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Follow up call help... Posted 10:49 AM on 07/20/09 - 

I have a question on cold call follow ups. We cold call to qualify and get information to the right person. Then on the follow up call I am not sure how to respond. Here is what I currently do, but it seems to confrontational: "hi, ....i sent you information about.... Do you remember receiving it? Did you get a chance to look it over?"


Follow up call help... Posted 11:13 AM on 07/20/09 - Reply to this post

I left out my question: Is there a better way to get to the need and build rapport without immediately going into a confrontational questioning?? Thanks guys!

Mike S

Follow up Posted 12:09 PM on 07/28/09 - Reply to this post

Try saying, " Hi I sent you some information about... I'm calling to go over it with you..." This way, if they haven't read it, you still have a chance. If you ask whether they've read it, most will say they didn't get a chance and you're dead in the water. As far as rapport... Try asking for advice on a subject you know they will be experts on. Everybody loves the chance to be an expert and it will get them involved in a conversation. Later, you can add in more humour and chit chat, but this should be a good starting point.


Follow up Call help... Posted 3:11 PM on 07/28/09 - Reply to this post

I have to cold call a lot in my profession. In my follow up and my initial call I try to diffuse the tension of getting business from them by asking questions not related to business. Depending on the area ask about the local sports team or event in town, kids, associations... People love to talk about themselves you just have to give them the opportunity. It also gives you good info to bring into the next call you make. Hope that helps :)

Dana M

Customized Brochure Posted 12:24 PM on 08/10/09 - Reply to this post

We use a software called ThinkStart that has pre-programmed customer needs that help me direct the conversation. I can click on the relevant topics and generate a personalized and customized brochure or email. I think they offer a custom web page creator too. It makes cold calling more tolerable and helps me qualify leads better.


Reply Follow up call help... Posted 12:07 AM on 08/19/09 - Reply to this post

I have to make 125 cold calls a week just to keep my job! I always let the person know that I will me emialing and mailing them information (usually the same information so they WILL get it). Then I set up a time in the first contact to let them know that I will be contacting them again. So on the first call I would say "John I am going to be emailing you just to recap our converstaion today and I will include some information on our products/services also I am going to drop a pack in the mail so be on the look out. Today is Monday so let me look at my calendar... I would like to go over the information with you next week are you available... Wednesday? .... okay great morning or afternoon.... and then I follow up and they already know why I am calling... I want to go over the info I sent them.


which teleseminar? Posted 11:22 PM on 07/12/09 - 

Hi, I am in the prosess of opening a home day care.(my daughter will be running it) I am interested in buying one of Jeffrey's teleseminars. Which one do you think will be most helpful to me in my new business? Thanks.


which teleseminar? Posted 10:43 PM on 07/13/09 - Reply to this post

Sorry Misspelled *Process


what are you looking for? Posted 1:09 PM on 09/15/09 - Reply to this post

What is it that you're trying to achieve from watching a teleseminar? How to run a business? or more specifically how to run a daycare?


Getting the Appointment Posted 8:00 AM on 07/08/09 - 

What is the best way to make an appointment with someone I don't know very well over the phone? I've done handyman work for a lot of people or just given estimates to many people and have many names in my database. I am a public adjuster now on top of my business and trying to set appointments with people and they keep hammering me with questions or just saying no. I need a good phone skit and a way to respond to create curiosity. I am not selling any product. Just trying to help people out. But I cannot even get this point across to them. Help!

Mike S

Getting the appointment Posted 12:16 PM on 07/28/09 - Reply to this post

Do you have a list of questions they're asking? Do you have a list of the answers you're giving that aren't getting the point across? This will be a good place to start to dissect your process. Prospects asking questions is not the worst place to be, so there is most likely, small adjustments that you can make to change the outcome. I'm not sure of the service you're selling, but maybe, having another company (not your competition, obviously) refer you in exchange for split commissions or even a returned refferal might be your best bet.

Mike S

Prospecting Posted 2:52 PM on 07/07/09 - 

Hi ASB... Sorry for the "ABS" Dyslexia. To Your Success! Meki.

Nnamdi Ezeh

Education Posted 8:33 AM on 07/07/09 - 

I want to use this opportunity to ask Mr Jeffrey for a favour.Sir please I need your assistance to study Computer Science in the University.I'm a Nigerian and I reside in Nigeria but I need to get educated.If you can organise a scholarship programme that will bring me to the University in the U.S or anywhere.I will be must greatful to you.

Matthew Murray

Cold Calling Posted 1:13 PM on 07/06/09 - 

I’m selling flat fee IT services and want to use the cold call opening power question “When is the last time your IT services provider called you, to discuss how your network could be making you more money?” I think it’s provocative and gets to the decision maker to think, but could also come across as too aggressive or confrontational. A brief opinion would be greatly appreciated.


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