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Ed Norris

I need help writing effective e-mails Posted 6:50 AM on 07/13/10 - Reply to this post

i bought the book email selling techniques give it a go

Alper Basaran

there's no such a thing as effective e-mail Posted 11:15 AM on 07/13/10 - Reply to this post

I could suggest using short sentences and words you know well to avoid any problems. Punctuation seems also important for some people. Try to organize the text so that the point you want to stress stays in the last sentence so it'll be what they'll remember. Keep in mind that there's a great chance the recipient will read the mail on the blackberry trying to catch a taxi while lighting his cigarette and thinking about the hotty in accounting so he might not care at all :)


1X Closes Posted 3:01 PM on 06/17/10 - 

I am currently working for a printing company in inside sales. They are mailing out a brochure to select franchises and then I am to call on them. The owner thinks I should have made more sales by now. (Next week I will have been here 3 months.) I am trying to introduce myself and build rapport and get information as to their marketing efforts. How should I handle these calls to make a 1X close?


1x sales Posted 8:58 AM on 06/19/10 - Reply to this post

Stop visiting and start closing. One of the most frequent mistakes I see is when salespeople fail to ask for the sale. At the end of every conversation ask if they're ready to buy. If not, find out why and take care of the objection.


Building Rapport Posted 5:10 PM on 06/24/10 - Reply to this post

I've had incredible luck using GoldMail for what you're trying to do, it allows you to do a voice over powerpoint and then send to prospects via email. Here is message to view....


Success Story Posted 2:32 PM on 06/16/10 - 

I had been calling on a customer for almost two years and after sending a few quotes without feedback or responses, he called me with an order to give my company a shot. So like any good sales person, I sent a Thank You and he replied with another order worth four times that amount! Moral of the story: Persistence is important but thank you can really go a long way. Go get 'em.


Success Story Posted 8:54 AM on 07/06/10 - Reply to this post

Amen to that...I've been commended over the past 9+ years from clients on my "tenacity" vs. "being pushy". There's a huge difference.

Brian Bontomase

Successful Circumstances Posted 9:55 AM on 05/28/10 - 

Attitude is Everything!!! A couple days ago in my travels, I came across a old railroad bridge that had a train speeding by. I had a bad feeling about crossing underneath it but, decided to go anyway. Next thing I heard was CRRRRRRACK!!! I rock had just busted my windshield. Shattering it!!!! I had glass all over me!! Yet I wasn't too upset. For some reason I had a calmness about it. About an hour or so later I made a sale! I simply joked about it! They laughed and I got the check! On another note...The day afterwards I got the windshield fixed and met an old friend that I hadn't seen in a while. (Would have never met him had this not happened for he was the one that fixed my windshield)! Anyhow, the rest of the day was filled with frustrations! One after another! Then my car broke down! I had literally had it!!! I called the wrecker up which I am good friends with. While picking me up he asked me if I was still working for Crescent Processing (a credit card processor). I said yes and he said we may end up switching to you! He has 3 businesses! Moral of the story...Our circumstances will lead us to places we never dreamed of! My question to you is, are you ready for the opportunity when it comes so that you can see it and take advantage of it? No matter how frustrated you get throughout your day, keep your eyes open! Opportunities are all around us!!! Go get em!


Seize the moment. Posted 3:07 PM on 07/17/10 - Reply to this post

Locked my keys in my pick-up when fairly new to industrial lube sales. Called towing service that did un-locks and I ended up selling them oil , grease and fuel treatment for their fleet and the owner's hot rod. Like the man be said " Opportunity can come out of any situation, be prepared to capitalize on it".

David Borgmann

Video Testimonials--How to produce? Posted 5:06 PM on 05/26/10 - 

Mr. Gitomer recommends getting client testimonials preferrably in video form. My clients are all over the country, has anyone used the video testimonial? what is the best way to produce the video? does it need to be a professional grade camera or can it just be a simple one that most families have? Do I hire a company to go to their office to get high grade video or do I just ask the client to have his assistant video it on an owned video camera? any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks. David


try a flip Posted 9:53 AM on 06/07/10 - Reply to this post

buy a flip recorder- few hundred dollars and hire no one, do it yourself,ask your clients why they buy from you and film them, be funny and relaxed.flips connect right to youtube easy.

David Borgmann

Video references Posted 5:14 PM on 06/17/10 - Reply to this post

Do you have examples on your website that I could see or direct me to your youtube videos? Any visual of how this should look would be helpful.

Selling for Green

Green Opportunity Struggles Posted 10:39 AM on 05/26/10 - 

We have a great company, have a great environmental and economically conscientious product and I love all the roles I have done with this company! I have recently moved inot sales, have a great well rounded background in all other facets of the company from Logistics to Marketing. The traditional sales staff we have used has been highly technical, more tech support than sales. I am the first of my kind within the company and alot is expected. We sell a green product that has been growing like gangbusters, I have inhereted a regional full of dealer drama and contempt, sales are flat and our dealers whom we distribute to are less than energetic, content to ride out the 'economic downturn', and suspicous of me and our company, the relationship was left to flounder by the exiting salesman, so I get to work with a blank slate that has GROWTH written all over it. There is oodles and oodles of money out there to be made. I am extrelmy energetic and happy to assit in any way posible, but I struggle with the best way to get technical trades aware of their opportunities. My question: How do you impress upon long standing fiercly independant businesses the opportunities they are missing without coming across preachy?

Jeff Blair

Ace of Sales Posted 10:43 PM on 05/21/10 - 

Ace of Sales is hands down the best way to build a loyal customer base. Spend your time making sales, not entering data!


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