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Cold Calling Posted 9:15 AM on 07/14/09 - Reply to this post

I think its assumptive, since you dont know how much they make. I think a better tactic would be to says something like "to discuss if your network is helping you make as much money as possible" or something less "sales-y"

Mike Shimmin

Cold Calling Posted 12:19 PM on 07/28/09 - Reply to this post

I agree with Lilly for sure. To add to that, include a story about one of your clients that thought they were getting the most out of their network until you showed a way to increase it's efficiency or profitability.


success with email reminders Posted 5:31 PM on 07/02/09 - 

For few years now I have sent "email reminders" to my customer base on certain delivery days. I've always kept them brief and professional, with always a mention of of a special sale. As I listened to Jeffery, I was relieved to hear humor is OK in sales. I am naturally pretty goofy so I started putting some humor into my once dry email reminders. It has worked wonders. My responses have doubled and customers now tell me they look forward to my "entertaining" emails. Here's an sample: "GOOD MORNIN! ...HEY?? Where did summer go? I was just gettin into wearing sandals and capris (clothing that shows ANY part of me freaks me out) and now I'm back to socks and jackets. *groan*. At least my feet are warm today. (insert eye-roll here) OK..enough about my feet. Here's your delivery reminder and a DEAL..." Thanks Jeffery! I look forward to more of your lessons!

Owen Schmidt

Creative Voice Mail Greeting Posted 10:59 AM on 06/29/09 - 

Jeffrey, Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to read and study your “Little Red Book of Selling” with a couple of my colleagues. Every week, we would get together and discuss the chapters that we had read the week before. When we covered the chapter on creativity, one of the useful bits of information that we were able to put into practice immediately was the piece on creative voicemail messages. Previously, we all had very generic voicemail greetings so each of us went back to the office that day and drastically changed our greetings. It just so happens that I am getting married and I thought I could incorporate that into my voicemail somehow. My greeting turned out to be, “Hello, you have reached the voicemail of Owen Schmidt. Thanks so much for calling. I am working hard trying to earn some money for my wedding so if you could, please leave a message or better yet leave an order so my fiancé can have the wedding she really wants. Thanks!” Immediately I noticed a difference. Rarely would I get a customer that didn’t comment on the greeting. It became a bit of a trademark of mine for a while and it never got old hearing my customers laugh for the first five seconds of their message. The message recently paid off in a competitive situation. A customer of mine had recently purchased a piece of competitive equipment over mine. However, I received a call from him just the other day stating that he would like to help with my wedding and give me this order because I did not get the last one. The greeting had stuck in head from our previous conversations and he remembered me by it. He did not even call my competitor this time around and I received a PO that same day. Thanks so much for the advice! It really does work. Kindly, Owen


Prospecting Posted 4:07 PM on 06/23/09 - 

Good Afternoon. I have been a loan officer in the mortgage industry for the past 9 years. Needless to say, I have been through some turbulent times these past few years. I have realized through my trials that I only planned for success and didn't have a back up plan. I have worked for companies that provide leads and have never had to prospect or build a referral network. I truly feel that I have just relived my 1st year in the business 9 times. I now understand that in order to have longevity in this field, I must take matters into my own hands and devise a long term plan to build my own source of business. I want to attack the purchase market and build business-to-business relationships. I would like to cater to high producing brokerage firms that don't have their own lending institutions.. The problem I'm encountering is that many of them already have long-standing relationships with other lenders... Any creative ideas or strategies on how to get my foot in the door?

Mike S

Prospecting Posted 2:34 PM on 07/07/09 - Reply to this post

Hi ABS. I have worked in the Industrial Field for over 20 years. Long standing relationships are the "Norm" in my chosen sector of the industry. I have found that most (almost all) of my competition is "standardized" in what they offer, as well as "How" they offer their services to customers. My success, and my suggestion to you, comes from 1) researching my competition to develop a profile of their strategy; and 2) taylor my discussion with my prospects so that I address their implied and explicit needs in a manner that differentiates us from the competition. You may ask, How do I know what my prospective customers/clients needs are? Simple. I walk through the door.... and quickly develop a relationship with..... hold on to your hat... The Receptionist. The thing is that they are more than willing to assist, with names, best times to contact, corporate structure, who-is-who, etc. How does this help you? You now have some pretty specific information that you can taylor to "how you are different" and emphasize that the differences are what make you/your company the best choice to exceed your potential customers personal (and business) needs/goals/objectives. You are immediately addressing BOTH personal and professional success. In short, you have just created an internal ally within your prospects business. These ally's need to be nurtured, but are indispensable to your success. The biggest noticeable "Difference" is that you're NOT just some "sales" guy on the phone..... YOU HAVE A SOLUTION! Remember, Differences are Memorable..... Sameness is BORING! Now... BE MEMORABLE!!!! To Your Success! Mike.

