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Paul Skolaski

Ace of Sales Posted 8:58 AM on 06/04/10 - Reply to this post

Morning Jeff. Tell me where to go to see what this is.


Ace of Sales Posted 1:17 AM on 06/06/10 - Reply to this post has all the info.

Jeff Blair

Ace of Sales Posted 10:30 AM on 06/15/10 - Reply to this post

Hi Paul, did you check out e-mail me if you want to discuss at


Phone - Gaining Trust Posted 1:02 PM on 05/20/10 - 

I have been selling payment processing services for about 2 years now, via the phone. I have no face to face interaction with the customer as they are all over the map. We have agreements with many different national associations with which we are able to provide them a great rate, based upon the huge relationship with have with the association as a whole. That being said, our rate can be beat and the business owners don’t necessarily have to sign up with us. I’ve recently started working on a team that works solely with merchant in the lodging industry. These people can be very difficult to get in touch with and there is typically a huge trust barrier in the beginning, because other companies pound them with offers everyday of the week. When I call these people, I always mention the name of the relationship I’m calling on behalf of. With some people, that immediately gives me a little bit of credibility and with others, they could care less. My question is, how do I better leverage our relationship with the organization as a whole? And how do I do that in a matter of a very short amount of time? I normally have about 15-30 seconds of time to get their attention. If I don’t accomplish that, they will either hang up on me or just say “not interested.” Thanks

Travis "The Buzz" Quinlan

Warm is better than frigid Posted 2:21 PM on 06/29/10 - Reply to this post

Use warm referals rather than cold referals... for example. I'm going to stop typing to you and let you speak with my coworker here so you can sell him/her your service after you've sold me. Get conference calls going between your prior sale and your new referal.


Voicemail Jail Posted 8:51 PM on 05/17/10 - 

Does anyone have a creative voicemail that gets people's attention. I call a small amounts of prospects who never answere their phone (not once in over a year) and I am looking for suggestions to get their attention. These are big companies and probably getting at least 10 or 15 people a day!


Voicemail response idea Posted 12:31 PM on 06/08/10 - Reply to this post

Try something like this...."Jean, this is Sean from ABC company. I've tried to reach you several times. I know you're very busy and your time is valuable. I was just trying to get an idea if I should still call you an follow up on our previous conversation. I'll send you an e-mail this afternoon. If you could please respond with when I could look for a decision, that would be much appreciated. Thanks again.


Voicmail Jail Posted 10:57 PM on 08/17/10 - Reply to this post

First as in any customer contact, their agenda is not your agenda, always think like this, "what if I were in their shoes". Second, If they don't know you from a load of coal, you have to give them something they can relate to, for example if your company does buisness with some household name firms let them know this up front, hi this is Sean you don't know me from a load of coal though we do business with the following clients (xyz, abc, 123, etc) I'd like to meet with you to share how we've helped these folks reach their goals, etc.


Sales education & motivation Posted 7:29 AM on 04/28/10 - 

Improving at the art of selling Jeffrey thanks for the materials that you have made available to all of us. I have several of your bppks The Little GOld Book of Yes, The Little Red Book of Sales ANswers & my Favorite THE SALES BIBLE. I have taken a new idea, technique or attitude & applied it each day with excellent results. I have a conficence now that even when I've been told no we're going with your competition in many cases I was able to win the business. I'd also like to mention an EXCELLENT motivational video 212 The extra degree. FOr those of you who haven't seen it you owe it to yourself to view it online, it's free. I have NO interest in this video or anything related to it other than knowing you will be inspired. Lastly I'd like to share the best advice I was ever given pertaining to sales & that is you always need to maintain your optimum prospect base. As you win or loose prospects replace them right away.

Bryan Cardarelli

Door to Door Selling Posted 10:29 AM on 04/26/10 - 

Jeffrey I first really want to THANK YOU for continuing to give to the sales community through your discipline(s)of writing and coaching are a great mentor who has brought value to us and continues to do so. I watche your YouTube video on giving In my recruitment and running of a Door to Door sales company ....I am really wanting to help the sale team succeed > With our selling(seperate divisions) wireless mobil internet,satelite TV, and security systems; am really needing help to creat "give value ideas . What do you suggest as the types of value based propositions would fit that Door to Door sales environment? Thanks for your help and your legacy (brand) Bryan C.

Stewart Hilton

calling back Posted 2:52 PM on 04/20/10 - 

My main sales experience is from the music sales field, mainly inside sales. Right now I am working for a different industry and am learning. I will say it is along advertising sales. Here is the issue. How long to wait before doing a follow up call. Have the conversation, prospect is interested but looking into his company to see if there is any co-op $$$. Said he would CB same day. We didn't hear back. Do I call the next day, wait for him to call or call the 2nd day from first meeting? My current employer has a tendency to want to wait where my experience says don't wait too long, get on the phone and call/follow-up. Also, if a prospect calls but doesn't leave message, do you CB same day or wait? Like I said, what my experience says appears to be different than my current boss. Who is correct and who do I follow? Thanks

Lynn Lambrecht

Calling Back Posted 8:28 PM on 04/26/10 - Reply to this post

It has been my experience in advertising sales that it's best to set a call back time before you end the first meeting. Ask, 'how much time do you think you will need to find an answer?' and offer to call back at that time. Also, when dealing with coop advertising, I have found many business owners don't like to spend the time researching it. Offer to do that for them and you'll have a client for life!


Quality vs Low Price Posted 5:41 PM on 04/19/10 - 

Dear Jeffrey, I have often the following problem with customers who are new to our services, that is, marketing research. Generally, I like to work with "fresh" clients but sometimes I can see they have no idea how to choose a vendor. In our industry, it is ALWAYS possible to give a lower price, for poorer quality. But this is not always evident for the untrained eye. An experienced client knows it is dangerous to buy from vendors who offer prices below some reasonable level. But what about a client who wants to do their first research project ever and spend SOOO much money? Now, how can I defend the value of my proposal without blaming my competition or accusing them of being dishonest (which they are, in extreme cases)? Last time, even a strong referral was not enough.


. Posted 5:41 AM on 05/31/10 - Reply to this post

Customers do not like to be taught. Differentiate yourself from your competition and bring out the reasons why your service or product are better.


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