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Network Posted 9:50 PM on 03/09/10 - Reply to this post

Hi Chris: You need to go visit every Independent Insurance Agency in your area and offer to supply their clients (for a price of course) your services. Make a great team with your independent agencies. They are looking for ways to provide value added services to their clients and you may just be the ticket...I know I am one of these Independent agents!


Networking Posted 8:28 AM on 03/10/10 - Reply to this post

Hello Chris! I love to network. You will get tons of business through networking. I learned from my mentor.... "the 3 ft. rule" It simply states "when you get within 3 ft. of someone, ask their name and what they do? Also I never hand out business cards. Always get theirs. Give them a business card if they ask for it. Hope this answers one of your questions!


Approach Posted 9:02 PM on 02/22/10 - 

I recently took a position in field marketing for a renovation company. My day has me at retail stores showing off our product and trying to setup appointment. As consumers are walking by I am entering them in a contest or setting up appointments. The problem I am running into is now I hit a slump. Fewer appointment, below quota. No consumers want to look at my product or even sign up to win a free one. I have tried every phrase in the book from "enter to win' or "looking to renovate your..." I even walked away from my booth and hope customers would check it out with me not there. I am a great closer, its just attracting the consumers now is a problem. Any suggestions on an approach during slow times would be appreciated. Consider this scenario, customers from the retail store looking to get out of the store after their purchase and here I am trying to promote my product. Nobody is interested or in a hurry. How would you get them interested?

John Vergara

entice and engage? Posted 11:54 PM on 06/29/10 - Reply to this post

Hi Freeze, John from Castle Hill, NSW Australia here As a field sales rep are you allowed to call up prior customers and prospect them for referrals? One option which popped into my head is to be more pro-active and get in your prospect's face as they walk over close to you. Or have permission by the centre management to have a giant Jengga set-up (complete with Hard hats compliant to OH&S specifications and barriers to catch the falling wooden blocks) to involve people and engage them as they draw a crowd. Just my $0.02 :)


All the help I can get Posted 6:04 AM on 02/18/10 - 

Hi everybody. I recently started selling memberships to a fitness facility and I seem to be making all the rookie mistakes such as not knowing how to answer when people say "I want to think about it". I am new at selling, and I'm seeking answers whenever and wherever I can to become better at it, which is why I'm turning to you guys. My company doesn't have a sales script, which means that I'm making one as I go along, and I still have over 40 contracts to sell before the end of the month. HELP!


all the help Posted 12:45 PM on 02/19/10 - Reply to this post

How about this: Sir/Ma'am what's most important to you, quality, price, or service? They say: Price! Great, let me explain how the facility can accomadate your fitness needs in the area of the price. Show them Feature, Benefit, Impact and Confirmation (from them). Include them in the process.


Some Help Posted 1:55 PM on 02/21/10 - Reply to this post

Usually the best way to respond to "I want to think about it" is "I understand. this is a big commitment ..." mention a couple of possible objections and then ask them, "Or is there some other issue?" That will help you find out the objection and respond to it. It's really important that you focus NOt on features of your gym and membership but on the benefits and the problems you solve for the customer. I would find out right up front what has motivated them to come in and then explore that.


All the help Posted 6:49 AM on 02/23/10 - Reply to this post

Thanks, Jeff and Dave. I'll try your suggestions and let you know when my sales improve.


'Correct questions' Posted 8:52 AM on 03/01/10 - Reply to this post

You can ask 'correct' questions on this event when you have to face 'i want to think about it'. Like: Mr Jones as per your health status the work out you need is best possible in this gym, correct? Mr jones, if your health requirements are fulfilled in this gym, the membership expense does not look much, correct? Mr jones ...... . Use, name before each correct questions. Its not to say customer not aware of these facts, but 'correct' questions can take off the fear from customer's mind. Secondly, show deep concern about customer's needs as customer's begin to feel you care about him more than your commissions. hope it helps for you, goodluck Lils.


