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Dr. D

BE YOURSELF Posted 11:32 PM on 10/08/09 - Reply to this post

Try not to have a "canned" script. Relax and be yourself. Start off with a power statement / benefit to your prospect, and follow up with a power question. If you think there's big potential, but can't get a positive response on the first call, continue to follow up every few weeks or months and try a different angle each time. Sometimes it just take plain ole' persistence to get through to the decision-maker and build rapport.

Matt Rogers

Phone Selling Posted 12:37 PM on 10/22/09 - Reply to this post

Marcus, I just tried this today and I have already seen the results. I call a prospect and tell them my name and company and where I am located and then I tell them that I would like to do business with them but I realize that I have to earn their trust and prove myself and would like to start down that road right a way by sending them a sample. I have spoken to 10 people today and each conversation was over 5 minutes long, they were all receptive and were willing to give me information about their business. the total interation has been better then any scripts or methods I have tried in the past. I am honest and speak from the heart about my desire to want to do business with them. I hope that helps

Sales Rep

HELP/IDEAS Posted 12:17 AM on 09/27/09 - 

I am working for a company that has had some "problems" in the past shipping service etc... We have some great sales reps that are doing the right things to grow the business (thanks to you). What ideas whould you have to tell me/them to get through some of these issues with our customers.


step up Posted 12:12 PM on 10/01/09 - Reply to this post

WOW sounds like my company. The problem we have is the slowness of that department. Our internals did not hire an experienced shipping manager... At my company we are about 27 deep. I decided to take it into my own hands and volunteer all the sales reps to go down and help out with pulling orders etc. This is possible because by 3PM were not as busy as the morning and afternoon.


Chat it up Posted 8:18 PM on 10/06/09 - Reply to this post

Well what did your company do to fix the problems? Did you add to your delivery fleet? Put more bodies in the warehouse? When on sales calls I would either come flat out and say "yes, we had a problem but we fixed it by ___" or find a casual way to bring it up. "Have you seen our new delivery trucks out on our last delivery?" "New?" "Yah, we just added 6 new freightliners to help with deliveries.".


Reduction in Salary AND COMMISSION? Posted 4:43 PM on 09/24/09 - 

Jeffrey... and Sales Forum readers, I am at an organization that has decided that the best way to cut costs is a 30% reduction in compensation for the entire staff. Being a GSM, I'm having a hard time convincing my team to stomach the reduction (to both base salary AND commission). I feel that reducing salary is acceptable, but the reduction in commission sends the wrong message. I've voiced my concern and been overruled. Am I making too much of a big deal? I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether or not you'd cut commission percentage as well.


Take a stand, the odds are against you Posted 11:18 AM on 10/13/09 - Reply to this post

Simple, stand up, lead and produce results to gain back the trust that has lead to your salary and commissions' demise. Earn it back!!

T.J. Rohleder

QUIT before the ship goes down! Posted 6:25 PM on 12/11/09 - Reply to this post

Gregg, I think you should QUIT. I'm serious. Not to be negative, here, but a company that does NOT VALUE it's salespeople in the highest way and treat them like the 'rock stars of business' they are, is a company that you do not want to be part of. This is only my opinion, but what they're doing is inexcusable and I think you should MOVE ON... Good salespeople MAKE the company money, they don't COST the company money. If they can't see that --- they're headed for disaster. Time for you to jump ship, before it goes down -- because IT IS going down. Forgive me if I have crossed the line and offended you. Not my intention at all. I'm pissed about your situationl. I have a small sales department that is HIGHLY VALUED. I have trained all of my managers to treat them with the FULL RESPECT they deserve. My best advice to you is to find a company with that attitude. You'll be happier ... make more money, etc.


Say Goodbye to your Top Performers Posted 1:30 PM on 12/26/09 - Reply to this post

Your company is breaking it's implied social contract with your sales team. Think of all those sales in the pipeline about to close. Your team has worked hard to get those sales to this point. Now you want to change the rules. From your sales team's perspective your company has just demonstrated that it's word is no good and cannot be trusted. This is the quickest way to lose your top performers.


Raise Sales Quotas Posted 9:34 PM on 01/12/10 - Reply to this post

Why not just Raise Sales Quotas - Last time I checked the higher my goal the harder I worked. I make more money, the company makes more money and everyone is happy...I recently had some commisions taken away from me on a technicality and there is nothing more demotivating..Thats actually why I on this site now..looking for motivation

Andrew Conte

"Luke warm" calling Posted 8:15 AM on 09/24/09 - 

"luke warm" Calling I manage and lead the marketing efforts for a privately owned occupational health medical practice. Cold calling has always been a waste of time as "selling" health care is always a future event versus selling a tangible product. I have used advise from Jeffrey and called, emailed, or otherwise pre-announced my cold call. Yesterday, the day was fantastic. I arrived early (If you are on time, you are late) for all of my visits and twice I was addressed by name BEFORE I had an opportunity to introduce myself. Not only was the day very successful, but the prospects "closed" themselves by asking what the next step was and how we could establish the relationship.


Office Equipment Sales Posted 6:17 AM on 09/24/09 - 

Hi, My best friend owns an office equipment company and after being away from the industry for over 10 years he has asked me to join him as a salesperson to be groomed for management. As mentioned I have been away from office equipment sales for a while but have remained in sales. Does anyone have some type of cold calling script they recommend that I use? Now that the technology has changed and most equipment is integrated with computers / networks etc.I'm assuming my calls should be to the IT person vs. just the "purchasing agent"' "buyer" etc. Any suggestions?? Thank you!!

Roll Tide

Don't call the IT guy Posted 1:10 PM on 10/02/09 - Reply to this post

I would try and avoid the IT person initially at all costs. I have been in the telecom/IT sales world for 10 years now and one thing is certain, very few IT managers care on lick about productivity, decreased costs, or increased sales. They care about their own little world and many of them have strong opinions that will conflict with yours. The CEO or owner will care about productivity, decreasing costs, and increasing sales. Talk to them first and then let them tell "Bob from IT" to talk with you. If "Bob" knows you have a relationship with the CEO (his boss) then you will be treated in a much better way. Use IT people to get facts and figures that you can then use to tell "daddy" why he should buy.

Gator Rick

Office Solutions Posted 5:33 PM on 10/04/09 - Reply to this post

Thanks Roll Tide!Didn't expect my only response to come from a BAMA fan!!


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