Gene M

Beating the in house lender Posted 11:35 AM on 08/04/09 - Reply to this post

As a follow-up to what Mike S wrote, there is one other fact to consider. Even those firms with an "in-house" lender do not get 100% of the business from the brokers. My experience suggests that there is a way to break into these companies. Ask for a chance on a file that has been rejected by the in-house lender, don't promise you can do anything beyond "having a second lender review the file." With your 8 years experience, you should be able to review/underwrite the file looking for compensating factors that will sway one of your underwriters to accept the deal. You will only have 2 or 3 days to perform, so make sure you are going through the file looking for every weakness and the compensating factors to make the deal. Once your underwriter agrees that there is a "do-able" deal there, go back to the broker and cut a trade agreement with them. Your conversation with the broker that if you can get this really poor deal through, he/she owes you a shot at their next 3 deals, one of which can be as weak as the one you are underwriting. If the original deal is totally un-doable, get back to the broker and review what you and your underwriter found. chances are, that is exactly why the in-house lender couldn't do it either, but took an extended period of time reaching the answer. Ask the broker for a shot at their next purchase transaction, and work as diligently to get that underwritten in minimal time, too. This becomes a win-win approach to dealing with the in-house lender. If you can do the deal, everybody wins, if it is not a doable deal, you still win because you were faster on the underwriting and confirmed the status in less time.


How do I get them? Posted 11:59 AM on 06/23/09 - 

We are selling websites that are turnkey and complete with text and photos in 2 weeks. All I need is 30 min with biz owner and I can take it from there and price/lease2own is to sell. Once people hear it the love it, but I'm straggling with something that will want business owner on the phone to meet with me. I see dozens of benefits but I need only one (benefit, gift, review, etc.). Please help!

Eric H.

How Do I Get Them? Posted 1:46 PM on 06/26/09 - Reply to this post

Call call call. Number, numbers numbers. It's a numbers game when cold calling. Count on 150 cals a day or more. I hit on two, sometimes three open, "all ears" prospects per 100-150 calls daily selling telecom. It's all about persistence and numbers. Dont get discouraged.


Cold calling is dead Posted 4:41 AM on 06/30/09 - Reply to this post

Cold calling all about the numbers????? Cold calling is dead and gone! Focus on the the type of business that has already benefitted from you services, contact other people in the geographical area/ business sector etc and show them the benefits by sending e-zines, video testemonial etc. No busy business owner or professional buyer likes to recieve a cold call, but they do want to hear from someone who can help them reduce costs or increase profits! Your product is irrelevant unless you can explain to them that you a selling a product aimed at increasing their market share/profit/access to markets etc.... Good luck but dont realy on numbers, rely on quality contacts

Zac N

Cold callings is NOT dead, just not as warm Posted 1:28 PM on 07/06/09 - Reply to this post

Cold calling is only dead to those that don't know how to use it. If cold calling is dead, then why do we still have billboards, TV ads, radio ads, website banners, etc. that's all "Cold". however like the ad placements, if you cater your ad/pitch/process to your niche your market, you engage the customers better, but still make a cold call, after all if it wasn't cold they would have been expecting your call, right? So send out a "cold call" letter to prospects with a note that you'll follow up either in person at this time and date or over the phone, then your "cold call" just got a lot warmer because they ARE expecting your call. It's a combination of hitting your numbers with focusing on your market segment/niche like TrickyD suggests... a famous quote (loosely rephrased): Half of my advertising dollars are wasted, the problem is, i can't tell which half, so i just keep paying for all. Never give up, never surrender, sometimes its takes 5 calls to reach this person when it takes 10 to reach this one, just keep going and find the actions that are the most fruitful and duplicate/increase it.


Document Shredding Industry Posted 10:57 PM on 06/22/09 - 

I am considering a new sales career in the document shredding industry as a territory sales rep. The sales would consist of selling consoles to businesses, on a monthly basis a large truck would come a remove and destroy the documents, The sale is more of a service than actual physical equipment. Does any one have any experience in this industry. I am considering a move from a office technology business that has high turn over and a 90 - 120 day sales cycle that is extremely painful mentally and financially. The Shredding business sounds more transactional and is providing me with a much larger territory. There are only 2 shredding company's in my sales area which limits the competition. Open to suggestions and comments.

Allan Ellis

How to get through the I suck at selling phase? Posted 10:04 PM on 06/16/09 - 

I have gone through one week of in house training and one and a half weeks in the field. I am selling preneed funeral arraingments. I get 4 to 6 appointments a day by calling on the phone. I have seen about 10 buyers. I realize I am still learning but I haven earned a sale yet. I understand the product better every day and am getting more at ease with families. But I I think I should have closed at least one by now. My biggest problem, I really must make some serious money soon. Although a small sale is about 100-300 commission and that would start me on the way. How do I get through the I really suck phase?


getting the ball rolling Posted 1:42 AM on 06/19/09 - Reply to this post

Allan, My name is Matthew I have some 15 years in the sales field, mostly in medical supplies. In my experience the familiar situation you describe has one main remedy and that is PERSISTENCE. This can be difficult when the bills are piling up and the income is non-existent but try to stick at it, always looking for ways to improve but not letting anxiety overide your personality. Once you get the ball rolling you'll find that momentum will carry you over the line and then you simply keep up the pedalling so as the bike doesn't fall over. Sorry for the mixed metaphors, hope this has been of some assistance. Best Wishes...Matthew


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