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story or dirty laundry? Posted 10:46 PM on 04/15/10 - 

hi friends, i am a bit confused. I am with korean water purifier manufacturers, I am selling water and air purifiers, on rental also. Bidets also. My question is: If i tell customer problems i faced skin problems in past and how pure drinking water helped me, it becomes a story right? so stories are engaging, but same time it sounds like i am bragging about my problems i had, which is not good also... so what should i do? thanks.


relevance Posted 5:36 AM on 05/31/10 - Reply to this post

Only bring this up if the customer has a similar story your own can relate to (thus establishing JG's "Link"). Otherwise you are boring the customer as he, unless you have already established a solid relationship with him, will not want to listen to stories about you.


Need help!! Posted 9:35 PM on 04/13/10 - 

What would you do if you had no materials, not even a business card, and selling B2B, what would be your strategy. Oh, and I'll have the floor to speak for about 2-5 minutes. I've just basically been thrown in that position for tomorrow. I know if Zig Ziglar or Gitomer was in my shoes he could most likely pull it off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


numbers' game Posted 11:01 AM on 04/14/10 - Reply to this post

if u dont have materials, no buziness card and selling b2b, and not enough time to speak...then touch maximum numbers of customers, and follow up who seems interested in your proposals. The more customers you will bug, the more chances you would have to reach prospective customer.goodluck


Another new saleswoman needs advice Posted 7:17 PM on 04/13/10 - 

I just recently began my job as a sales person and am trying my luck with cold calling, or should I say lack of luck. I can completely understand why cold calling rarely works and even hate it when others cold call on me. My question is, how do I build a network to obtain referrals being so fresh in this business? How do I create a referral based business? Any suggestions?


earn respect Posted 11:07 AM on 04/14/10 - Reply to this post

cold calling is very common, you must say something which is different and helps you to isolate you from competition. Once you get attention of customer, ask quality questions so you can earn respect from customer, once you build up rapport, go for relationship building, get involve with customers like a family member and referrals will start droping on your lap. goodluck.


Start with Your Value Proposition Posted 5:44 PM on 04/17/10 - Reply to this post

Start with your Value Proposition: When people buy your product, what are they buying (and it's probably very different from what you sell). Why are they buying it? What problems does your product/service solve for people? (This thought process is more difficult than it appears). Seek to truly understand your product's value from your customers' perspective. The objective of the cold call is to get an appointment. nothing more. During the cold call you have a few seconds. Convey the value. Provide credibility by mentioning one of your well-known clients. regarding referrals: THink about other companies who have the same customers as yours. Develop a relationship with those people. Send them referrals and soon they will be sending you referrals. Dave


Building a network Posted 7:13 AM on 04/28/10 - Reply to this post

I would reccomend you identify Centers of Influence "COI's) for your Industry & focus on them. If you can win over the COI you should be able to generate a steady stream of prospects. Even more importantly, doing an effective presentation with the COI these prospects will be pre-qualified. Good luck, go get em!

Richard Wolfe

New to sales Posted 10:20 AM on 07/10/10 - Reply to this post

BNI, You may have heard of them. It is a referral networking group of 15 or more people with no competition, if you get in first in your industry. It has helped me to get the word out and build referral alliances that work! Good Luck!


BNI Posted 7:49 PM on 07/18/10 - Reply to this post

BNI generally works for real estate agents, insurance agents and mortgage brokers. My experience with BNI wasn't all that positive.


New saleswoman needs advice Posted 9:52 PM on 04/06/10 - 

I am a recent college graduate and have been doing sales for about 9 months. I started doing business to business sales for a telecom comapny that had me cold calling 60-80 doors a day. I did extremely well hitting or exceeding my quota each month. However the last couple months I was there I missed my quota because I was burnt out. To make a long story short I have a new job and love it and due to the fact that its a small company and I don't have a quota dangling over my head, however I tend to be my own worst enemy because I am always putting constant pressure on myself. When I am closing deals I am on a complete high, however when I am not I get extremely frustrated and question my skills. I know I won't always be closing deals, but any advice for not worrying so much and just realizing that their are going to be moments that things don't go the way you want. How do you deal with this??? I love sales and know I am good at it...but I am tired of always worrying about what if I don't do x this month or the next month am I still going to have a job?


Hope this helps Posted 10:16 AM on 04/07/10 - Reply to this post

I think the situation you describe is a normal part of working in sales, and working for others in general. But look at it this way - at least you have "some" control over your own destiny. Everyone who works at a company has to live with the worry of "will my job be here tomorrow" but very few of them can do a great deal to impact the outcome. And everyone has to deal with having a bad day from time to time. The difference is you have more control over your situation. Not total control, but more than many other types of employees. I see that as a positive.

Joe, forever optimist

Re: new saleswoman Posted 12:00 PM on 04/07/10 - Reply to this post

Nicole, Take a look at post about 6-7 down the list. I have been in sales a while and I am frustrated and struggling. You are in a great spot if you have a position without a lot of quotas and you can sell and develop your relationships without the fear that if you don't hit a number this month or this quarter you are out the door! Granted, you want to make money, that's probably why you got into sales. Or maybe like me, you enjoy helping people, resolving problems or providing solutions! Don't beat yourself up if you have a bad month or so. It happens. Not everyone is going to say yes; you have to be able to handle rejection, and as Jeffrey's quiz said, find out why you were rejected and make changes. Keep a positive attitude, remember your successful sales every day as a reminder that you are successful, and you should do fine!


Thanks Ken Posted 2:45 PM on 04/07/10 - Reply to this post

Thanks Ken...I really appreciate the advise. I am very new to sales and just want to be the best I can be. I just hope there are others out there like me who get frustrated. happy selling.


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