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Chris G

Help selling advertising Posted 10:23 AM on 02/12/10 - Reply to this post

Instead of making "cold calls" to restaurants, why not start with the restaurants where you actually know the people, or better yet get to know the people in your most frequent stops. Why even call in this scenario, you know the owner or manager is the decision maker and the person you need to speak to. The wait staff or bartender (best bet) will know that person's schedule and availability, just make yourself a regular at a few of your faves first and take the promotion from there. If corp is the decision maker then your local friends (manager or owner) can put you in touch with the right people at corporate, but only after they like and trust you. There are no shortcuts, so relax and make the journey enjoyable.

Kathleen F.

Sales Honesty Posted 3:03 PM on 11/24/09 - 

I am in the General Insurance Industry and always find out what my Home or Auto clients do for a living and ask about lifestyle. I had a client who told be it was her dream to own a restaurant. A few years later when reviewing her home insurance I asked her about that dream and low and behold they were in the process of opening their restaurant. She was frustrated because a broker she had spoken to at a function has approached as many insurance companies as possible to block others from getting her business. In the end I wrote her policy for more money than the other guy because I had remembered her "dream".


help close em Posted 8:35 AM on 11/24/09 - 

I am in the home improvement industry.Every estimate I run the home owners say we need 3 bids your number 1 or 2 we stil have the remainder to go. Thank you and we will call you back alot o the time I get the call back but some I dont. I know Im not going to close every one , but I like to try. Is there any thing you can think of to help. I heard the one we shopped the competition and here are there rates, but unfortunatly that dosnet work in the home improvement industry because most home are different. So any ideas would greatly help. Thanks

Kathleen F.

Close em Posted 3:49 PM on 11/24/09 - Reply to this post

Hi Harley, Sound like they are making an decision based on something other than just price. I just got bids and hired a contractor - All bids had references, experience - all good technically. I ended up with a higher bid, as the contractor met those "emotional needs". I felt like he understood my wants/needs and respected me/my family. My contractor wasn't perfect, but delivered exactly what he promised. Some of the others were pushy, rude, abrasive, one even smelled VERY BAD when they came to quote. Find out how you are coming across, own it, then learn how to fix it.


Closing Posted 2:24 PM on 11/25/09 - Reply to this post

Ask them questions of value. Not so much, "What will it take to earn your business?" but more along the lines of "What do you look for in a ____?" "What does ____ mean to you?" "How do you choose a____?" This will make them think more than just cost and all that but more who will give them the best deal for their money. Regardless, people will pay more for quality service.


help close em Posted 1:05 AM on 12/08/09 - Reply to this post

Harley, I am in the same industry,where by now you know if you don't close that day/night you have two shots of getting the job:SLIM,and NONE. After you find some of their hot bottons in your questioning,try to focus your presentaton on their Issues,or concerns,this is good time to pull out your testimonials. When you are finished with your appointment,without a contract set a time to CALL THEM,and always send hand written THANK YOU NOTES with,or without a contract.


I need help!!! Posted 4:02 PM on 11/19/09 - 

I really need help! I just started as Sales Rep with a lighting company. I need to prospect my own potential clients in order to have them see my sales presentation and of course to have them buy my product. Simple as that. My first problem is that I barely accomplish the first step which is to get the name of the buyer or the decision guy. I hardly have done only 6 presentation in 2 week and I closed one sale. My second problem is they think my product is too, too high in price (Fact. It is ten time expense compare to standard competitors). But, according my research my product is the best in the market,my company is very high ranked. My questions? Which is the best way to get more, more prospects? and how to get them buy my product?


unfair increase in quota Posted 11:49 AM on 11/17/09 - 

Hi all,lacking motivation after pulling out all the stops to make quota only to be told budget has increased 21% over actual.for persons who were down more than21% budget would be less than previous while mine increased 22% because i went over1%.

Amy Zinnel

Gaining Referrals in Healthcare Sales Posted 3:32 PM on 11/12/09 - 

Anyone have any best practices on how to gain a solid referral in healthcare sales? I work for a medical scheduling software company and sell into hospitals and clinical environments. We offer a $300 referral program and have happy customers that we continually build value with, however they rarely respond with direct referrals. Any suggestions are appreciated. Happy Sales!

Jeff Josephson

Getting in Posted 11:48 AM on 11/17/09 - Reply to this post

Hospital personnel, like other busy people, tend to be more open when you come in with a referral, but don't have time to give you one. In that regard, they're a lot like companies who send their salespeople out cold calling, but have a "No Soliciting" sign on their door. (You know what we call those.) The fact is that referrals aren't the only tool available. Going in with a good Value Proposition is much more effective, and much more scalable. Just make sure it has a metric in it.


new business Posted 9:13 PM on 11/09/09 - 

Hi, i am starting an online bookstore,please share with me your experience in this field.iam not an expert on internet and it is first time. what are the do and dont do? How do manage my store daily to attract and keep my customers.Thanks for sharing.


a sales situation Posted 11:37 AM on 11/09/09 - 

Hi -- I recently started an apartment locating business part-time, as I have a full time job. My plan is to move into apartment locating full time. A challenge I have is that when I get calls during the day when I'm at my other job it's sometimes awkward to talk -- I have my lunch hour to call people back and then after I get off work -- Any suggestions of how to handle these calls at my full time job in a way that the customer feels taken care of and served, even though at the moment I can't really focus on them? Thanks!


New Voicemail? Posted 5:42 PM on 11/10/09 - Reply to this post

Terry- I appreciate your situation, as I am in a similar one. I don't answer my cell at work, but if you use your cell phone as your contact number for the PART TIME (apartment locating business)JOB, I'd be honest, and use some's not fair to your FULL TIME job to answer your PART TIME job's calls, and It's not fair to your PART TIME job clients, to not give them your attention. Maybe a good voicemail would work: "Hello, thank you for calling Terry, THE APARTMENT GURU in (city/county). I'm currently unable to answer the always, your phone call is very important to me. To best serve you, please leave me a detailed message with (name, current address....other pertainent information) so I can get started to find you the apartment of your dreams, and your call will be returned as promptly as humanly possible. Again, this is Terry....making your apartment dreams a reality" I know it's kinda corny....but it's memorable! PS.....I wish we had an apartment locating business in my city!!!

The wise owl

Sales Systems Posted 3:14 PM on 11/03/09 - 

Hi there, I'm a Sales Manager and usually circulate Jeffrey's email amongst my team, however this week I'm a little reluctant. I have a system that I have taught my team, which simply revolves around taking a genuine interest in our clients and asking open questions to identify what they really need to help them out of their current situation. I have a great deal of respect for Jeff's comments, I suppose I'm just curious as to whether this type of technique falls into the categories which Jeffery was referring to, and if not why?


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