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Dan Jourdan

Phone sales Posted 4:05 PM on 01/18/10 - Reply to this post

Phone, Phone, Phone!!! Remember that your goal is not to sell over the phone but only for the appt. It is a fast cheap and easy way to get started. Then get out to rotery clubs and start getting the word out. Good Luck


Cold Calling Posted 11:33 PM on 06/03/11 - Reply to this post

Decide on who your ideal client is and go after a vertical market by making phone calls to book an initial appointment. Once you're out in the field, knock on the doors around them. I'll use Hoovers to create a filter of "targets" in the area that I'm going to be working, so I'll have my appointment, knock on a few doors around the appt. Then, hit the next closest "target" account and do the same thing. I repeat that pattern until I've hit about 15 or so businesses. Then, back to the office....follow-up phone calls to the door knocks for new initial appointments; cold calls (phone) to the businesses on my original list of "ideal clients". Hope that helps :o)

Tiffany Clark

Voice Mail Posted 11:15 PM on 01/06/10 - 

Hi there! I am a huge fan and follower of Gitomer! My friend Matt first introduced me to "The Little Red Book of Selling" and I have been hooked ever since. Once of the tips about Voicemail has made me memorable to all of my clients. I am a Mortgage Broker and Leasing Associate and my Voicemail says.. " Hello you reached Tiffany with TMG, I am probably busy printing off Approvals or getting a refill of coffee either way I return my calls asap! Trust Tiff. Trust tiff is my tagline. My e-mail and website and all of my literature uses it. People crack up after the beep sometimes they are appalled that I would say I am getting coffee and sometimes they just laugh because I am soo upbeat and tenacious in my delivery. It works... People remember me and it's not the same old boring thing!


thanks Posted 7:02 PM on 01/17/10 - Reply to this post

When I have read your post, you can’t imagine how many good ideas cross my mind. Now I am memorable. Thank you for your inspiration.


VALUE? Posted 9:30 AM on 01/06/10 - 



Meaningful Benefits Posted 2:30 PM on 01/10/10 - Reply to this post

Yes, it's stating benefits but those benefits must have meaning to the prospect. A better way to put it is: What problems do you solve for your customer? Instead of thinking about what you are selling, think about what the customer is buying - And if you dig deep you'll find that what they buy is very different from what you sell. Dave


value Posted 3:17 AM on 01/14/10 - Reply to this post

thanks so much Dave.


Cold Calling/Office equipment Posted 1:30 AM on 01/03/10 - 

Hi Everyone, i work in the office equipment industry selling copiers, printers etc. when cold calling i need to find out as much information as possible to qualify the client for follow up. would like to hear from others who require the same sort of info and the techniques you have found to be helpful. thanks in advance for your replys. Christian.


Fishing Posted 12:23 AM on 01/04/10 - Reply to this post

i dont have experience in office equipments, but i been doing cold calling for 3 years...i advise you my latest method which brought me lot of success... wen the customer says hello, introduce yourself and quickly ask question to scrutiny customer if he is prospect or suspect, if dont sound ok, just thanks & goodbye, and dial another number, dont waste time. I call it fishing. First find a fish, once you see it, then give your best as per Sir Jeffery Gitomer defines. goodluck.

Bill Smith

Think Bigger Posted 6:07 AM on 01/04/10 - Reply to this post

Chistian, I spent 9 years in the Business "Solutions" industry and it was fantastic. I worked as a territory rep, Major accounts rep and sales/branch manager. My view on making door to door cold calls is exactly as you mentioned; to gather information, rarely will you speak with someone impowered to make decisions. If you are looking for techniques for strictly gathering the golden nuggets you need for your call to the decision maker I have a few. However, consider supplimenting your cold calling with other info gathering techniques such as a visit to their website, or learning of any industry trends. These resources can be more valuable. So, first ask yourself... what info could I possibly gather that will set me apart from the 100 other office equipment reps? What will the decision maker be interested in? He or she know's they uses XYZ company for their copier, and that it's old, and that the receptionist thinks the lease expires in June -- that's good to have, but not the key to getting an appointment. Do they know what best practices are out there for law firms looking to transistion to a digital / electronic evidence court system and the compliance issues surrounding them? Do you Christian? You could ask a similar question of every industry. Do your manufacturers know how to reduce R&D costs and bring a product to market weeks/months sooner? Do you know the impact that would have Christian? I would argue that a call asking for an appointment stating that you specialize in assisting organizations with a business need such as improving their accounts receivable situation would be of far more interest than " Mary told me that your Xerox expires next february, and I noticed some filing cabinets, so can we get together and talk about new machines that are $10 less per month and scan" The catch is that you have to truly have a plan to assist them. Give it a shot, find one product/solution that applies to most businesses.


cold calling Posted 12:45 AM on 01/05/10 - Reply to this post

WOW!!!!! thanks for the detailed response. i think i have become discouraged as what you have outlined above is what i have tried but obviously with the wrong person in the organisation. New Year, New Attitude. cheers


Find Your Sales Advantage Posted 2:35 PM on 01/10/10 - Reply to this post

Let's drag a little of the marketing discipline into this. Try this: Contact several of your loyal customers who have done business with you repeatedly.Find out why they buy from your company instead of your competitor. Find out what you do for them that the other guys don't. THen start leading your cold calls with that.


Follow up Posted 6:52 PM on 12/29/09 - 

My company recently held a series of events educating prospects on new technology. Everyone seemed to love the info and the events were a solid success. Now comes the follow up. We of course captured the contact info of every person who attended and I want to follow up to maximize my sales potential. Anyone have any good idea's on how to effectively follow up after a seminar / event? I have a few ideas but want to hear what everyone else has done to turn seminars into sales. Thanks Tyler

Brian Bontomase

Follow up Posted 7:49 PM on 01/14/10 - Reply to this post

Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials! Use testimonials from your past customers Tyler, they can sell your customers better than you can!


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