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Brian Bontomase

Follow up Posted 7:57 PM on 01/14/10 - Reply to this post

Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials! Use some testimonials from your past customers, they can sell your prospects better than you can!


how to find a salesperson Posted 6:00 PM on 12/29/09 - 

Any suggestions on hiring a part time sales person? Where to find one. I'd like someone to pitch website design for me based on commissions. Thanks


Rejection on call back Posted 10:24 AM on 12/27/09 - 

im having rejections wen i call back after few days of presentation to check, and i always get same answer, NOT AT THE MOMENT. presentation goes so well, almost 3 hrs i spend time in present, all seem ok like confirm sale, but wen i call back, NO...but there is one thing, wen i call back, i dont talk too much and i almost straight away ask if interested or wat u thought about it, is it somthin rong in call back i do? or wat? pl help, tq


Turn "No" Into "Hi hows it going!" Posted 6:04 PM on 12/31/09 - Reply to this post

it seems like your just talking the entire time. have you tried connecting with the customer? do you know anything personal about them? if you do, then you should be talking to them often and the sale should be easier.


callback rejection Posted 8:25 PM on 01/02/10 - Reply to this post

thx emholic...i agreed, i am not really connecting, i listen them alot, talking just here and there to make them feel good with me, but im justttt not trying to get involve, connecting with them. im not worried about loozing customers, im getting good at door to door, i manage to go inside house. I take 2 to 3 hrs with customer, like jeffery said, i dont start until they start feeling comfort, n some times they get xcited to know and ask me about price. regarding follow up: i should just say hi hello, how is it goin, ask about things they into. and let them have a chance to tell me what thinking or decided upon buying or renting purifiers, RATHER THAN im asking what u thought about it, do i sound right here?

Michael D Goodman

Understand their problem first Posted 11:48 AM on 01/10/10 - Reply to this post

Is this a joke? from your text and syntax, if for real, the issues are clear and obvious. If you are pulling a prank then read no more. It is a serious answer. No presentation in the world takes 3 hours on a single presentation for a sale. If you are spending that much time you have bored the tears out of your prospects whom you have found some way to get in front of and coerced into 3 hours of their time that they will never get back. It is no wonder they do not want you in front of them again. A 3 hour presentation is nothing more than a puke fest of data that is mostly things the buyer doesn't care about. Instead, your discovery process should understand clearly what their current situation is and why they wanted to talk to you in the first place, what their ideal scenario is and a clear statement about the difference between the two. When you understand those things and present your solution based on that, you will not only be invited in, you will be revered in the hallowed halls of your company for the success in sales you have brought them. If this was not a prank, you need to jump in a quality sales training course and start working from a serious sales process of any kind. Your success will sky rocket.


Excellent Posted 12:16 AM on 01/15/10 - Reply to this post

wow, thanks so much for such a blunt response and very correct hit on blunder i been making. You are right, 1st 30mins they like me, i get mix up, i get on top of environment and they get excited to know the price, but after 30 mins, all that excitment, and thier 'liking me' begins falling down. And If i keep it short, probably they would like to see me again. I believe thats it, here where i am making blunder. Yes, they get tired with me if it exceeds 90 mins. I think, i should keep it with in 1 hr or 45 mins, what do suggest? I am working for Coway, selling and renting out water purifiers, air purifiers and bidets.


too long! Posted 6:10 AM on 01/22/10 - Reply to this post

Adeeb, It is generally accepted that the average attention span of a prospect/student/anyone really, is 20 minutes. You need to generate interest quickly and leave them wanting more. Unless the prospect expects to spend and hour, keep it to under 20 minutes. My initial "pitches" take a couple of minutes.... the elevator pitch is what you should be thinking about. After an elevator pitch, you can give the prospect the option to investigate further or kick for touch.

