I have read updates on statuses prior to going and have focused prospects for each meeting. This has been the most time consuming method, but the most profitable as I have closed every appointment and I am receiving referrals. People buy from those they like and trust, so put yourself out there and get to know them. One thing that has assisted me is becoming an Ambassador for one of the Chambers, this puts my face in front of the entire Chamber membership. I get very quick recognition. I make sure I am completely out of my comfort zone and I never sit with the same people during the lunch. I make sure I don't know anyone at the table or only 1 or 2 if I can't avoid it. I reach out to those I have met, but my goal is to meet as many new prospects as possible. I hope this helps and good luck!


how be friendly quickly people we meet first time Posted 8:00 PM on 12/10/10 - Reply to this post

wow smoore....remarkable reply you made. i just attended one breakfast with business networking organization and i saw how refferals members are getting. very good tip you gave of having lunch making sure different group of people around every, dats wat i need to learn how to be friendly with people we meet first time as soon as possible? dats a question for you, please elaborate how we percieve and what aptitudes we follow and attitudes so that we can b friendly as quick as possible with people we first meet??


Leads Posted 4:58 PM on 12/13/10 - Reply to this post

Hi Fadi, I mainly use yellow pages online and found a great tool to extract the data. It sure saves heaps of time. I love it and it makes it so easy as I can target specific niches and areas.


Leads Posted 10:26 PM on 01/02/11 - Reply to this post

Hey Fadhi! Great question! At one point in my sales career I worked for a reputable insurance company. I asked the same question and the answer was: "use the online yellow pages, it's great!" I was firm the answer to te question I asked but it wasn't really what i was looking for. What I (and I think you) really neede to know was how to get GOOD leads. I learned a long time ago that pure "cold calling" is not effective. I wanted to be talking to the prospects that I had the best shot with. I use a free database available through my public library's website called "info USA". First I develop a "profile" of the target customer I want to go after. I do this by Using a current customer as a "model" and understand some key things about them like how big the company is (annual revenue an # of employees), payroll expenses, and whatever else is pertinent. all this info can be found on the info USA database, just look up one if your current customers. Then I apply this knowledge to a search in the db for other similar companies. Now I have a great target list of companies thy have similar characteristics of my current customers, thresher more likely to buy in a similar fashion to my current customers. BUT, before I start calling this list I do a little more homework. Before each call, I do a quick Internet search and find their website, any news articles or any other relevant information. If I'm calling a BIG potential I will also call a current customer that I think might know them or something about them, Matbe even get a referal to the prospect from my current customer to the prospect. After all most competitors are friends. Sorry for the long winded answer but I hope it helps. One thing I've always believed is that in order to be a great salesperson you have to be a savvy marketer as well. Cheers!


help: apology and action needed Posted 2:24 PM on 11/22/10 - 

I screwed up. had a great lead followed by a great discussion in early October. Everyone's interest was peak.. We have the right product. Immediate followup was positive and hopeful:dealing with critical details that differentiates us well. Internal followup was slow and incomplet, requiring much followup on my part to get answers. I started slowing down my communication with the prospect and applying to other business that I was able to handle without the hassle of the internal problems. Hindsight, I should have stayed all over all guys until I was satisfied. I didn't and I haven't followed up w prospect in weeks. how do I restore myself w the prospect? One idea is to get everything complete, then go in w apology and data. But, how do I apologize?


honesty is the best policy Posted 10:42 AM on 11/23/10 - Reply to this post

Tell your prospect what you just told us! It's not necessary, or even possible, to be perfect in all ways but it is absolutely crucial to fess up when you have made a mistake. Either call the customer or drop in and start it off with "I should have stayed on top of the internal communications on this, it is my fault its not wrapped up yet. What can i do to put this to bed so I can begin serving you properly". Keep in mind, and make sure your prospect keeps in mind, that initial sales are ALWAYS the most difficult as you each learn what you need to know about the other in order to flow the process smoothly. You don't yet know what you don't yet know, and neither do they. I always caution 1st time customers that initial orders can drag a little as we work through their learning curve, but we once we've got it, we've got it!

Tina Rospond

Honesty Posted 6:26 PM on 12/30/10 - Reply to this post

Honesty. Acknowledging your realization, and asking for a second chance. The answer is already NO so if you don't ask you can't turn it to YES.


Is your site good enough? Posted 12:45 AM on 11/11/10 - 

Hello I have a question regarding websites. I just started a website some months ago, to be exact 6 months ago, and just started putting up products 1 month ago. The viewership of my website has gone up which is a good thing, I get about 30 visitors per day average. heres my website and here's the challenge If you were a visitor at my site would you be inclined to purchase from me? How trustworth/credible does it look? Any suggestions? Your critiques are welcomed I appreciate all your help and if you have a website of your own please post it up maybe I can return the favor or we may all get good Ideas. Thankyou Cesar


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