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great knowledge on behaviours Posted 11:48 AM on 03/21/10 - Reply to this post

thanks so much dave, disc and myers and briggs aspects are quality informatory factors you mentioned.


Raw Materials/Aerospace Posted 2:59 PM on 03/09/10 - 

I've been approached with a territory sales opportunity. The position is for a large Aerospace Materials supplier. Base salary seems good (all I know is base salary range), will find out commission schedule today I believe. My question is regarding the aerospace this a good time? I have worked in aviation for years and the outlook right now is a bit bleak but also considering the salary is survivable, and the market conditions will pick up, I could be positioning myself for a decent return in years to come. Any thoughts would be welcome. Warm Regards, CB


PHX Outside Sales Position Posted 12:58 PM on 03/06/10 - 

Phoenix - Outside Sales ~ Metals Distribution Wanted a cloned Jeffrey pants or a skirt Industrial Metal Supply Co. is a privately owned metal service center with five branches throughout the Southwest. Leveraging sixty years of experience, IMS fills the diverse needs of its sizeable customer base by stocking the largest line of metals sold by one distributor anywhere in the region. Our teamwork approach allows us to work side by side with our customers, getting to know them and what they need to be successful. Visit, submit your resume to The outside sales representative partners effectively with customers and IMS associates to meet our customers varied needs, everyday. Duties and responsibilities: · Responsible for building a sales strategy for key accounts and attaining sales quotes within the assigned territory · Territory management · Build customer relationships,proactively prospect for new business · Effectively learn and sell IMS products and services · Understand and present ROI and Value Propositions for individual customers and IMS · CRM reporting as well properly manage a territory pipeline form. · Assist in team building, and add to overall team success. · Carries out all responsibilities in an honest, ethical and professional manner. Experience, Skills, Academic Requirements • 4 year college degree or equivalent experience • 2-3 years of outside B2B direct sales experience • Knowledge of metals a plus This ideal candidate will also possess the following skills: • Excellent work ethic • Ability to succeed in a competitive, high-performance work environment • Be a self-starter, able to work independently and collaboratively • Strong computer skills with current technical knowledge • Solid interpersonal and communication skills in order to close deals

Randy Hansen

Atlanta Sales Position Open Posted 9:04 AM on 03/03/10 - 

Hi Sales Warriors....I have an open sales position in the Atlanta Market. The customer base is hotels. I am looking for someone with a positive attitude, great work ethic, and someone willing to learn or if you are really smart. :) The job pays base + bonus + commission + expenses you can apply at or send your resume to my email:

Francisco Loera

Please help me. Posted 7:46 PM on 02/28/10 - 

Hi guys; I am a brand new rookie on sales and it seems I choose a hard place to startde with it...timeshare sales. I am getting so many "be back" answer and also found hard to get commitments from my clients. So any advise about tidedowns, set ups and sales closing will be greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance (sorry if there are so many mistakes on writing, English is not my native leanguage but I hope I explained myself on my question)


selling time shares- winter get a way Posted 9:00 AM on 03/02/10 - Reply to this post

go for a long walk and start to think creatively. if i were selling time shares. I would have an office where when the customer walks in i am in my bathing suit, lying on a beach chair with the glasses and a drink. in the back ground there is a large picture of a beach or even playing scenes from hawaii. hope a cold day people walk in and say ssomething like, " where would you like to go to recharge your battery"? -maybe a theme party..even if you one buys a local time share- they can exchange it for time in the south during the winter..put your self in their shoes... what would you like to see or how could they sell it to you?


ideas needed Posted 11:47 AM on 02/24/10 - 

I have a program ( Fastrack ) that is probiotics and vitamins for dogs, cats & other animals. I will have a booth at a home show and am looking for some ideas on how to draw people to my booth. Someone suggested having some puppies there... any success stories out there.


Pulling customers Posted 8:37 PM on 02/24/10 - Reply to this post

whoever comes near to your booth, you must aproach them and make them clear there is no obligation. Give them the 'the best line of statement' which impress them.


FIgure out who Posted 1:07 PM on 02/27/10 - Reply to this post

Before the show figure out WHO you want to talk to. Try to get as specific as you can regarding the profile of these people. Then you'll have a set of qualifying questions to ask of everyone passing by. If you plan on doing this a lot, Skyline (the trade show booth company) has a great free seminar on trade show planning


results Posted 10:39 AM on 03/01/10 - Reply to this post

Thanks for your advice! I had a 2 big laminated flyers that got peoples attention and then I had questions that helped find a need/offer solution type of setting and I was able to sell 300.00 plus worth of stuff with a 150.00 booth. Most of my business comes after the show with follow up and repeat sales, so I was very pleased with the results!

Matt Reynolds

Trade Show Magic Posted 7:50 PM on 01/21/13 - Reply to this post

The whole purpose of having a Trade Show Booth is to drive traffic and get qualified leads. In my experience, I suggest you find a good pitchman to work your booth. Someone trained in driving Trade Show traffic. I know many magicians who specialize in this very thing. They become an integral part of your sales and marketing team, driving home your key features and benefits and pitching your products and services in an interesting, entertaining, and compelling way. If you need some specific recommendations let me know and I can pass you some names. Typically, the good guys will earn you much more than you pay them.


call me back Posted 11:43 AM on 02/24/10 - 

how can I get a vp to call me back? They say they are interested in my products and are getting some background info on the product but are too busy at the moment...

Chris MacLennan

How to prepare for a sales call or meeting Posted 12:45 AM on 02/24/10 - 

Hello everyone, I am a new small business owner, I own a health and safety consultant company,my question is what is the best way to network? and how do I prepare a speech whether it is for cold calling, or face to face, email me at thanks everyone. Chris


Tips Posted 1:16 PM on 02/27/10 - Reply to this post

Networking strategies: Think about other businesses that are complimentary to your - businesses that probably have the same kind of customers as yours. then when you are networking look for owners of those businesses with the objective of developing referral partnerships with them. Cold Calling: The objective of the cold call is not to get the sale, the objective is to set an appointment or get them to say "Tell me more". Three elements must be present: trust, credibility, interest. Interest: What's in it for them. (for example, how you will save them money) Credibility: mention the results another well-known company experienced by using your service Trust: The best way I've found is to use phraseology that gives them permission to say 'No'. -Dave


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