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Needs of my customer Posted 5:57 PM on 10/05/10 - 

hi all, i am new here... sooooooooo i will try it. One of my challenge every day is that customers tell me that the patients do not like the blood glucose meters which my company produce. I tried in the past different ways like open questions (what is important for you?, what is important for your patients, which kind of things must have the product, how do you offer your patient our products and so one..). Sometimes i made goals with that, sometimes it seems that my customers are not really interest or know what they want or the patients of them... very frustrating for me. It seems often for me that they do not analyse or know what i they want and look at me with a huge question in the face to me... Sorry for my bad english, hope you will understand what i meant. Hope you will not to picky with the words i useeeee........


Best way to harvest referrals through client intr? Posted 11:41 AM on 10/05/10 - 

How can we help our clients that LOVE us share our services with ALL of their clients? What is the best way to help initiate a letter (or email) of introduction/recommendation from 'your' best referral clients? I have a few ideas I would like to discuss for feedback...


New to networking Posted 10:39 AM on 10/05/10 - 

I'm new to networking & the company I purchased my equipment from recommended a group. Has anyone ever been a member of BNI? How was your experience?


BNI Posted 1:33 PM on 11/10/10 - Reply to this post

Hi Donald, Not sure what area of the country you are in. I have belonged to a few in different areas of PA. Some are very good and some are a waste of time. It all depends on how well the group is organized, how they seek new members, and what their mission is and how they plan to execute it. One of the organizations has lead to leads, referrals and good of luck to you


Script to approach an association for a workshop Posted 7:03 PM on 10/01/10 - 

Hello everyone! I have started an "offline marketing business" firm, doing online marketing for businesses like doctors, clinics, roofing professionals, landscapists etc. I am new to this business, and more importantly I am a Greek who moved to London only in August 2010. In my effort to promote my services I approached associations in U.K. by telephone, offering to organise a "Google Secrets" workshop for their members to get leads. I only got rejections and I was wondering why. I am writing the dialogue between them and me below. Here it goes: Association of (whatever), can I help? Me: Goodmorning, can I ask you a quick question please? Her: Yes? Me: Hi my name is Savas, and I work for an internet marketing company called (name). Would it be possible to speak to someone from the marketing department please? Her: Yes, what's about? Me: We are interested in offering our services to your members and I was wondering if I could speak to a person from marketing regarding this. Her: Sure one moment I will put you through. Him: Hello how can I help? Me: Goodmorning, my name is Savas and I work for (name), we are an internet marketing firm, and we work with local business owners doing their online marketing. The reason I called you is to find out how we can offer our services to your members. We primarily thinking of organising a workshop with you, offering it to your members, a Google Big Secrets as a theme, that will basically teaches your members how to self promote their web site at no cost. If you are interested, let me tell you at this point that it will be no sales pitching at the seminar and we can price it and donate all profits to your oganisation. Him: I am sorry but we are not interested at this point, thank you. (Or another association: I am sorry, but we already do seminars (ok, understandable) and another one : sorry we do not do works shops. I would love to hear your thoughts about the above – what would you improve?


Follow-up Advice-Throw the Football AT him? Posted 3:10 PM on 10/01/10 - 

Over the past several months a colleague and I have been consistently following up with a decision-maker at a large, national company with local headquarters. First the colleague received an order from one of their managers, wanted to proceed, was referred to this gentleman, and never received a call back. I then faced the same issue (both managers contacted this person directly to say we would be calling, and followed up after as well). I found out he was a huge fan of his alma mater, and ordered two items from them. About 3 weeks ago I sent the first, which was a set of coasters with a humorous note about the more positive ways we like to "leave our mark". He responded with an email saying he was in a project but would call the next week to schedule something. I've now followed up 4 times to no avail. I still have a football from where he matriculated and was going to do something like attach a blank calendar to it, show up, and pass along a message about the ball being in his court, but I'm thinking there may be something more effective. Any suggestions?


