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Work out a process Posted 5:26 AM on 08/10/10 - Reply to this post

You need to have a look at your sales process from start to finish. I assume in domestic it is 1) advertise free demo 2) do free demo 3) ask for order. In commercial you will have a more complex process. Something like 1)advertise FREE report/how to guide 2) Trade free report for some contact names 3) provide more value to contacts 3) offer free demo as trade for regional management contact 4) take photo/video with local testimonial 5) mail to regional manager 6) meeting regional manager and bid for trial contract 7) expand contract 8) follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. You would need to look at your cost in pre-sales to be sure this is worth doing. By the way, the best lead generation is networking not advertising.


Unsure of value & where to network Posted 10:36 AM on 08/10/10 - Reply to this post

Thanks, we acutally just did a DVD but don't have any commercial testimonials to include yet. I have a question about value. We are haveing trouble figureing out value points to point out to customers. We have only come up with a few such as; saveing time, money and providing their customers with a clean atmosphere. I know Mr. Gitomer pointed out that saving money is wearing thin so that knocks out one point. We can't seem to figure out what other points are value points for our business. I have been looking at networking but there are so many groups I don't know which one's would be best to reach the market we want to reach. What is the best way to figure out what gourps to join to reach restaurants and foodmarts?


Value of cleaning Posted 2:58 PM on 08/13/10 - Reply to this post

For value, make a list of the benefits a clean restauarnt, and an external vendor brings an operator. Happier Guests and Employees. Workers not tired from staying late or coming early. Managers and employees have more time to do core value work ie cook and serve Guests.


Need help w/ Direction! Posted 3:32 PM on 07/14/10 - 

Okay guys I came to the Gitomer forum because I needed some of the best sales professionals opinions. I recently have graduated from college(2 months ago) with my undergrad in marketing. While in the last two years of college my roommate and I begun learning the trade of internet marketing. After graduation we wanted to get in local internet marketing. So we have joined the local chamber of commerce, a lead swap club, and will be conducting seminars shortly. My problem is that I am having so much trouble getting in front of qualified customers and then getting them to buy. My city is around 60,000 people and is now getting heavily into social media. I am also having trouble displaying the value of my service. What my service does is help your website rank 1st for your target keywords on search engines such as google,yahoo, bing, and etc. So not only do they find any value, they are having trouble with the idea of spending the most minimum amount for this service. Ex: Last week I got in front of the marketing director of an orthodontist group. She completely understood the value of my service before even meeting with her. Her company(owns a lot more than just 1 office) is currently buying a service similar too mine with some of their other offices. I just need some direction guys. I believe I have the greatest service but don't know what i'm doing wrong. I'm just worried at this rate my company will bleed to death before I can make some sales. How would you guys attempt this challenge? Some of my other worries is that: I'm going to keep spinning my wheels to my free seminars about internet marketing and etc. and not having any real buyers show up that has the cash-flow to purchase. Thanks, Adam

Alper Basaran

The only direction is UP! Posted 11:08 AM on 07/15/10 - Reply to this post

Hi Adam, I suspect you have a problem getting your ideas (thus value) to the oder side of the table. From your mail I would also imagine that you might need to work on your written communication. If the competiton can write more professional mails or have a way of conveying their message more clearly and more efficiently then this might be the reason you're in trouble. Another point holding you down could be your age... Going back to the competion idea; if they have a salesperson who's 30 or 40 then you might appear inexperienced or the customer might have a problem trusting you. Just saying, please don't take it personnaly. So; you'll need to find a way to convey your message more efficiently and with more emphasis on the value you provide AND find out if your age is a problem. Experience: I've done over 30 seminars throughout my country for an overall number of 650+ people anbout software sales and this is the last place I'd suggest you to start. They cost money, time and specially in small communities if the first can't deliver, attendees will become a scarce ressource. If you haven't already you can buy "The Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching" buy the fabulous Gitomer to get an idea about the sales process. I see you're VERY motivated and REALLY believe in your service but, as you would guess, the important part is to get the prospect on board. I'm sure you'll get there quickly but you should take time to read... and please postpone the seminars a little.


