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Prospect only concerned with Price Posted 11:36 PM on 02/11/10 - 

Lately I've been getting a lot of calls asking for the price of my products. I know I should have a better answer then responding with price. What are some suggestions as to how I can build a rapport with prospects calling on price alone? What is a good answer for "How much do you sell X for?"


Shift the focus Posted 2:02 PM on 02/21/10 - Reply to this post

"It sells for y. Are there any other important factors in addition to price?" Then focus on the other factors


price alone Posted 7:39 AM on 03/04/10 - Reply to this post

Mr. customer, I appreciate your faith in my sales talent but I have never ever sold X based on price alone, let me show you why ours is the best for your needs and then we can work on best price. A conscientious shopper like yourself certainly wouldn't buy anything based purly on price alone, would you?


Breaking into Outside Sales Posted 6:10 PM on 02/11/10 - 

Hello everyone, I am seeking to change careers from a support role for a Health Insurance Broker to Sales outside of the Insurance industry. Is there an Industry that is favorable to career changers or individual new to Sales?


Re: Breaking into Outside Sales Posted 9:09 PM on 10/06/10 - Reply to this post

Hello CareerChanger, since your post is dated February, not sure if you already have found a new career. But if not, I know of an industry that makes total sense that you definitely should know about. I would love to tell you what it's all about. My email address is:

Marc Grossman

Maintaining Credibility Posted 11:09 PM on 02/10/10 - 

Hi all, First let me explain what I do. I am an independent outside sales rep for several different companies in the motorcycle industry. Recently (like yesterday) I was told that a company I rep for is going to distribute their product through one of the major distribution companies in my industry and I would be out of a job by April 1st. I was immediately contacted by a friend that works for a competitor and he offered me a job. My questions would be, should I take this position with the competitor company and if I do, how do I walk in and present this new company and maintain my credibility to my dealers after touting the superiority of the other company and their product? Also how should I handle the reps from the company that will now be selling for the company I was let go from? If it matters we are talking about mx goggles and eyewear.


Your Assets Posted 2:07 PM on 02/21/10 - Reply to this post

Your most important assets are your credibility and your rolodex. It's common for salespeople to move from one company to another. Certainly your new employer's products have their own superior features and functions. You can credibly talk about them.


Schedulign a sales call Posted 6:19 AM on 02/05/10 - 

Here's my situation: A couple of interested potetial customers (school district department directors) have said, "Let's meet! I just need to find time in my schedule," or something along those lines. However, it is taking them weeks and weeks to get back to me. How often should I contact them about getting a meeting without being pushy?


Set a date even if it a few weeks out Posted 2:59 PM on 02/07/10 - Reply to this post

My technique is to set a date for the meeting even if it is a few weeks away. If they won't do that then I would touch base via phone every week for a month or so, then once a month for several months. Dave


Scheduling a sales call Posted 6:21 PM on 02/16/10 - Reply to this post

Jenny what I try to do is give my target a choice of two dates, rather than just one date. It's harder for them to say NO if that isn't one of their choices. Good luck!


Sales Posted 8:14 PM on 02/18/10 - Reply to this post

If they ask you to get back to them to set a date, ask to set a tentative date, and let them know that they can cancel if need be. Chances are they will give you a date, and will not cancel!

Dave O.

Referrals/emails Posted 4:50 PM on 02/03/10 - 

I just have a question regarding the emails we send out every day to customers.Is it ok to ask for referrals as a P.S.?Something like PS.If we are doing a good job for you,is there anyone you know who might enjoy our services?If not any suggestions?


Be more specific what you are looking for Posted 3:04 PM on 02/07/10 - Reply to this post

You can do that but it will be ignored. If you want referrals, the first thing you need to do is to figure out what your perfect referral is "We're looking for new customers who just recently bought a new house", for example. Then have a real-time conversation with your existing customers and say, "We're looking for new customers who just recently bought a new house and could use our widget. Do you know anyone like that?" Dave


referral Posted 7:44 AM on 03/04/10 - Reply to this post

Cash, a bird dog it works great in the car business. It drives and motivates most everybody. If not cash some kind of incentive, how about from your company. Extended services for no charge or a discounted rate. Or goods your company is selling, whatever works better for you, but a dangling carrot is motivation.


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