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Jon K

Calling time Posted 6:55 PM on 06/02/09 - Reply to this post

Either late in the day (after the staff has gone home) or early in the morning before they have come in. You'd be surprised by how many important people are still at their desk at 4:45 on a friday.


Best time for cold calling Posted 5:41 AM on 06/03/09 - Reply to this post

I use to ask the operator when it is the best time to call the person I want to get in contact with; if not possible, I just call the person in different times of the day.

K Ryan

Cold Calling Posted 9:49 AM on 06/16/09 - Reply to this post

I have had the best success at 7:00 to 7:30 am the "gatekeeper" is not in yet you get to the directory and usually right through to who you want to speak to and they answer the phone.

Ryan A

Cold calling Posted 12:10 PM on 06/19/09 - Reply to this post

early bird gets the worm, or late night afternoon. I try not to call on Mondays,not sure why but I do???

Zac N

Ryan A's response to Cold Calling Posted 1:00 PM on 07/06/09 - Reply to this post

Monday mornings are typically filled with executive/sales/administrative "catch-up" meetings. It's not bad to use this time to conduct your own weekly meetings or send out mailers, something with less customer interaction... Monday meetings is the only valid excuse for lack of calls... i think so at least.


Client Relation Management Posted 1:20 PM on 05/28/09 - 

Looking for Great Client management system, used TopProducer, and I'm on a trial with Salesforce, but wanted to feel out other possibilities, see what other opportunities are out there that get straight to the bones of keeping records, action plans, and client info on track and in line.


Client Relation Management Posted 3:08 PM on 06/08/09 - Reply to this post

Have you tried Outlook with business contact manager (BCM)? How is Salesforce?

John S.

Client Relation Management Posted 2:45 PM on 06/12/09 - Reply to this post

I am not a fan of Outlook as a client relation management tool. Too cumbersome to use. Does anyone have experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM? We are evaluting it and any feedback would be helpful.

Brent Burnett

Staying Motivated Posted 10:11 AM on 05/28/09 - 

I am completely new to sales to say the least. I have been selling for about 4 months now with some success and find it extremely difficult to stay motivated. What are some tricks that some of you have come up with on staying diligent and focused?


Staying Motivated Posted 12:55 PM on 06/04/09 - Reply to this post

One of the simplest things I do to keep motivated is to write my 5 favorite things about working where I do on a business card. Anytime I'm feeling a little bummed out I simply read it over for a full minute and realize I could be alot worse off.


Staying Motivated Posted 12:19 AM on 06/11/09 - Reply to this post

Figure out the reason (the why) you are working. What are you going to do with the money you make, something that motivates you like maybe your kid's school, a fishing boat or whatever and then keep that in mind in every single sales call or appointment you have.

Ryan A

motivated Posted 12:12 PM on 06/19/09 - Reply to this post

have a goal of selling one thing, not a goal never hearing NO. Realize youre gonna hear no, 90% of the time, that next call is one call closer to a sale

Holly Weasel

Motivation Posted 11:36 PM on 07/21/09 - Reply to this post

Keep a folder in your outlook box called 'MOTIVATE ME'. I keep thank you notes from past customers, winning emails from my boss, and sometimes - even Gitomer articles. Whenever you feel like it's getting rough - re read some of the items in the box. Secondly - I had a boss once who told me (when I was moving on to another oppty), "I hired you because you were too young to know of the word 'impossible'". I try to keep that my mantra.

Joanne Jensen

LinkedIn Posted 9:25 AM on 05/28/09 - 

I am in IT/telecom sales. I have a colleague at another company who uses LinkedIn like it was her job to invite all her potential customers to be linked to her rather than focusing on actually selling them something. I look at who she is linked to and I feel like “bonus, now I know who all the decision makers are at those companies so I can just call them myself and sell them my products and services.” How can I use LinkedIn to generate business without falling into a similar trap? I want to use it for personal branding too as I am more technically knowledgeable than the average IT/telecom sales rep. What is the best way to generate interest for my company’s offers using LinkedIn without it becoming a time consuming obsession?


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