Customer Follow Up Posted 1:15 PM on 10/09/10 - Reply to this post

I work to be efficient. If I smell a put off I confront the stink. It saves me time and over thinking and allows for the prospect to be comfortable in confronting me with the true reason for hesitation. Being creative is great in getting an initial response and worked in your scenario. This prospect is focused on something other than what you are offering, evident through a good initial response and lack of prospect follow through. In order to get his attention on you focused, the prospect must be jolted past the creative thought provoking strategy first employed that only attracted initial response w/ no follow up. Call the prospect to the plate with a Great Value Why! Like, Hey Mr.Prospect, you have yet to follow up with me as you promised you would. My offer brings _______ to your table and it would be a trajedy not utilize ____ to your profit. Respond quickly by ( all forms of comm ) and lets get profit working for you Now. Can't beat _________ working for you! Good Luck


Overcoming objection Posted 3:16 PM on 09/30/10 - 

I need some help and advise on overcoming an objection. I own a tile, stone and concrete cleaning company. I'm approaching fast food chains and I keep getting the response "We scrub our floors every night ourselves.". I worked in that industry when I was younger and know most do but I also know that you cannot tell a difference when your done and have tried using that to no avail. I really want to tell them "Yeah I can see that!" But I know that's to rude. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Wolfe

Overcoming Objection Posted 5:08 PM on 10/07/10 - Reply to this post

Donald, Go buy a Flip video. Record a happy customer of yours that said the same thing but then tried your service and now are thrilled with your results. Show that video to your prospects when they say that. Let your customers sell for you. Best wishes, Tom


thank you Posted 5:58 AM on 10/15/10 - Reply to this post

Thank you Tom. That's a great idea & I already have the video camera to do it. Just as soon as I get one of them that is telling me that to use our service I will make the video. Single stores aren't a problem, just the chains seem to have that response.

sales stricken

At my wit's end! Posted 12:47 PM on 09/30/10 - 

Ok folks, I know that Jeffrey would absolutely eat my lunch if he saw a post like this, but at what point should you accept that sales is not right for you???? I am a spot-on introvert in all aspects of my life, and took on the challenge of an industrial supply sales career right out of college, mainly because I felt that it could help me develop the people skills that I lacked. I've actually progressed in my career over 4 years to become the manager of a branch, but I still struggle EVERY SINGLE DAY with meeting and talking with current/prospective customers. It's almost like I've been lucky to get to the position I am in now. I've read Jeffrey's books and almost every other self-help article/book that's out there, but still do not have much success connecting and relating to customers, and I'm wondering if I simply lack the basic personality traits to be in sales. It's disheartening to see my colleagues developing great relationships with customers without hardly even trying, while it takes a whole lot out of me to simply pick up the phone or stop by to make a sales call. I'd hate give up four years of experience to try something else, but it's getting harder and harder to stay positive with every "NO" or "I need a quote" that I hear. Maybe someone out there has persevered through this same situation and can offer words of wisdom?? Happy selling!


At my wit's end! Posted 5:22 PM on 10/07/10 - Reply to this post

Sales Stricken, You wrote something very revealing: "...while it takes a whole lot out of me to simply pick up the phone...." Your mortal enemy in the profession of selling is prospecting Avoidance. You will never become the success you desire to be until you overcome your reluctance to prospect/develop relationships. Please understand this: You are not responsible for the outcome of attempting to start a conversation with another human being. You are only responsible for the behavior (attempt). You must continually try. My suggestion: Go buy Nick Murray's book: The Game of Numbers: Professional Prospecting for Financial Advisors. This book is about breaking down prospecting reluctance and gradually increasing your capacity to prospect. Best wishes, Tom


Stay Positive Posted 10:27 PM on 10/07/10 - Reply to this post

I think you need to step back and take an attitude of gratitude. You should feel grateful and honored to have a job and a great career for a great company. I know because I am an introvert also, and I have had to battle through my fears of public speaking and leading people, but through hard work and determination I was not going to be crippled by fear. You are letting fear over take your life. Have you read Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill? I know you have dreams and goals, do not let them fear stand in the way of your dreams and goals. Another Idea that helped me was when I realized sales was helping people not selling. When you have the attitude that you are there to help your customers, the sales will just happen and the money will just show up. That perspective takes off alot of pressure. Stay tough and stay positive!

sales noob

Help!! New to Sales. Posted 3:47 PM on 09/29/10 - 

I've started up a new business venture and I'm new to sales. I'm selling spa products (lotions, scrubs, butters etc) and I have been cold calling on spas in the past. What I have learned is that spa owners or decision makers are not happy with the interruption in their schedule and can be reluctant to see you. I am now unsure about how to proceed with a phone call to set up appointments. How should I approach the decision maker and how do I get to the decision maker??


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