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Targetting the right prospects Posted 10:05 PM on 03/20/10 - 

Hy there, l´m selling a membership in the Vacation Clubs industry which happens to be the best one I know of; this is not a traditional time share. This can be used 365 days a year; we have our own members only travel agency; and many other great benefits. I am new in this area and I am having trouble to locate and target the right public since I work in a big city, not in a touristic beach. How can I locate and target the right public for such a membership?


MAN Posted 12:02 PM on 03/29/10 - Reply to this post

hi mannie, follow 'MAN' Money, Authority, Need. The person you find these three in, thats your prospect, otherwise suspect. In order to find, you must prepare questions in such a way that customer dont feel offended answering you. Contact People as many as you can. goodluck


'i need to think or discuss' whats next?, & lies? Posted 1:59 AM on 03/20/10 - 

after 'i need to think or discuss' whats next should do? Damage already done, there something wrong i did, like didnt create enough rapport or trust, but its done. But some times, customers are happened to be stubborn enough or naturewise reserve so dont tell real reason. My question is, Whats next??? Should i turn down my laptop screen, start talking somethin else and get far away from buziness or start questioning, what should i do?? if i ask, is it price or credibility, it wont work because even customers says no, its all fine, even then at this point customer will remain what do i do? My second problem: Customers saying lies on my face, sighning up and then when i call those numbers, rong numbers, i had so many cancellations like that in last 2 weeks, What should do about this, what mistakes can be, because of which its happening? Please help, thanks.


New Sales Rep Advice Posted 12:03 AM on 03/12/10 - 

I need advice! I am a 23 year old female, recently graduated from college with a marketing degree. My work experience entails sales in retail and a great amount of customer service. I am in the hiring process for a sales rep position and have been spending a lot of time trying to decide if I am the right fit. While I know I am extremely confident and work great under pressure, I am also very afraid of the harsh attitude that sales reps often experience. I went and got tons of books from the library because I want to learn as much as I can about the industry and the best ways to succeed.I am very open to learn and WANT to learn. I am extremely driven but I am definitely not cut throat. I work extremely hard but I wouldn't call myself aggressive though I would say I am persuasive and persistent. I just am afraid that it will chew me up and spit me out. Is the sheer fact that I am questioning it enough to say I am not strong enough? I feel like I could be but honestly, I am terrified.


The perfect combination Posted 4:41 PM on 03/13/10 - Reply to this post

"Persistent but not aggressive"... That sounds like the perfect combination to me. The world of sales has changed a lot in the past few years. The hard-sell cutthroat salesman of old is a dinosaur. Start googling 'relationship selling' and 'consultive sales'. Good sales professionals today know that all they have is their trust and integrity. Adopt the attitude that you are building long-term high-trust relationships with your clients and your job is to HELP THEM BUY and you will do well. DaveB

Barry K

New Sales Rep Advice Posted 12:47 AM on 03/14/10 - Reply to this post

You don't need to be cut throat at all, just prepared & persistent. If you're prepared you'll know what questions to ask & the right qiestions are the path to a YES! Also learn not to take rejection personally, but absolutely DO take the successes personally! There is nothing to fear, the worst that could happen is you get a big fat "NO". Remember it takes a certain number of NO's to get to the YES so actually a NO can be a good thing. The sale is made by listening, not talking at least that's my opinion. Just like a good lawyer doesn't ever ask a question he doesn;t already know the answer to, the same is true for a good sales person. GOOD LUCK!


Re: New Sales Rep Advice Thanks! Posted 12:48 AM on 03/16/10 - Reply to this post

I really appreciate the advice. It has definitely made me feel much more confident and excited to get started. Thank you so much!


Your doing great! Posted 10:46 PM on 03/17/10 - Reply to this post

I felt this way too and everyone did say some wonderful things. When I first started sales, I was HORRIBLE! I went out and bought all of Jeffrey's books and all his recommendations. They helped me beyond belief. Make sure you are constantly reading positive attitude books. Hope this helps


Sales is not a four-letter word (see? there's 5) Posted 3:16 PM on 04/20/10 - Reply to this post

First off, Kelly, you came to the right place. First, let me clarify one of the things you said: Salespeople don't have a bad rap; BAD salespeople have it bad. Not inexperienced salespeople. Not decent human beings in the sales profession. Sales is not a bad word, as long as you are providing service above and beyond what is expected of you. As long as you treat people like people, and always act in the best interests of your people (putting their needs ahead of your own), then success will follow.

keith raggio

Always seek advice Posted 11:57 AM on 03/11/10 - 

Light Bulb Experience #2 I was fired from my mortgage job June 2009 just as the market began to heat up again. I have not returned to sales just yet, I am a security guard making $40,000 per year and it has given me 8 months to rethink my life and what I would do differently. Here is the light bulb experience: I have come realize that over 20 years of selling (17 successful years) my pride overrode seeking counsel. I had a niche market with builders and my business followed their demise. I had a business plan but it was not dynamic and I did not move out of my comfort zone in the builder network. I shouyld have had some outside advice and I know they would have said, "start more relationships with realtors". Too much pride. I asked my wife and she said: "Your problem is you do not listen nor do you seek counsel that is why your business has gone down hill and you find yourself where you are". Wow! Signed, Severely Bruised but Healing PS: Almost ready to start over with humble pie at my side forever

keith raggio

When is the best time to call Posted 11:45 AM on 03/11/10 - 

A re-think about call reluctance: 1: I found over the past years i would not make phone calls due to excuses, "Oh, it is to late", "It is to early", blah blah blah. One excuse is a good as the next. Well the DC area had record snows this year and I had the opportunity to clear snow on Christmans Eve with my son-in-law. We started at 1 pm and worked feverishly, he on the Bobcat, me pushng forward door to door to set up business. It was like taking candy from a some cases, others did require some salesmanship to get folks to part with the almight dollar. At some point I looked at my cell phone and noticed that it was 11:40 pm. I freaked and said to my son-in-law, hey we need to stop as it is Christmas Eve and folks must be going to bed. He replied, "Pops, don't girl out out me you get over there and keep knocking on doors, when the folks bring out a shotgun or call the police then we will quit." I sucked it up and continued to knock until 12:15 am. Do you know that people did accept my offers even at that late hour. Thanks to my son-in-law I realized there is no such thing as a "best time to call". if you beleive you have the best product call to solve someone's problem!


Customer asks to show what i have, is it good sign Posted 10:03 AM on 03/11/10 - 

hi my sales rockstars.... i dont know how to take it, before starting presentation, when i am talking over matters about customers, thier relationships with each other and all here and there, i keep asking things about them and then, customer suddenly asks me to show what i have, now thats a problem, is it because customer gets bore and wants me to come to point, or customer gets excited to know, or what, how can i recognize, is it for good sign or bad sign? is it because my relationship building phase is week thats why?......and yes, please give me tips like interesting questions i should ask in this earliest part, things i can talk about before starting presentation, please give me good ideas. thanks, good luck to you all.


Personality Types Posted 4:47 PM on 03/13/10 - Reply to this post

Understand that there are several personality types. SOme want to engage in personal small-talk before getting down to business. Others prefer to hold the personal small-talk until business has been taken care of. Google 'DISC" and 'Meyers-Briggs' and you'll uncover a wealth of knowledge in this area. DaveB


disc? Posted 5:41 AM on 03/16/10 - Reply to this post

thanks dave. I tried to figure out whats disc, but couldnt get it what it means, can you please define a bit. thanks


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