ALl the help I can get Posted 1:05 AM on 03/14/10 - Reply to this post

I am guessing you give a free 2 week pass. Give them the tour, be sure you have guys touring during a female yoga class, be sure the girls tour see the guys on the weights. Offer to buy back the free pass in the way of a discount on the membershipo good only if taken advantage of during the FIRST visit & tour, I did this years agao & was always pre-closing during the tour which made the paperwork just that, paperwork. GOod luck.


All the help I can get Posted 1:06 AM on 03/14/10 - Reply to this post

Ask them point blank "Exactly what is it you'd like to think about"?


thanking note and need a link to write jeffery. Posted 12:04 PM on 02/15/10 - 

i want to thank from my deepest areas of heart and inside joking, its damn serious. Before watching youtube videos of the great jeffery gitomer, i was ZERO. My presentation was like a broken tape record. Now, I am getting sales one after one. I am following whatever I am listening in youtube videos. I dont close, it gets close on its on, i just have to put sale order before customer with pen, and he signs just like that. At the moment my financials not ok, cant afford. But next month when i will get commissions of this month sales, the first thing i will do, is to buy red, black, yellow all books at first place. I want to buy all books. Thank you jeffery, you are the superstars of superstar. Thankyou Dave for replying me and everyone else, your advise are geniun and right, i followed your advise to reveal price upon customer's asking following your advise and it worked every time. The thing i need to know, in this site i saw link to send a note to Jeffery, and i am unable to find that link, please any one write a link for me in reply, thanks. goodluck. (Hard work makes luck 'by jeffery)(Its not how hard you hit but how hard you can get hit 'by sylvester stallon)


Attitude Posted 11:41 AM on 02/15/10 - 

It's all about attitude! When you are awake in the morning I can guarantee that your attitude will drive your day! As Zig Zigler has said many many many times, "Its your attitude that will determine your altitude in life!". In todays society there is more than enough CRAPPPPP! Junk! Bad Attitudes to fill the new Dalas Stadium. We don't need more of it but rather we need leaders who want to make a difference. I have been in sales for over 20 years and in that time I learned a few things along the way. If I were asked what was the single most important thing I could pinpoint as the basis for my success it would be without question: ATTITUDE! It drives everything! One of my biggest objectives in my current position is to recruit GREAT people who possess a GREAT attitude. I spoke to a candidate who had just joined on with one of my competitors and was all set with her decision. I congratulated her and continued getting to know her. After 6 months of calls and long discussions on sales phylosophies she found that where she decided to work was not the BEST environment for her to succeed in. She has since joined my sales team and is experiencing a level of success that she could only dream of. Not because of me but because of the ATTITUDE of winning! The ATTITUDE of YES! The ATTITIDE that all things are possible! The ATTITUDE of making a difference! Anyhow, without the Gitomer web site to visit and use the invaluable tools avaialble to become the BEST in CLASS that I strive to be it would not happen. I am in process of growing a sales force in a market that my predecessors were not able to do. The economy is far worse that what they were confronted with but having a YES ATTITUDE has seperated me from my peers. OK, things are bad out there for everyone. Tell me something I don't know! Make a Difference Today!


Price doesn't always win you the business Posted 5:02 PM on 02/14/10 - 

Well after 3 other banks (2 of them Major Banks) had bid on a large R/E loan only to try & change the terms of their loan after MY CUSTOMER had decided to proceed with two of them he was referred to me. At this point he had 2 weeks to close his Multi Million ($12.5mm) purchase. Visiting his office every day for a week & obtaining a quick approval I proceeded to present my bank's offer which he accepted due to our ability to meet all of his need's. Our "relationship building" approach paid major dividends & were the key to his acceptance of our loan, as was my persistence & ability to listen. IT was NOT THE RATE, which seemd to be the major driving factor for the competitor's offers. I am so glad they didn't know which questions to ask nor how to listen. The fact that my rate was the highest of all the offers he had (slightly higher but higher none the less)but he choose me & my bank. I addressed the needs & concerns for his entire business banking relationship & provided solutions tailored to his business. I am thrilled to say that between my efforts & everyone on my team as well as Senior Management's participation, WE WON THE BUSINESS!


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