Need help w/ Direction! Posted 1:37 AM on 07/18/10 - Reply to this post

Alper, Thank you so much for your reply. Sometimes it's so difficult trying to find the right people to talk too about sales/business problems.I will definitely take all of your great advice and direction to heart. I would love to get a chance to talk to you more . My e-mail is Thanks again, Adam

BrandOne Marketing

Need help w/Direction. Posted 10:41 PM on 07/20/10 - Reply to this post

OK, my guess is that your prospects don't really believe you can do what you claim. Let's face it: SEO companies are all over the internet, and number 1 ranking claims are a dime a dozen. And there's so much crapola being sold online, it can make anyone's stomach turn. Job number one for you should be to build credibility. Case studies, testimonials and similar stories can go a long way in this direction. Why not do some pro bono work for a non profit to get some winning results under your belt? Start sharing some of your expertise in a blog or on social media. After that, consider some highly targeted direct mail that is directed toward defined audiences. If you *really* can do what you say, it won't take long for the word to get out.


Need help w/ Direction! Posted 12:42 PM on 07/22/10 - Reply to this post

BrandOne Marketing, Thank you so much for your reply. I will also take this information you've given me and run with it as well. I actually have our local Chamber of Commerce member directory in my lap at this moment to look for a non profit to do some pro bono work for. How important is direct mail? And how do you target your direct mail campaigns? Once I have testimonials and etc. is direct mail still a valid way of generating customers? Thank you so much for your response,

Jeff Blair

Go the social media way Posted 11:52 PM on 08/06/10 - Reply to this post

I applaud your efforts to reach out and ask for help! SEO rankings are not the most critical marketing points for a business any longer, in my opinion. What matters is direct marketing efforts that are felt in a shorter space of time. Word of mouth buzz for a business can do more for their sales in a sort space of time than SEO rankings could do over a much longer space of time. I would add to your offerings and help company's through the use of social media (I call this Biz Media). Become an expert with linkedin, twitter, and facebook and show business leaders how they can profit through their presence on these outposts. Take your orthodontist marketing director for example, develop their profile on social media and offer to keep it current. You'll gain instant credibility with the whole group. Develop this concept and bring it back to every business that turned you down previously.

Pat McCann

One Trick Pony won't win the race Posted 6:04 PM on 09/21/10 - Reply to this post

Seems to me you are trying to sell "one size fits all" without asking prospects what their needs are. You're convinced SEO/SEM is great, but the audience isn't. Have you ever seen a store or consultant who offers only one product? IMO you need to become knowledgeable about other ways to market businesses. As another poster mentioned, social media is hot. So are mobile, texting and online videos. Direct mail, TV and promotional approaches still have value. Spend time learning (or team with an expert) about other awareness/lead generating activities. Then ASK your prospects what they are doing & how it's working. Offer to clarify the confusing fragmented media market and present services that target their market segments and fulfill their perceived needs. Hope you are able to make it work!


I'm already under contract! Posted 2:38 PM on 07/07/10 - 

I'm in pest control sales and I run into a lot of commercial prospects that say that they are under contract with another company. What do I need to do and say to overcome this problem.

Alper Basaran

contracts end, relationships last Posted 7:51 AM on 07/14/10 - Reply to this post

There's more to do than to say. But first you have to be sure you have an advantage compared to their current contract. And, as we all know, price is NOT an advantage. So you have to be able to understand first what benefits you provide them compared to their current contract. Once you've established that you can points these out but, beware, this will not result in an immediate order. Besides the other company might have sold them a yearly contract from which they can't bail without loosing money. If you can put forward concrete advantages and you're sincere in your approach you might get the deal at the end of their current contract. In this case you have to see if renewing their current contract has a price advantage over buying a new one from you... tricky one but not impossible... and please keep this a clean fight.


Bugs Posted 5:06 PM on 07/21/10 - Reply to this post

I like the idea of determining the remainder of the contract with current provider. Also see if you can serve the remainder of the contract at no additional cost if they agree to try you for a year. This could be a good way to get your foot in the door.


radio sales Posted 5:02 PM on 07/04/10 - 

Does anyone else work in radio sales? My Sales Manager insists that the ONLY method of prospecting is "Just listen to other radio stations. When you hear something new, call them." Those 13 words are the only training he has provided in 7 months. He answers every question by reminding me that he's already told me what to do. We haven't had a sales meeting this year. I've made no money, and I'm looking for another job. I can't believe all radio stations are like this. Am I crazy or is he?


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