S. W. Scheps

Morning coffie Posted 9:04 AM on 12/15/09 - 

I read your take on "morning coffee" this AM and your belief that customers will stand in line, pay in advance and wait for something with a clean and friendly environment. Well, that is purely the "sheep being led to the slaughter!" Listen to Jackie Mason's take on Starbucks for a more realistic view. However, as it relates to sales, there is no comparison. The only choice close question a clerk will ask is "Small, medium or large?" The customer walked in. No one called called him/her (perhaps slick advertising to attract young buyers). No one did a site survery or a lengthy proposal. No one did a needs analysis other than I think I need my morning coffee to wake up and help me pee. No one had to get through the security, then the receptionist, then the executive secretary, then the assistant to the decision maker and then the decision maker. Please get our "down economy" only one thing matters...price and price alone, especially if you sell to government. Forget about the the most knowledgable salesrep, the courteous and friendly salesrep, the quality and sophistication of the product, the advanced technology, the lower total lifecycle cost, the lower cost of operation or the most productive of features and options. It's about much does it cost me today vs. something else more expensive and I'll worry about supplies and service another time. It's a throw-away business world, for the most part. Knowledge, quality and professionalism lose! Price wins!!! Check out the land fills in the next 5 years as it will all be there!

Selling Machine

Re: Morning Coffie (Coffee) Posted 12:31 PM on 12/22/09 - Reply to this post

Boy, you're kinda pessimistic...My product is in the higher price range in a very competitive market, which is over-saturated with salesmen. I have not had one problem getting my clients to purchase my product when I am prospecting for them. What makes the difference is that we have a 126-year track record of providing superior service and quality products to our clients. And we have the best sales force, who has the best presentations, and knowledge of products and fitting those products to needs. So Mr. Scheps, I say to you, maybe you should be with another company that has those things in your chosen area of sales?

Kathleen F.

Morning Coffee Posted 5:38 PM on 12/29/09 - Reply to this post

Feeling a little defeated? Hey, I work in general insurance, along with a million other insurance agents and brokers who are all trying to save you a dollar. Want price selling, watch the TV adds for insurance, radio and print adds. Insurance is sold on price, key word discounts. Yet most good brokers will tell you they have no problem offering and selling clients products that are often more expensive. My clients trust that I know their needs and will recommend a product that will protect their lifestyle, assets and future. If you do not really know what the client wants and needs and what they hope to achieve then you cannot really offer them anything. Stop selling and start sharing, servicing and celebrating! Happy New Year.

Ryan P.

Radio Advertising Posted 6:37 PM on 12/08/09 - 

I recently just got into sales selling radio adversting. And i would like to know whats the best response to give when your cold calling and the prospect tells you there already using your competitor's business. How do you respond in a positive way, but also make them think yours is better? -Ryan P


Competition Posted 12:28 PM on 12/15/09 - Reply to this post

Hi Ryan Ask them what they like about their current product or service? Whats going well? What prompted them to use that product or service? Keep asking questions and keep them talking. Then when appropriate go into the future state - ask them what is an ultimate goal of your radio advertising? Ask them to describe their perfect radio campaign. See how they compare and how they are different. Dont "sell" on the first call. To have someone move away from the competition they have to see the light or feel the heat. If they are not unhappy - they are not going to move until you show them reason to - which may take time - may not. But you have to get to know them and their interests first - before you have earned the right to change their mind. Good luck!


Radio Advertising Posted 8:56 PM on 12/16/09 - Reply to this post

I've been in radio advertising sales for over 12 years. When prospects use competitive media, they have numerous reasons, from I like them better, I've been with them for 20 years, my customers like them, and I've even heard "just to be fair". But, I have found, just like Jeffrey says all the time, they will buy from the 'salesperson' they like!! Always put on a friendly face, always be cheerful, always be sincerely interested in them and their business, and NEVER cut down the competition. And the best piece of advice I can give is BE THERE! Keep coming back with more ideas and reasons to go with your stations and they will find reasons to buy. Happy Selling.


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