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Michael Wong PMP

Technology Sales Posted 4:02 PM on 06/30/13 - 

Software Engineers are like dogs. They pull the sled while sales people ride it. Michael Wong PMP

Ken Portnoy

Techs v. Sales Posted 9:19 AM on 08/14/13 - Reply to this post

Sled dogs are bred to their role. They love to run. They love the task. They resent neither the sled, the driver, nor the rider. You seem unlike them in your spirit. Check yourself. Are you in the right place doing the right thing for the right people?


Cold wholesaling help Posted 1:07 PM on 06/24/13 - 

I have an existing business that's doing ok but not good enough. I'm intending to diversify slightly but I'll be dealing with new companies, so essentially cold mailing. I'm also currently retailing to small home buyers and I'll be wholesaling to multiple retailers, so a big difference. My plan is to write first, sending a sample product (they're only small) and then following up with a call/email. Is that the right approach? Is there a better way?


Sales Help Posted 9:21 AM on 06/19/13 - 

Hello All, I am very new to sales and I jumped right into a very intimidating industry: medical device sales. I am selling replacement parts for z-ray equipment. I found it is VERY difficult to get recognized by prospects, despite calling them once a week. I have an even harder time just getting prospects to answer the phone, return a call or email. I am reading the Sales Advantage by Carnegie and I have also taken the Sales Pro seminar at Carnegie. I am beginning to get very discouraged. I will soon be on the road visiting which will help, but I nervous on how to break the barrier with my customers of a business relationship. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on this relationship building/cold calling which I am struggling with. Oh and another factor that makes it a little harder I am 21 years old and female and a man's industry. Thank you.


Sales Help Posted 7:52 AM on 06/25/13 - Reply to this post

Laura- I've been in medical device sales for over 14 years; it's tough and not as glamorous as people think. Whomever your calling on likely see's vendors all day long, all while caring for patients. I'm assuming that your needed when something fails, being you sell replacement parts (I know, real genius). Also assuming the competition has a fairly good foothold in your accounts. I would slightly shift my focus to the smaller accounts. These are accounts that the competition won't miss until they see their quarterly report. Good news is that in medical, you see lots of movement. So once someone becomes comfortable with you, they typically stick with you. I've had medical professionals start as a staff nurse, and several years end up at the director level. If your an asset to them, and not just a salesperson, then they will remember you. Simply put, it's all about your reputation. Medical is a small community.


How to record your salespeople? Posted 10:56 PM on 06/11/13 - 

Hi, I would like to record some hair stylists talking with clients chairside, as part of an effort to improve their selling performance. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to record floor staff, clear audio at the minimum? I know I could make them all wear audio recorders but I do not believe this will go over well with them, so a more subtle approach is preferred.


There is an app for that Posted 10:27 AM on 06/27/13 - Reply to this post

Sean, With all the smart phone apps today, I don't see how challenging this could be... I don't think it is necessary to make all staff wear a wire, that may be overkill. I think your best solution is to buy all of them small tape recorders or even better & cheaper, have them use their smart phones as a recording tool. iPhone already has a recorder called "voice memos". Thanks.


But check the law Posted 12:36 PM on 01/22/14 - Reply to this post

The one thing to remember is that when recording, many states have laws about disclosing the recording. So, check your own state's laws and you may have to post a sign such as "conversations may be monitored for quality assurance". But I don't know if that would be good for business. Some states do not regulate this, or only require that one of the parties know of the recording. If you want to hide your recording from your stylists, then you may have a more general managerial problem. Rather than spying on your stylists, maybe spend a little effort in training them better, measuring their performance, and going back in and tweaking the training.


CSR/Internal Sales person Posted 9:01 AM on 06/11/13 - 

Question: I Need someone for the office to help with scheduling etc. But I know they will have down time. How can I utilize their time to help increase sales. Do I have them set up appointments for me to call on, Phone blitz a market or segment, etc or would those do more harm than good? HELP!

Jani Párkányi

internal sales Posted 3:13 AM on 04/18/14 - Reply to this post

Hello AaronF, You can get your internal sales representative to call your previous clients and ask them "value questions"! This is what I imagine someone asking from me on a follow-up call: -1) Hello Mr Párkányi, this is Jessica with AaronF's Company. If this is a good time to follow up on your recent experience with our company, may I ask you 3 quick questions? -Yes sure/please call me back. Note: they won't say leave me alone, you (should have) already built a great relationship with your precious client! They'll be happy to help you BACK. 2) That's great, thank you! The good part is that only 2 questions left (haha, make me laugh), would you be able to describe your experience with the product/service you received in 3 words? -Yes sure, it was marvelous! OR Well, I wish ...(insert negative comment here). -I see, Mr Párkányi, I really value your opinion because we really want to make sure you and every client receives the best of/from us! 3) Also I was hoping that you could think of AaronF's company next time a friend or relative of yours will need such service/product. Note: Get the commitment! -Definitely I'm glad to help as you were there for me when I most needed someone! You have to farm your old clients for referrals and you have to make sure you stay on top of their minds when it comes to your service by HELPING THEM. They'll want to help you back!


Discouraged - Disaster Economy Posted 7:03 AM on 06/10/13 - 

I'm 63 yrs.,a sales trainer with my own company focusing on SME's in a disaster economy in Europe - GDP drop of over 30%.I've been hanging on with a few consulting clients (which I have since lost) and moving to a an office at home to reduce expenses. My mistake was focusing on once-only seminars all these years with no follow up and clients.I am totally discouraged and feel that nobody wants to hear about sales training. What should I do? I'm too old to start fresh. Moving to another country is not easy? Should I give up?

Sherry N

Discouraged-Fresh Perspective Needed Posted 11:18 AM on 06/17/13 - Reply to this post

Peter, I can understand your discouragement. Being in your situation is no fun. I have been trying to get a business off the ground ever since I retired and every time I feel like quitting I remember that I am too stubborn, too opinionated and too passionate about wanting to help others succeed to quit. You don't have to go it alone. There are a great many good blogs that can give a fresh insight to old problems. There are successful friends that will give good, pertinent advice on fresh marketing perspectives. And within you, you have a wealth of information that can be put to good use. Are you presently writing a book? Are you targeting 1 industry that you really are good at training and becoming specialized? Are you adapting your marketing practices to reach the present audiences for your product? Take time to re-evaluate your potentials and possibilities and pick just one thing to start with. Then, go gettem tiger!!

Peter Discouraged - Disaster Economy

Sherry N Discouraged-Fresh Perspective Needed Posted 4:29 AM on 06/21/13 - Reply to this post

Sherry, thanks first of all for caring and for your encouragement - advice. I really appreciate it. Are you aware of any blogs that can help?

Joel Nesler

Management Posted 4:31 PM on 05/21/13 - 

As a parent of 6 boys and a manager of 20+ employees, I have developed the following title of my "to be released" management self-help book: "You can't spank you employees and you can't fire your kids!"


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