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Social media Posted 6:04 PM on 09/23/09 - 

I just started a gift and incentive business thats geared towards both personal and b2b clients. Im looking to do everything I can to get my name out but there are a few areas that Im weak at. Blogging, social media, and a weekly column. Basically its being creative and writing/displaying it in a manner thats of interest to my future clients.

Ash (inspirationguy) Mashhadi

Social Media Tips Posted 7:01 AM on 09/26/09 - Reply to this post

Doug, from reading your post it seems to me that you just need the confidence to get started with social media. Don't worry about being creative or original yet, just start and the rest will come as you get more into it. Here's how you can get going straight away: (1) Set up a Facebook fan page for your business and use it to highlight specific products from your range every day or week. Clearly identify onereason why it's great and for whom. Then, invite comments on it. Ask satisfied customers to comment on the product via your page. (2) set up a Twitter account and join in discussions about topics similar to what you offer. Always add some value and be professional (with your own personality) and pretty soon you'll have a healthy following. Then begin to gradually feed into your stream of comments links to products that you wish to highlight. (3) Start your blog, but if you get stuck for ideas try this: take a popular topic and give it a spin that refers to your products or approach to business (e.g. How Kanye West's Behaviour Teaches us To Be Polite in Business). That's a my 123 guide to getting started in social media. If you want to see how I'm doing it, follow me on Twitter (I'm @inspirationguy and also @inplymouth). Good luck!


First BIG Win . . . Now What? Posted 10:59 AM on 09/23/09 - 

I've just made my first BIG sale. I'm just now coming off of my high. Now what? It's been difficult to get back into my old habits of cold calling like crazy, attending 3-4 events a week, etc. I need a good kick in the pants to get me going again. Any suggestions?


First Big Win...Now What? Posted 9:09 AM on 10/06/09 - Reply to this post

This Sunday night go over all your accounts and what you can do to move them forward, also put together a list of cold calls. When you get to work Monday get started right away. It will get you started right and you can carry that momemtum forward.

Allan Ellis

New Sales Posted 10:06 AM on 09/23/09 - 

I sell pre need funeral arrangements. This is a one time sale and I ask for referals. We are not set up to deliver the policies, I guess most agency owners do not like their producers to deliver the policies. My question is this-" How do I generate more sales when I only get one chance to make the sale and get referals"?


New Sales Posted 9:49 PM on 12/16/09 - Reply to this post

Become BEST buds with the funeral directors in your territory. If they don't already sell pre-need plans themselves they'll usually be happy to refer people to a good rep. Also, hold free seminars where you explain the benefits of having your arrangements made in advance and have everyone fill out a card for door prizes that has a box they can check if they want more info. These work best when you partner up with a respected funeral home in that town.

Joan Morgan

Know the Product First Posted 11:05 AM on 09/21/09 - 

I recently went on a sales call with another team member to a Belt and Leather factory. She felt that my product would be a good fit for the client. As we sat down in his office, I noticed a gun in a holster sitting on the desk. The barrel end was pointing toward me. We were in a circle, so I tried to slowly move my chair out of the line of fire. My mind knew the gun could not discharge just sitting there, but my heart was still racing. The client was using the phone and was very upset. When the call ended and he turned his attention to us, we could tell he was upset. My heart was pounding, and i was starting to sweat. I couldnt ignore it any longer, I asked him as nicely as i could to "please turn the gun around, so the barrel was facing the wall". He looked puzzled, and then smiled. He picked up the holster and told me that he would like to give me a tour of his plant. As I was about to end this sales call out of fear, he turned the gun toward me and said" I see that my product looks very realistic to you, thats why we are such a successful belt bucket manufacture." It was all plastic. The call progressed much easier from this point. He forgot his previous conversation, got a good laugh out of me, and we both continued the conversation in a very UPBEAT manner.

