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Ryan A

sales Posted 12:03 PM on 06/19/09 - Reply to this post

Hi Allan, Persistence is right, are you calling the customer back a week or two later with something valuable to offer? Or to just check in to make sure they are doing ok and thank them for their time? Like a good car salesman would do. You never know they might refer you to someone else cause you took a little extra time. Once you make a sale it will start to be easier cause you'll notice what you did different with them that you can roll into more sales. It takes awhile to find your pitch

Allan ellis

PERSISTENCE Posted 11:23 PM on 07/02/09 - Reply to this post

PERSISTENCE you are so right. I talked with the president of my company and explained the cash flow was the issue. We handed me some in house design work. That corrected the cash flow. He went the extra mile and took me out on some calls. My sales manager also took me out on some calls. The president helped me make a sale. Actually he closed it and gave the entire commission to me. And low and behold I have made two solo sales this week. What a rush and joy. So what do I do now? I do it all over again. Thank You.

Allan Ellis

PERSISTENCE Posted 11:27 PM on 07/02/09 - Reply to this post

PERSISTENCE After some personal help from both my sales manager and the president of my company I have made 2 solo sales this week. What a blast and now I simply repeat and get better. Thank you

Eric Helbig

Sales Career Posted 8:46 AM on 09/22/09 - Reply to this post

Allan, Contact me you sound like you are determined and I am looking for hungry determined people to work for me and you will earn money call me at 847-827-2800 ask for Eric and tell her it is about a career opportunity my assistant will put you through.


Hang In There, I'm With You Posted 2:25 PM on 10/07/09 - Reply to this post

Alan, I too went through a hard time when I graduated from college and started my career in Life Insurance sales. I can relate because I just graduated in December 2008. I was stuck in training everyday of the week, and only had time for appointments after 6 everyday. I was also frustrated because we had to set 15 appointments a week while being stuck in these classes. Just like yourself, I was getting bills while not getting any paychecks. What I did was just focus on getting the ball rolling. The only difference in my situation is that I did not start getting paid until I had 6 different clients. I just put my trust in numbers. In the morning I woke up and thought about setting appointments. It was on my mind all day. During class I was thinking of people to call, people they knew, and so on. Turns out that in my second week of training I had held 24 meetings and got my 6 clients to start getting paid. Of course, that may not seem like a good closing ratio, but those 6 just happened to go through underwriting faster than others. I still follow-up with the other people while continuing to set new appointments. Just really listen to what the people you are meeting with are saying. If they say, we need time to think about it, reply by asking what their concerns are and offer solutions. If they want to look around, offer comparisons as well as praise from previous clients. Once you get the ball rolling you will jump out of bed in the morning at the thought of who left you a message on your phone at work and who you are meeting that day. There are no limits in sales unless you tell yourself there are. Those who believe that there are limits are usually limited to 2 or 3 months of employment. When the bills are piling up, don't get desperate. Stay confident as though you have a large client-base already. When prospects see your confidence, they will be more likely to buy than someone who knows your situation feels they are doing you a favor.

Brent Burnett

What if they have sent the RFP? Posted 11:35 AM on 06/16/09 - 

I am in the printing business a lot of which is produced on a RFP basis. For those of you unfamiliar with RFP's, an RFP is sent to several vendors for quoting. Usually the lowest bid is chosen, then a meeting is set with the chosen vendor. After that, samples are sent and the work is given. Have any of you had success getting through all of this if it is already done? I have gotten this answer a few times a wanted to know a great strategy for it.


What Went Wrong Here? Posted 3:12 PM on 06/11/09 - 

Hello, I am in the wholesale distributon business to the deep discount stores like Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, Variety Wholesale and cess Cargo to name a few. I primarily broker discontinued or closeout goods to these types of stores. Here is a recent exchange. Please tell me what I did wrong! Hello Wendy, Is this something you would consider? Thanks! Rob -- R&I, Inc MW-30 30 pc Imperial Plastic Food Storage Set 470 g/set Includes – 5 Square Shallow Dish (750 ml), 5 Round Dish (950 ml), 5 Round Bowl (750 ml) ***Passed FDA and OU certificate, can be used in microwave and freezer.*** Your Cost: $3.75 (F.O.B. Torrance, CA) Case Quantity: 12 pcs / case Quantity: 7,080 pcs (590 cases) UPC: 6 44473 00030 9 Walmart carries this exact piece for $17.99!!!!!! This a great value to your customers! Hi Rob. This may be of interest. How many are on a pallet. Thanks, Wendy Hi Wendy, There are 18 cases to a six foot pallet and the case pack is 12. Let me know if you need anything else. Rob Hi Rob, I sell something similar here in the $7.99 to $9.99 range. This is similar to the GLAD food storage items right? Wendy Hi Wendy, Yes, exactly! They are just like the GLAD items. At $7.99 to $9.99 your customer would be getting an incredible value! Thanks, Rob Hi Rob, At $3.75 I just don't see it. Can you get to $2.50? Thanks, Wendy Okay folks, my true cost on this piece is $2.40 so there is no way I can do $2.50 unless I have her write the po to my customer directly and work on a small commision. So I said: Hello Wendy, I can get to $3.25 for the 7,000 units. Again you would make a great margin and your customers would get a great value. Thanks, Rob Hi Rob, I just relaized that I can direct import something similar for LESS than $2.50 so I am going to pass on this deal. Besides I would have to pay a 6.5% duty (She is in Canada) on your prouct. So there you have it. She WAS interested. WHAT DID I DO WRONG

Jeremy Roggenkamp

What Went Wrong Here? Posted 8:02 AM on 06/16/09 - Reply to this post

Hello, I was reading your issue and just from looking from the outside, I would say that you came down on your price way to quickly and much to easily. Her perceived value of your product was diminished and she is playing hardball now. Additionally, I don't believe that she wants to know how good you think the deal is for her. I would position your value statement as, "What this means to you is...." To obtain her respect and business, you will have to build the relationship more. I wouldn't take "no" for a final answer. She is simply saying "No" to your presentation and value. Work on those two and you will get farther next time towards the sale. Great Luck!

Ryan A

sales Posted 12:08 PM on 06/19/09 - Reply to this post

dont tell her she would be making great margin. 1) Duh 2) how do you know what her margins are? If you started telling me what to do or think I would turn away IMMEDIATELY. Is your product better quality than the Glad containers? Maybe offer 2 smaller shipment? Inventory is a big deal right now


Sales person Web page Posted 3:24 PM on 06/04/09 - 

You talk in your seminars to have 1 page web site about yourself - sales philosophy, how you treat customers etc. Do you know of any examples of these type of pages ???

Nathan Coe Marsh

Re: Sales Person Web Page Posted 6:55 AM on 06/16/09 - Reply to this post

Click on the "Who's Jeffrey" tab for one example


Customer service to Sales mentality Posted 8:23 PM on 06/03/09 - 

I have been doing tech support and customer service for the last 10 years and have now found myself in a sales position. I like sales when it goes right, more than anything else. But more and more often I'm finding myself reverting to a customer service representative, being sheepish and worried about making the client upset. I feel this is making me lose sales because I'm not aggressive enough. Anyone have any advice on how I can overcome this hurdle or recommend any reading on it?

Matthew Murray

Customer service to Sales mentality Posted 3:26 PM on 06/09/09 - Reply to this post

I'd like to help, but I have a few more questions before I feel I really understand the situation. Feel free to email me directly ( and we can open a dialouge and I'll do my best to help.

Anant Kataria

Best time for cold calling Posted 2:49 PM on 05/31/09 - 

What is the best time of the to make cold calls and get the right party, and not hit the voicemail?


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