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Gene M

Technology and follow-up Posted 11:09 AM on 08/04/09 - 

I'm interviewing for a sales position in the auto industry after having been out of the sales business for about 5 years. Things have changed in the last 5 years (DUH!) but how much have they changed? In the past, I had a box of simple but tastefully prepared "Thank You"cards stored in my desk, and made sure I mailed one to each prospect before I ended my day. Has E-mail replaced the hand written note? Is there a generational difference, under 30's want E-mail, or text messages and over appreciate the personal touch of a hand written note? Same question for follow-ups and asking for referrals


Technology and follow-up Posted 12:32 PM on 08/25/09 - Reply to this post

I have been selling vehicles for the last 6 1/2 years. Yes, things have changed a lot but what hasn't changed is the necessity for building long-term relationships with clients. Automobile customers are very price oriented because they have been conditioned to be that way. Advertisements saying but a Dodge Ram and get a Caliber for $ 1 creates the price consciousness in the customers mind. I have consistently stayed in touch with my customers via phone, email and postcards. I like sending postcards because the likelihood of the customer reading my message is higher than it is with email or letters. We have to come up with a value message to convey to our customers so they will see that we are different than the salespeople they meet if they just decide to drop in at the dealership. Good luck and I wish you much success.


Technology and follow-up Posted 12:02 PM on 09/08/09 - Reply to this post

I see fewer and fewer hand written notes and too much email. The question is this: What's the best way to get noticed? Too many people mistake email for work and email tends to be their preferred method of communication. I can end some weeks with over 500 unread emails - I spend my early morning hours on Saturday deleting them. Send an email immediately after your meeting or phone call. Then follow up with a hand-written note.

Helen R

Client Followup Posted 10:50 AM on 10/01/09 - Reply to this post

I sell Real Estate and have found a cost effective and time saving way to keep in touch with clients. There is nothing like a handwritten card to say thank you (in my opinion..) If you want to look at what I do go to my website at and try it out for free. I think the system lets you send a couple of personalized cards after you make up a password. I am not trying to sell you anything there.. I promise. But if it works for you - great! I send a card with a photo of the house on the front or a picture of me with my hand extended as if I were attempting to shake their hand with a big "Thank you!" across the front. People are amazed at how I did that! If you have any questions you can email me at 2 rodee @ (take out the spaces) Try it.. send yourself a card and see for yourself!


Forecasting Problems Posted 1:38 PM on 07/30/09 - 

i´ve a problem in the work; im a sales people since 9 months; and i´ve failed in my forecasting process; how i can improve my forecasting? i need it to have more confidence in my skills. Regards

Rafael Garza

Information Posted 1:04 PM on 08/04/09 - Reply to this post

I believe that sales people makes forecasts based on what they are feeling but not based on what they know. That is why I try to base my forecast on the information I have of the customer. The idea behind this is that when a purchasing process begins there is a lot of information not yet available, there is not a starting date, nor a precise budget, and maybe there are no competitors yet. Those things need to be there, otherwise there will not be a purchase. But if this information already exist and you don’t have it, instead you have a very friendly buyer, my guess is that you are being used.


"Going Fishing" Posted 1:35 PM on 07/22/09 - 

Ok You Gurus! Got a delemma. I am charged with making cold calls to secure appointments for potential investors. We are a commercial real estate based investment management firm, focused on distressed strategically identified debt and high caliber under-valued cash flow properties. Problem is, even though we are in oil-rich Western Canada where the economic turnaround will undoubtedly be much quicker, people are scared and leary.We have had a couple of alledged "ponzi" schemes in our backyard in the investment industry and the tarnish is felt.It's like I'm pushing against a wall. This particular opportunity is the right thing, in the right place at the right time. This is a Boutique-style company that wants to create intimate relationships with their investors, not through mass marketing but by "organically" marketing. We will be doing articles on the key principals, their vision and the particular offering. In the meantime I have to connect with those that "get it" and understand the opportunity and the timeliness of it. So I guess I just keep pushing the dial,looking for the sharks, play the #s game and try to create the magic. Any comments and insights would be helpful. Thanks

Mr Paul

Re: Going Fishing Posted 6:25 PM on 07/31/09 - Reply to this post

I would suggest going to where the fish are... There has to be some business / economic groups that would allow you to meet people face to face. Also look at giving a talk on what has happened in the real estate market in your area, not a sale pitch. Then at the end when you talk to people you can tell them what your company does. Educate them first so they see what potential is out there and that may create the interest you want. Given what you say about the environment, you will have higher success rate than dialing...

Mr. A -

Going Fishing Posted 8:50 AM on 08/18/09 - Reply to this post

I would be interesting in discussing with you further...I too am in the similiar field. You can reach me at


Powerful Statement Posted 12:01 PM on 07/20/09 - 

I'm a director of business development for a growing real estate company. I'm basically recruiting experienced agents, some of which I have a relationship with...some of which I don't. When I call...I need a hook so they are interested enough to make an appointment with me. Any suggestions?

Jason K

Powerful Statement Posted 1:02 PM on 07/23/09 - Reply to this post

It depends on what you mean by appointment, are you talking about interviewing them for work?


Powerful Statement Posted 8:30 PM on 08/25/09 - Reply to this post

Jessica, it would help if you brushed up on your English. There are still plenty of people who know that agents are not 'which' but 'who' or 'whom'. I am not saying that I would not do business with you because you sound uneducated, but it would influence me.


Powerful Statement Posted 12:12 AM on 09/18/09 - Reply to this post

Belinda, Jessica is not uneducated just because 1(one) word is used incorrectly.


Find the "golden ticket"! Posted 7:45 PM on 06/11/10 - Reply to this post

Agreed Bobbi, and Belinda... Unfortunately you may be missing out on some golden opportunities with such a rigid criteria. Why burn a bridge? Jessica, I recommend researching what is important to the agents you are trying to recruit. You have to find the "golden ticket" that your office holds over the many available Real Estate firms across the continent. Remember that this "golden ticket" is for THEM and not for you, so try surveying the agents you currently work (have an existing relationship with) to isolate this ammunition. Once you have the "hook" you can create a pitch that leads to a close. Remember to ask as many open-ended questions as you can, this is how you uncover the "hot buttons" of the agents you're trying to recruit. If you can listen, you can close! I hope this helps.


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