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New saleswoman needs advice Posted 7:18 AM on 04/28/10 - Reply to this post

AFter 20 years in sales I still have the same issue as you have described, however I can now use it as motivation. I take each hegative step as a count towards a close. In other words I know that it will take me about 15 calls to get a "good" appointment & 10 appointments to get a bonafide prospect, & 3 prospects for a close. WIth each NO I literally keep a tab & know that I'm that much closer to the HIGH of that YES!

Tom W

New saleswoman needs advice Posted 5:38 PM on 10/07/10 - Reply to this post

Nicole, You have control over one thing only: making the attempt. You do not have control over the outcome. Make as many attempts as you can with the right people and do not worry. Tom W


Gifts to Prospects Posted 11:04 AM on 04/06/10 - 

While pursuing business with a prospect, is it appropriate to give them a token gift when they visit your plant/factory. And what could be such a gift. Thanks


It Depends Posted 7:13 PM on 04/10/10 - Reply to this post

The answer will vary depending upon the customs of your country. I think that here in the USA it is not expected.


Hotel voucher Posted 11:09 AM on 04/14/10 - Reply to this post

a 2 days/1 night hotel stay voucher. Though its a quite old style gift for such buziness visitors but still people dont mind to take it.


Scripted Cold Calling Posted 1:08 AM on 04/06/10 - 

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I recently started an inside sales position for Apex Communications Inc., a dealer for the Canadian Communications company Telus. It's a perfect position for me as the company values long term relationships with our clients as opposed to the "here and now" experience one usually has when shopping for cell phones. We have an expected amount of 'scripted and recorded' cold/warm calls to complete every month. While I have no fear of the phone, I feel slightly uncomfortable speaking from a script while being recorded and reviewed. I know this will pass with time, but the value of those first few months' calls will be impacted during that 'confidence building' process. Does anyone have any advice on how to make a scripted call sound natural and genuine? as well as tips on getting all the 'jitters' out quickly?


Hope This Helps Posted 2:22 AM on 04/08/10 - Reply to this post

If you simply read right from a script it is extremely difficult not only to sound but to be natural and genuine. In "The Little Red Book of Selling" Jeffrey makes the key piont that you people don't want to be sold, they want to buy and people buy from people they like because if they like you they trust you which means they'll buy from you. I have tried to apply this with every customer I talk to. I think of a script as like a map to a road trip. There's a starting point and a final destination but most of the fun and memories come from the detours in between. I recommend practically memorizing your script(s). If you know them in and out then you're less likely to sound like you're reading from them. Don't be so focused on getting to the final destination. Take a little detour from the script now and then and make it memorable or fun for the customer by just having a conversation and taking an interest in whatever they want to talk or tell you about. Your customers will become more comfortable with you, which leads to them liking you more, which leads to trust, and then they will buy from you. Most of the time if you can get your customers talking they will talk themselves out of any objections they have or they will tell you what will make them buy. About the 'jitters', if your like me I don't know that you'll ever completely get over them but when it comes to cold/warm calls I take a deep breath and remind myself not to get worked up over a sale I didn't have to begin with.


Franchise Sales Help Posted 5:15 PM on 03/31/10 - 

I love reading your emails and books. Most of the information seems to be focused on selling a product or service which is great, but I am in franchise sales. I have a hard time utilizing some of your suggestions when I am selling a new lifestyle, not a product. Any suggestions on getting the franchise lead to take the final leap?


lifestyle is a product Posted 5:16 AM on 09/28/10 - Reply to this post

I do believe that new lifestyle is a product. And the best way to sell a product is to demonstrate how easy it is to use it, and dissipate all risk. Try getting some video testemonials on people who already changed their life style, and have them talk about the risk they took and the fears they had before they did. Reach to your prospects demonstrating that you understand them and show you are on their side.


