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Title for new position Posted 12:06 PM on 08/25/10 - 

I am joining a new venture and my responsibilities will include: Selling Seminar Series, Sponsorship Packages, and booking speaking engagements. Wanting suggestions on the best title for this kind of position.

David Wilburn

Getting a new service business started Posted 11:06 AM on 08/24/10 - 

I recently opened an nationwide appraisal maangement company. I have 15 years experience in banking and the last two years I have been helping build the third largest private appraisal management company in the country. Our goal is to get banks to allow us to handle the residential appraisal process for them along with maintaining compliance with all of the new government regulations that go with it. I was very successful before as a sales rep but am having issues now with my own company. One of my problems is my business is kind of like that guy who is the last one to show at a party. Three years ago this business would have taken off like a rocket. Now banks are already setup with an AMC (appraisal management company) and they are not taking any new ones. Before, it was easy to get business because there were very few AMC's out there and banks were new to them. Now, there seems to be a company similiar to ours on every street corner. I know my business model is different because I am very familiar with this industry and I know what the other guys are doing, and more importantly, not doing. Going to the tradeshows is the quickest and most effective way to meet people and get in front of them. Since we do not have a tradeshow until late October I am lost on how I can market now. Cold calling is a huge waste of time but seems to be the only thing I can do right now until the tradeshow. Talk about sending a sales rep into an emotional roller coaster. Getting to talk to the right person is next to impossible. When I do get to the right person they seem to already have someone set up. Also, the fact that we are just a start up company kind of puts people off. I have agreed with my former employer not to mention my dealings with them so as not to pull from their clients. Point is, cold calling is efficient but not very effective. I just can't figure out what the heck I can do to boost sales NOW. I am open to any suggestions.


Follow-Up Posted 4:16 PM on 08/17/10 - 

Hi A first time customer called us to his office about 6 weeks ago. We thought he was ready to buy as he gave all the signals as he wanted an extended warranty and performance guarantee's. We left the office (about a 4 hour drive) thinking this was as good as gold. However, 6 weeks no order and now he won't return any phone calls. Any suggestions? We have the individuals supervisior. Should we call the general manager to find out what is going on? I would appreciate your feedback.

christopher hayward

follow up Posted 10:22 PM on 08/22/10 - Reply to this post

unfortunately if they do not call you back, they do not want to talk to you or about what you were selling. You should always leave a value based, constructive message. i have leaned one thing in business. Until you have his check or his order, nothing is ever certain and circumstances do change. if they still do not return your call, why not send a funny postcard from another place. Do not ask they again on the card about why they did not call back or change their minds. be funny and friendly. that's it. hang around yes people. life is beatiful

Travis "The Buzz" Quinlan

Name drop! Posted 9:22 AM on 08/23/10 - Reply to this post

Absolutely, name dropping is only for Hollywood Starlets. Give him a motivational message either by voice mail or email; drop the name of the GM or sup and say if you don't get back to us I'll check in with them as you seemed to have had this as a priority purchase and seem to have seen the value here. Then go after the GM or sup. Find out what is going on! It might be there benefit, as long as you have tact and are looking out for their interest before your own... they'll understand. :)


Follow up suggestion Posted 12:14 AM on 09/28/10 - Reply to this post

Try a hand written note, and mail it to his office. I always get a great response from this really catches their attention


Percent of talk time Posted 9:57 AM on 08/17/10 - 

I work for a company that sells ads in magazines across the country. I have 400 plus active clients year round. Sales are 100% over the phone. My sales director is fixated on the notion that we should achieve 40% talk time every day. He believes in it so much jobs have been threatened when they do not meet that goal. What are your thoughts about percent of talk time per day?


Percent of talk time Posted 3:56 AM on 09/23/10 - Reply to this post

Hi, in my oppinion percentages says nothing. There is only one truth: the results. If your results are not good, you have of course to follow the guidelines of your boss to improve. If you are the best in your group, you have the bonus to do it on your own style. If this is not accepted, just start your own show ... Regards from Belgium

Renee Williams

radio vs. social medai Posted 11:29 AM on 08/16/10 - 

Hi everyone. I am a Marketing Consultant Rock Star at a meduim market independant radio station group in the Midwest. We have been getting lots of questions lately from out local direct clients about using social media. Most of the business owners are thinking about dropping their radio branding strategies for the FREE, or not so FREE, social marketing forums. So, I've been tasked with giving a presentation for the staff tomorrow defending the use of traditional media (tv, radio) so that when we all run ibnto these questions on socail media, we are all ready. My recommendation is to continue with radio as a branding and awareness tool, and use socail media for couponing/sales and further developing relationships. Do any of you out there have any words of wisdom, facts or figures, examples, that I could use for the presentation????

Jesse Ofner

radio vs social media Posted 6:58 PM on 08/16/10 - Reply to this post

Traditional media is still the fastest and least expensive way to reach a large audience, vs social media a "conceivably" better way of reaching specific segments.

Lynn Lambrecht

Radio vs social media Posted 2:18 PM on 08/22/10 - Reply to this post

I hope your presentation went well. For future reference I would add that Social Media requires an opt-in from customers which means they are already familiar enough with the business/brand that they are willing to receive info. Advertising on their local radio station gives them the chance to get their message to "new" customers who have yet to discover them and is a good reminder/invitation to older customers who may have forgotten them.


How to get the budget Posted 7:43 AM on 08/10/10 - 

My question revolves around getting the budget. I sell residential painting and light carpentry service. I feel that it is important to understand my customer's budget but have found that if I ask "what is your budget" their answer 99% of the time is "I have no idea". I have also found in my experience that they prefer for me to propose a price first before they tell me what they're thinking. I feel that I am much more likely to get the budget when I explain to them why it's in their best interest (which I truly believe it is). I still struggle to get the budget sometimes. Any help is very much appreciated.

Elwin van Rijen

How to get the budget Posted 8:18 AM on 09/01/10 - Reply to this post

Try giving a price guideline whilst speaking with your customer. This will give you his/hers first impression if your first price is right. When they agree on this guideprice you know the budget and is it up to you to get their signed order. Good luck!


Trouble giving away Demonstrations Posted 1:30 PM on 08/09/10 - 

I own a small company that does restorative cleaning of tile & grout, natural stone and concrete. Recently we have started approaching the commercial market such as restaurants and other high traffic businesses. The need for our service is obvious in many cases. We offer a free Demo as an introduction to our service and in our residential market that usually sells our service but in the commercial market we seem to be hitting a roadblock of they need approval for a Demo from a District or regional manager, which is confusing to us, and will not give up contact information for them. Could someone give us some tips or advice on how to get past this? As the owner I am starting to feel bad for some of these places because after we approach them they try to clean it themselves and the floors look even worse.


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