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ken calhoun

authenticity Posted 7:45 AM on 11/03/09 - 

great points re authenticity in your latest email -- I remember reading about it in a good book, Leadership Jazz, many years ago... I make it a point to be authentic and prove it in my industry (trading), as it's a big competitive differentiation point... when one's in a business surrounded by phonies, it's important to stand out and be authentic. -ken c


door to door Posted 5:26 AM on 11/01/09 - 

hi, im new in sales. Totally dependant on door to door based sales. i do door to door in eve times. I desperately need tips about what endavours i should come up with so people can let me in. tq.

christopher hayward

door to door Posted 8:01 PM on 11/02/09 - Reply to this post

tough place in sales to start, but just be friendly, short to the point sand have a few great questions ready and keep at it. Door to door is hard but you will learn very fast.good luck

David S.

door to door Posted 6:00 PM on 11/13/09 - Reply to this post

One thing you must have is a quick pitch 15 sec is about right. Be clear on what you do and how you are different from your competition. Being different is key. Try to research what many of your co-workers are doing and do something different. People remember different.


Tattoo Shop Opening Posted 11:24 AM on 10/28/09 - 

Hi There, My husband and I are opening a tattoo shop in the next few months and need some help! He is the amazing artist and I will run and manage the shop. I am looking for some really creative ways to market and promote a tattoo shop...any feedback. Oh, by the way, I have no budget....HELP!!!


Tattoo Shop Promotion Posted 3:39 PM on 11/15/09 - Reply to this post

1st course of action - STUDY JEFFREY EVERY DAY!!! 2nd - CREATE A BUDGET, even if it means putting away only $5.00/day. What is that, the price of 2 gallons of gas? Drive less if you are dedicated to your goal of having a Tattoo Shop. 3rd - with your new budget, have some of your husband's best tattoo art made into Temporary Tattoos, and give them away to interested partys, FREE OF CHARGE. Include your contactinfo. and information pertaining to the opening of your new Tattoo Shop. (that's leading with value). And it is likely that will also stimulate "word of mouth" marketing. If you need to know how to find custom temporary tattoos, email me at:


Tattoo Shop Posted 9:13 PM on 12/16/09 - Reply to this post

I have done some advertising for some great tattoo artists. I created an advertising budget for them by offering tattoo certificates on our radio stations auction website. We bartered the tattoo work in exchange for advertising. 1. It was a great way to get some new customers 2. It was great business name exposure for them with all the people logging on to bid on items 3. We linked their website to the bidding page so people could see some examples of their work. And the best part was that they could use the radio ads to further promote their shop. Ask your local radio station if they offer a radio barter or online auction. You'll be glad you did.


sales quotations Posted 1:24 PM on 10/27/09 - 

Hi I would like to update the quotation template our company currently uses. We feel that this is a great piece of necessary literature and we want it to scream BUY FROM ME! As a sales team we have several we have chosen but are undecided as to which would work better for our customers? Any suggestions on how to find out? Is asking a few select good clients for their opinion acceptable? Thanks! T


Selling Service Tips Posted 3:14 PM on 10/26/09 - 

I need some ideas on how to sell transportation service. I've been in sales for 3 years for a Logistics company. I have the same base of accounts I started with and have not brought a new customer on in 3 months. My existing customers are giving me other business with in the company but that is about it.

Mr Muscles

Selling gym memberships and personal training Posted 1:04 AM on 10/25/09 - 

Hi Everyone. I have a little bit of prior sales experience selling motorcycles. I now work for 24 hr fitness and i sell gym memberships and personal training packages. Pretty cheap stuff (26 bucks a month for the gym and 129 for 3 one hour one on one training sessions) but some people object as if its a car or house they are buying. Of course the basics of sales always apply no matter what you sell. Thought i might learn a thing or two from you pros. I bought Jeff's Sales Bible today and trying to learn as much as i can from it. I give everyone a one week free pass to our gym and we are one of the lowest priced and best gyms in the area but my closing ratio is less than 50 percent so i know im doing something wrong.

Allan Ellis

add value to make sales Posted 9:47 AM on 10/27/09 - Reply to this post

Mr Muscles, In the present economy people have money but are fearful of spending. Almost everybody in my area offers a free week at the local gym. So the question is what is your follow up like? How about a free week and 3 free one hour training sessions. If you add the value people will get used to the attention they receive at your gym and people will pay for that attention. I think word would get out about your gym. Then when people come in to qualify your gym the place is full and alive and people want to belong to something that is alive.


REPLY to selling gym memberships etc. Posted 11:36 AM on 10/30/09 - Reply to this post

Mr. Muscles- Being a member of a similar gym, I would say that there has to be value added. Like the other poster stated, just about every gym will offer you a week free, so set yourself apart by offering more VALUE to your members, and potential members. Perhaps, a free newsletter with tips on different techniques, workout plans, news about the gym; etc. As a female, I'll give you a few things I DON'T like about gyms (like 24hr fitness): When "meat-heads" (no offence) crowd around the free weights and machines-this is very intimidating to women; a facility that is not kept clean (ESPECIALLY BATHROOMS AND SHOWERS); not being acknowledged by the staff, it's nice to know that they know you, even if it's a smile. I know this may just be the facility I go to, but I imagine it's pretty similar everywhere you go. Also, one BIG thing I know is that once I sign a contract with a is nearly impossible to get out of it! It's not done through the gym, it's done through some secondary source, but just to get answers from the financial institution HAS ALWAYS BEEN TERRIBLE!!! If someone has a question regarding something like this, it would be EXTREMELY HELPFUL to put yourself in the shoes of the member, and assist them with the process!!! That could be the one thing that would make someone renew their membership, or not.....refer their friends to you OR not! Good luck! And keep up the good work.


Selling Gym memberships Posted 9:20 PM on 12/16/09 - Reply to this post

I belong to a 24 hour gym and I also sell advertising for that gym to get new members. The best technique that has worked for us is to use testimonials. We'll get a local DJ or personality to use the gym for a while and then get on air about how well it has worked for them, etc. To get women to join, I go on air and tell them how great it felt to put on those jeans in the back of my closet after I lost 20 pounds! Every woman can relate to that! But I also know that the gym manager is "relentless" about doing call backs and following up with every inquiry too. I think that helps tremendously.

Dave Patterson

Fun work environment Posted 11:04 AM on 10/24/09 - 

I am a Sales Manager for a High end Appliance Dealership in Northern California. We make peoples kitchen dreams come true. I have a sales force that the average tenure is 15 years. With the current economics and the fact that some of the sales reps are no longer motivated and or have enough repeat business. It has created a very negative vibe within the showrooms. My question is. How do I get people motivated and create a fun work environment? And create a sales force that works together as a team? Ok that was two question.


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