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what could it be??? Posted 8:41 PM on 01/26/10 - 

hi, from this week's sale rant, i could not get it 'if the customer says, i am not sure' we should reply as 'what could it be', Can you please explain 'what could it be' ? Thanks everyone.


first time closed Posted 8:26 PM on 01/26/10 - 

hi my dear friends, i got my first sale last night. It was mainly because i followed Mr jeffery sales tips. Most of time i was listening about them and showing my concern to thier endavours. This time a bit different i did, i didnt go in details, i kept the details about causes and presentation kicks and bags very short, and i began talking about them after presentation also, i did not really push them to close. It closed by on its own actually, i just had to put sale order form before them and pen to sign. I was very excited. Please tell me 'emotional questions' which can i ask from customers, like where did you grow up etc. Thankyou.


closing Posted 12:56 PM on 01/26/10 - 

Hi my sales team All seem to have issues with closing, does anyone have any top tips for them please?


Some Coaching is Needed Posted 7:07 PM on 01/30/10 - Reply to this post

Before 'going for the close' you should sit down with each member and revue the deals they are about to try to close. Do you yourself have experience closing sales in your company? If so then use that experience to coach each member of your team. If you DON'T have this experience then see of you can get your company to send you to some sales trainig (and sales management training)

Annapolis Sales Girl

Feedback from AVP Post QBR - HELP! Posted 3:42 PM on 01/25/10 - 

Last week, following my Quarterly Business Review, my Area Vice President pulled me aside to tell me I am like the, "color commentator" no one listens to. What he articulated following that sting, is when given structure my written and verbal communication is concise, clean, and impactful. When I do not have a strict set of parameters, I become verbose and start speaking to items I care about and assume my audience cares about versus what they either solicited from me or DO care about. I took this feedback in the spirit it was intended. After all, no one coaches someone they don't see a future for... That being said, he advised I work with my manager to find tools, that will help me deal with this Chatty Cathy tic I apparently have as it will, "plague be for the rest of my sales career so you better fix it now". I may sound bitter... I am a little as my warm nature and conversational style is my very best coaching and selling attribute. Is there a tool or a book or a class out there for me that will help me still be, "me" but with fewer words when it really matters?


gross profit Posted 4:49 PM on 01/18/10 - 

How can i increase my gross profit?


gross profit Posted 6:21 AM on 01/20/10 - Reply to this post

sell more, buy cheaper. end of.

Anne M.

Recognition Posted 11:15 AM on 01/16/10 - 

Mr. Gitomer, great stuff!! Very thorough and insightful. As the (very) old saying goes, "Litera Scripta Manet"-- The written word endures! As a Sales Manager here in North Carolina, I want to share a great tool that I use constantly in the recognition category. This website (and others) are filled with so many great ideas and quotes, and I want to be able to share these with the employees at my company. When it’s time to recognize someone for their performance, I take one of these quotes (I keep a long, ongoing list), and rather than giving them a standard old plaque (never again!), I put the quote on a DYI – Design Your Inspiration from Successories, since they are customizable AND personalizable. They are handsomely framed and the photo choices are great. It’s made employee recognition much more meaningful AND appreciated.The website is Thanks again. Anne


whats the best time to reveal the price? Posted 8:33 PM on 01/14/10 - 

hi, during presentation when customer asks for price, should i disclose the price? Since according to jeffery the price shouldnot be disclozed in beginning. This thing is happening quite often with me and i dont know what to do about it. Last night, when a customer asked the price, at that point of time everying was going ok, she was excited to know price, but i didnt tell her. Later when i explain all and came to discloze the price, at that it looked like all excitement of customer was gone already. I was a bit regreting, may be i should had told her price when she was in excitement mood, as per jeffery, when customer asks for price, thats the biggest buying signal in the world. I am not sure how to handle this, what to do, tell or not tell?please help, thanks.


If they ask the price you must tell them the price Posted 7:10 PM on 01/30/10 - Reply to this post

If the customer outright asks the price you MUST tell them the price. Failing to do so destroys whatever trust you have developed up to that point.


Yes, it seems working Posted 10:32 AM on 02/01/10 - Reply to this post

thanks dave, you right, telling price upon asking seems working for me. I havent yet got more sales, but i will push maximum in feburary.


reply Posted 3:45 PM on 02/01/10 - Reply to this post

I agree that you should reveal the price as soon as the customer asks for it. In my experience I would say over 50% of the customers are interested in the price first and foremost and are just itching to find out while you make your presentation as to the benefits of buying from me. Most people don't interupt you to ask for the price because they don't want to be rude, but you know that's what they are eager to hear.

Lady Theresa Thombs, DJ

sales Posted 4:56 PM on 01/14/10 - 

I have enjoyed both the Sales Bible and the Little Black Book on Networking.

Melzetta Williams

Cold Calling for New Business Posted 10:04 AM on 01/14/10 - 

Hi, I am new to this forum. I started a new business and want to generate sales through cold calling. Since I sell a service (corporate script writing), I'm wondering if it's better to cold call on foot or over the phone. Also, do you recommend that I warm up the visit/call by first sending an inexpensive promo item?


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