Disconnected dissision makers Posted 12:25 PM on 03/29/10 - 

I'm not exactly sure how to pose this question. Our company cleans Tile & Grout, Natural stone and concrete. We started doing residential work and our customers started suggesting we should go to different restaurants, food marts and other places they go to because they were really bad. We have visited these locations and can see a major need for our services and in most cases the General Managers also would like our services. Some we have been able to work with on how we bill so they can have it done without seeking approval. Most tell us we have to talk to the corporate office and when we do the people we need to speak with are so out of touch they don't have any idea how the floors should look let alone how they actually look. Many fast food restaurants use safety tile and we have had managers complain to us that it is like trying to mop concrete. We always offer a free demo as that tends to make many of our sales but we can't seem to be able to get decision makers out to a location for a demo. We would love to have testimonials from our commercial customers but they are to embarrassed at how bad they let their floors get where families come and kids get on the floor. Any thoughts or advice on how to approach this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Chandila Fernando

The Written Word Posted 5:02 AM on 03/29/10 - 

The power of the written word is simply exceptional. In our case it is the key to long term relationships. Thanks to Jeffrey, the term "Elephant BALLS" is now more appropriate for the way we win work. Long life Jeffrey.. In sales we do TRUST ! Kind Regards, Chandila Fernando


New/Old Sales Rep, struggling, Advice Posted 3:16 PM on 03/23/10 - 

Kelly's entry on 3/12 for New Sales Rep Advice got me thinking, for new or experienced sales reps. I have been in sales for about 15 years. First was inside sales/ customer service. But Outside sales, mostly B2B for the last 10 years. Anyway, I liked what Kelly had to say about persistance and persuasive. I find myself in a career questioning state, as I have struggled the last 3 years in meeting company quotas. One job about 3 years ago I left for another opportunity. Then I was recently let go for failing to meet a quota. Something that new sales reps need to be aware of, especially working for large companies ... if you're not selling, you're out the door. In my case, I did everything right as far as the job training, prospecting, relationship selling, etc. My manager even told me he didn't want to let me go, thought I was the right kind of persomn for the job, but it was just a numbers thing, company standard, etc. I think I would be more suited to a customer service or account manager position, something without quotas but where customer relation skills will be appreciated. Anyone have any ideas!!??


You Decide Tomorrow Posted 4:24 AM on 03/30/10 - Reply to this post

Hi Joe, My name is Nicole I was so happy that I found this Forum tonight. I read your post and wanted to respond as I have some understanding on this issue. I worked in corporate America for almost 5 years and ran into similar issues. I was a sales and marketing manager for 2 large hotel corporations and you said it if you don't make quotas you are out the door. It is a difficult time we are in with the economy always taking downturns, but yet there are individuals thriving. About 2 years ago I came to a fork in the road. I made the decision to go into business for myself and I have not looked back since. Because of that decision I have never been happier. Happier for many reasons, I no longer had to meet a quota and I no longer had to worried about working so hard only to get kicked out the door. I wanted to have life on my terms, I wanted to be able to have freedom and more time with my family, but most of all I wanted to help other people come to the same realization that I had, help them find there passion and realize their true value. When I figured our that I had a choice it had such a huge impact on my life. I strongly believe that it is imperative to get involved with something you are passionate about. Sounds like you are looking for something where you will feel appreciated for the hard work and effort that you put in. The decisions we make today will decide what our tomorrow will look like. The awesome thing is that we all have the ability to design our own life, and we can at anytime choose to be everything we have always wanted to be. I am living proof of that. =) Feel free to contact me if you would like my e-mail address is: Speak to you soon my friend, -Nicole


Defy,tell your challenges "give me your best shot" Posted 12:53 PM on 04/07/10 - Reply to this post

You have a challange, now you have to decide first before getting into it or out of it, that "you want to defy it or you want to be chicken and get some like jeffery says 'selling stamps' job" what you gonna do joe?? If you are not good at it, you can learn to be good at it, if fullfilling quotas or targets getting over you, can you be strong enough to get over them?? i define, its not about how hard you can hit, but its about how hard u can hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and take and keep moving forward... Joe, you can do it, you can. gluck.


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