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Brian P

Parents are Pukers Posted 9:33 AM on 10/21/09 - 

Jeffrey, I am reading your book YES! Attitude and I was wondering. My Parents are pukers. How can I help them stop. I have tried, as tactfully as I can, to get them to do so. I have heard two sayings in my life that stuck with me about pukers. 1) "Misery loves company." 2) "Birds of a feather, flock together." Everytime we get together, I am left with one or two negative things, that really affect me and I can't seem to get it out of my head for days. If anyone else says something negative, I "build a bridge and get over it." But when it comes from you parents, it is hard to build a bridge. I do not try to avoid them, but I do limit my access to them even though we live 20 minutes from eachother. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!


Quotas, Quotas, Quotas Posted 10:34 PM on 10/13/09 - 

I work for a University as a college recruiter. I love what I do, but I am sick of the daily emphasis on quotas. It has gotten to the point where I feel I can no longer be effective at my job. Yeah, a simple solution would be to meet quotas all the time, but it is never good enough. I have met quotas numerous times and never receive praise. I am always asked "what is your plan to exceed your quota next semester." Its never good enough. I feel there is no point anymore. Is it time for me to move on? I go to work happy everyday ready to help another student, but by the end of the day I hate life. Do I need an attitude check? Any advice would be great. Thank You!

Matt Rogers

Quotas Quotas Quotas Posted 1:09 PM on 10/21/09 - Reply to this post

Hi Alex, I do not think you need the attidute check, I think your boss needs to see the great job you are doing and acknowledge your efforts and success. Maybe ask you to show some of the weaker performers the steps you take to be so successful. As for your job not being good enough, it sounds again like a bad management team and if you are having success there, maybe it is time to look for a new job. Good luck


No Returned Phone Calls Posted 10:43 AM on 10/13/09 - 

I am experienced sales person and I am having trouble getting my phone calls returned to new prospects. I have followed the sales bible - making my point short while at the same time leaving a message as to why I am calling /value proposition etc. The problem - no return phone calls. HELP


Cold Call technique Posted 5:42 PM on 10/20/09 - Reply to this post

Hello Austin I'm proud to be a salesperson aswell, check this Salespeople are the spark plug to the engine of commerce ( Not an original of mine ) so always be proud! This idea I got from author of " Getting Through " Steve Schiffman, he says this technique will get you 90% return on voicemail, I can't gurantee it will get 90% return, however I've used it and I know it works. heres how it works, you get the future clients voicemail and you say, Hi this is your name, your phone number and your company name, make sure you give your company name and your phone number, Continue, the reason for my call is they said you are the right person to. then hang up the phone they will think the machine cut you off and you will get your voicemail messages returned. Please let it be known if this works for you, good luck.

christopher hayward

cold calls Posted 10:49 PM on 10/20/09 - Reply to this post

i never call new potential clients on the phone due to them being busy, it is easy for them to not call you back. go to their office and try to speak to the person directly, be dressed well, very straight to the point. i say, "hi, im chris hayward, i know you are super busy, but can i get your card and in the enar future i will call you for a very fast visit, i am sure you are interested in more amrket share and new customers?, well that is what i do. anyways, thanks for the card and enjoy your day". i always leavaing saaying something personal and funny, works for me

cold calls Posted 4:27 AM on 10/31/09 - Reply to this post

maybe that's a good idea,but maybe the efficiency is low,how do you think that? thank you very much


some calls today Posted 10:08 AM on 12/14/09 - Reply to this post

I'm a inside sales person, and have the same problem at times. But that's given. It's not about just leaving a good message, but also you need to figure out what time they'll be in or if there's another # to reach them at. You might want to try sending them something about your company so that you have another way of getting in front of them, if you can't see them in person.


Elevator Speeches Posted 9:53 AM on 10/13/09 - 

I just tried a new elevator speech at a networking event. I did NOT start with my name or what I did. I leaped right into a short story. I spent about 15 seconds describing how a client had a serious image problem, my firm came and helped, and they became a long contract client of ours. I ended with my name and my firm's name, and it worked like a charm. Learned this in a new book called Own The Room by Deborah Shames and David Booth. I've been in network groups for years, but this was probably the best elevator speech I ever gave.

Neo Mokhathi

Business Introductory Letter Posted 4:59 PM on 10/06/09 - 

I have started a training company focusing on different training products, i.e business, technology, leisure, etc and what to introduce this company to other small companies around and also to market our offerings, my challenge is how to write a compelling sales e-mail that will help me to offer value to this companies.

T.J. Rohleder

Direct Mail -vs- email leads Posted 6:12 PM on 12/11/09 - Reply to this post

Neo, I've been selling information products for over 20 years and faced with your same problem. Here's my best advice, hope it helps: 1. forget email. Too easy to ignore. Doesn't make a big enough impact. 2. Think DIRECT MAIL. Just target the best of the best of the prospective buyers you want to reach and forget the rest. 3. Then, find a hook or angle that interests them and write a sales letter around it. Questions: What are the top 3 biggest benefits that you offer? Which one is MOST IMPORTANT to them? Focus on that. Be willing to test to discover which appeals get the best results. 4. Strive to make them an irresistible offer; an offer so great THEY CAN'T PASS IT UP! What would that be? Only you can say. Hope this doesn't sound like too much work. Direct Mail WILL produce the kind of results that email marketing will NOT. You have to do it right. You must test. But once you get a great D.M. package working for you, it's like owning a money machine! Hope this helps.


New to the Field Posted 9:31 AM on 10/01/09 - 

I have just started with a new company that develops websites with CMS solutions, offers Online Payment Solutions, and Custom Programming. I have a vauge understanding of these processes but I am no where near a pro in any of them. I have an advertising background and I wanted some help in learning more about my field and maybe some proven sales practices within it. Any help is appreciated


Ask your boss Posted 8:26 PM on 10/06/09 - Reply to this post

It should really be on the back of your company to train you on the product. Ask for time to sit down with product managers or the R&D people to learn. Take your own literature home and study it. You should know your companies own sales pitch down cold. There is also just getting out there an doing. There are few tops that I am better versed in than those that have caused me to crash and burn when on sales calls.


Phone selling Posted 4:57 PM on 09/28/09 - 

I am having trouble building rapport over the phone. Any suggestions?


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