Michael Thomas

Video Inspired by Sales Caffeine Posted 2:54 AM on 09/10/09 - 

I own an investment real estate brokerage company in San Francisco and came into the office this morning having almost surrendered to not meeting a biweekly goal. Every 2 weeks we publish a 3-minute video that a few hundred customers really enjoy, and I was just feeling that I had no really juicy content to offer. I then printed the Sales Caffeine article (it's one of the only columns that I actually print) and simultaneously read an article in Entrepreneur Magazine about the "Power of Free." It really hit me like a ton of bricks - We cranked out the video, and in it we offered up 10 employees and brokers for 1 day of manual labor at an investor's building. I figured that we were already committed to helping them grow their wealth in real estate investing, why not strip it down to its bare bones, roll up our sleeves and do a little work, side-by-side, with our customers. Thanks for the push, Gitomer. If you're curious, and appreciate a good video, you are welcome to enjoy it on our homepage,


Loved it! Posted 11:04 AM on 09/11/09 - Reply to this post

Michael--- So, I admit, I took a peek at your video! I loved it! I'm an interior designer for a Carpet One store---but man, that was really creative, fun, and just all around a great idea! Just wanted to say WAY TO GO! I really want to do some videos on our website now! Keep up the great work!


Need a Great Come -back Posted 7:35 PM on 09/09/09 - 

after months of follow up's, trade show appearances and finally getting the customer to DEMO some of my products. He tells me he likes that products. quality is great etc. the last few sentences to his last email to me is this "One concern is we have always been accustomed to just in time ordering. We can order anything by 3:00 and have it the next morning by regular UPS ground. Shipping from CA is an issue." The problem is that there's a 4 day UPS ground time coming from my location. there's no room with his current prices to "up" the shipping for free. Basically he has what he needs within 1 day. what can i say or do to allow him to think, i need that product that emholic has!


Come Back Posted 8:40 AM on 09/16/09 - Reply to this post

Maybe consign a few days worth of inventory. Offer delayed invoicing, something to have him stock a few days supply at no cost to him. Offer him automatic orders based on demand and allow no shipping charge to return overstock.


how much information is too much? Posted 3:14 AM on 09/03/09 - 

Some of my associates are scared and reluctant about starting a blog. I’ve given them the whole “it will drive traffic to the site which will result in more customers and will increase your credibility” speech, but I need some advice. How would you respond to a typical salesman who says, “Giving blog readers free information will make the blog reader think that he/she doesn’t need your services. Maintaining an active blog, therefore, will not give you more business. We should give them only enough information to leave them wanting more.” Essentially, they think a blog will do more harm than good. Obviously I’m not going to give away the company’s trade secrets in my blog. So, in a few sentences, how would you respond?

Steve Milford

blogging Posted 5:19 AM on 09/14/09 - Reply to this post

If I have learned anything from Gitomer, if you want to give value to your prospects and customers, write articles that help them. As a salesperson, how is your brand different from other salespeople? Make a blog, put your name on it, get known. You do not need to write articles that help you build your businees; you need to write to help your prospects and your customers solve their own needs. Once you start doing this regularly, not only will you or your associates become experts, you will also have intrinsic value along with tremendous freedom. I know this first hand-as I waited way too long to start writing. Chalk it up to just plain fear. I started my first blog a little over a year ago, and did not think anyone would care. Then I started seeing the referrals come in, first in a trickle, though now they are up to about a 60% of my new cases. The biggest ego rub came when I had to move the blog, and I got phone calls from other professionals in my field who I didn't even know who "needed" the new location. That is where the freedom comes from. I know that if I ever decide to find a new position in this field that I it will be a snap. I average 1,200 to 2,500 hits a month and have not spent 1 minute or 1 penny advertising except by direct word of mouth. There are no ads on my site, and my target demographic is age 22 to 45, unemployed, who do not have their own computers (from IP addresses). Here is another ego trip! I have other organizations tell me that they are using my site instead of ones that these organizations are "supposed" to use, because of the intrinsic value! The biggest reason that most people I meet do not blog is because keeping a blog active and fresh is plain ole work. When you are first starting it will seem like you don't have enough to say, though after it is going, you will wonder what took you so long, because the referrals just keep coming. My blog has no ads-just content Take a look at


No return call for a request for an interview Posted 11:44 AM on 08/27/09 - 

I have left two messages with a hiring manager requesting an interview and have not received a return call. Based on the job requirements I am very well qualified and I was referred to manager by one of his top sales people, I even mentioned in my message that the employee referred me. Should I persist or take this as a hint to move on?


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